Wednesday, June 26, 2013


loving: my heart is so full right now - which is part of why i have been somewhat MIA on blog world. like i mentioned earlier this week, my family celebrated the arrival of Lux Ann. so of course, i am in love with my baby niece - and i miss her so much already! i am also loving the fact that my baby sister, Ashley is staying with me for about a week here in Atlanta. we've already had so much fun shopping and staying up late watching movies. we both admitted that being together helps out with missing Lux Ann and the rest of our family so much.

watching: when i lived at home, Ashley and i got into the show Teen Wolf. to be honest, at first we only watched it to make fun of it since the acting and the writing was so horrible - but sure enough, we got wrapped up with the characters and got hooked. so with Ashley visiting, we've been catching up on all the episodes we missed while we were in Iowa. i have also been re-watching Season 7 of The Office. Michael Scott and Jim Halpert never disappoint. 

listening to: since camp last week, i have been listening to a lot of the worship songs we sang during the teaching sessions. i am especially loving My Hope is in You by Aaron Shust and Cannons by Phil Wickam. on the flip side, i have been turning up the radio when Can't Hold Us - so catchy and perfect for summer driving! 

obsessing: over the pictures my mom and sister keep sending me of Lux Ann. gah, she kills me with her cuteness. i seriously have become one of those aunts who shows off every single picture of their niece and when i go shopping and see something cute, i totally think, does this come in newborn size 'cause it's perfect for Lux Ann! i mean, come on. who even am i?! 

reading: i started reading Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare before i headed out of town but it was due to the library before i could finish. so now i need to get back on the waiting list to get it back. i could not put it down! seriously if you are looking for an awesome summer read, anything by Cassandra Clare needs to be on your list especially the Infernal Instrument series. 

eating: lots of home cooked meals. as much as i am a lover of McDonalds, road tripping resulted in a lot of Mickey Dee drive-thru. and i can't believe i am even saying this, but i think Ronald McDonald and i might need to take a break for a little while. 

looking forward to: as you can already tell, it's a very full summer around these parts! this weekend, i will be headed out of town (again) for an all girls' beach trip with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and my other niece, Lily. rock on, summertime! 

what are you currently up to, friend? if you have your own "currently" post, be sure to include it below - i would love to check it out. and as always, thanks to Danielle for the original inspiration of this post. 

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}


  1. awww!!! Lux Ann is such a cute name! p.s. I like your headband. This post is so cute:) You inspired me to write my own;)

  2. All of you look beautiful! And no worries - I'll totally be That Aunt, too, when my sister finally presents me with a niece or nephew! haha!

  3. I feel as if I know that sweet little girl from all your awesome photos. So precious! Congrats on already being the best aunt ever. So much love!

    And I'm eating in a lot more, too. trying to at least. I feel better already.

  4. Welcome to the aunt club. you've seen my instagram... It's full of Harper pictures. So, you are in good company, my dear!

  5. your niece is adorable! being an aunt is the best.

  6. Replies
    1. thanks Illy for inspiring me to write my currently like yours ^^

  7. You just inspired me to write my own! And congrats on being an Aunt - it is seriously the best!

  8. I wrote a small little currently post this week :) Life hasn't been to exciting as yours Mrs.Auntie :) lol

  9. Lux Ann is seriously such the perfect day! You must just be in love!

  10. Congrats Tita or Auntie! Your niece is beautiful.

    I tried to watch Teen Wolf but after a several episodes in the first season, I found it cheesy but I wanted to see what it was all about. So hard to believe that the lead guy was the kid in Maid in Manhattan.

    I can't wait to read Clockwork Princess. I'm saving it for when I go to Mexico next month. Have you read any of The Bane Chronicles?

  11. Oh Ilene!!! She's here! Congrats to the whole family - Lux Ann is, hands down, adorable!! I welcomed in twin nephews last week (Scotty's sis) and I am in love too! :-)

  12. Congrats Auntie Illy!!! (Nice ring to it!) She is beautiful and I love her name. :]

    xo JA


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