Thursday, June 6, 2013

Guy Behind the Camera: vol. 3

today i am super giddy to introduce to you, good people, another incredible line-up of bloggers and the guys behind their cameras! some of these may be old or new reads to you - but either way, i still love being able to meet these guys who contribute to blogging in a bigger way than they might not even realize. and we all have to agree, these are some pretty sweet blogging teams, wouldn't you say?!

julie and jordan of Julie Ann Art.

Hi guys! My name is Julie, of Julie Ann Art. I don't do many outfit posts, in fact my blogging friends always tease me about it when I do. Maybe once a week I'll drag Jordan outside to take some shots. Just kidding. He doesn't mind at all. I'm the one who feels awkward and uncomfortable and gets easily annoyed when being in front of the camera. I'm lucky to have Jordan because he's such a good sport!

krysten and izzy of Why Girls Are Weird.

When Iz and I first started dating, he knew I had a blog and I wanted to experiment more with outfit pictures. He was all for it! In fact, a lot of times he helps me come out of my shell when it comes to taking pictures for Why Girls Are Weird and encouraging me. He does an amazing job being my photographer and helping me to feel comfortable and I think it brings us even closer as a couple.

maria-isabel and bruce of Agape Love Designs

Agape Love Designs is a Christian based variety blog, leaning mostly towards Faith, Fashion, Fitness & Beauty. It wasn't until I started my weight loss journey that I really even started needing pictures of myself taken. It was pretty hard for me to be comfortable in front of the camera for a long time. But I thought doing outfit posts would be a fun way to track my weight loss progress, and keep me accountable. To be honest for a long while, The Hubs didn't really 'get' blogging or why I did it. He thought it was weird. That is until he realized how amazing it was for me, and how it was helping me in my progress to lose the weight. For a while I was too shy to even have The Hubs take my pictures. So my 10 year old daughter became my main photographer! But as he noticed what I was up to, he would offer, and step in for her on occasion. He is actually a great photographer for me. He's always complimenting me and tells me things to do or gives me pose ideas to accentuate my body or show off my accessories. He is a crack up! He has also been willing to help me with my beauty posts as well when I took the "let your man do your makeup challenge!" And just a couple weeks ago I was talking to The Hubs about what he thought of me being a beauty blogger & such. I asked if he thought it was weird that I had to take so many photos of my face (because if I'm honest, sometimes I get sick of seeing my face so much! haha) And he said "No, its not weird. Your beauty deserves lots of documentation." What a compliment, right!? I'm a lucky girl! Anyways, I hope you will stop by my blog this week, because I have a "1 Shirt, 4 Outfits" mini-series happening, which The Hubs was my amazing photographer for. ♥ Much Love & Hugs ~ Maria-Isabel

jenni and matthew of Story of My Life.

Story of My Life is, well, about my life! It's a terribly creative blog name, I know. ;) Besides the general oversharing, there's bits of personal style, around-Austin posts, the occasional recipe, and lots of pretty pictures. Photography is my other passion, and there's usually a camera attached to my face. I started incorporating style posts fairly early on in the evolution of my blog, and the task of snapping my photos naturally fell to my husband... much to his dismay. Try as I might, I haven't really been able to impart my love of picture taking upon him, but he's generally a good sport. He does, however, require at least 24 hours of notice before an "outfit shoot." It's just a funny quirk he has. Says he needs time to emotionally prepare himself for the task. ;) Not gonna lie... being a photographer, I am preeeeetty picky about my photos, and I tend to be bossy and quite particular when I have someone else take them of me, so this can occasionally cause friction between us. Generally, though, the guy is a GEM.


and there you have it! another incredible group of ladies and their fabulous men behind their cameras! i hope you have been enjoying this series as much as i have. it's been a blast getting to know these ladies and their men a little bit more - and i always love sharing new blogs that you may not have stumbled upon before. 

and as always, the inspiration to these posts come from my own guy behind the camera, Ryan. i am continually blown away by his patience and his camera skills (along with his nunchuck skills, of course). he is so good to me - i love you, babe! 

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*the original Guy Behind the Camera series was started by my friend, Tieka of Selective Potential who was so kind to pass on the baton. be on the look out  on the blog for more volumes of this fun little series!*

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. I love these series!! Mostly because I feel like I'm finally able to see the other half of the blog.. and it's so true too, without these creative eyes behind the camera, we wouldn't have blogs! I would love to feature my husband (Aaron) who has been even willing to crawl on the dirt to take pictures of my shoes! haha silly guy. He's probably too shy to let the public see him though :)


    PS- thanks so much for your comment on my guest post on Sandy's blog. I always love meeting new friends!

  2. so SO cute!
    our guys really are the best huh?
    now if only i can get jerry to take more pictures with me :) haha

  3. aww this is adorable!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  4. This is such a great series! Thanks so much for inviting me to participate! ♥ So interesting to read about other blogger's "guy behind the camera". :)

  5. what a fun series! I always wonder if other husbands/boyfriends are happy to take pictures or annoyed =) my husband initially would get kind of annoyed, but thankfully he started enjoying it! I haven't done any outfit shoots for awhile, but I'm looking forward to some next week for the 7x7 remix with Ma Nouvelle Mode! anyway, I look forward to seeing more Guys Behind the Camera =)

  6. You know some fabulous bloggers!!!!

  7. I am in great company this week, thanks so much for including Izzy and me!

  8. Love this idea! My husband takes my pictures too! (: So fun! Let me know if you need more people for this! I'd love to be a part of it! (:

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