Thursday, May 23, 2013

these are the worst.

day 24 of the challenge. your top 3 worst traits.

this is awkward. we're just gonna throw that out there. day of 24 should have made it to my post on things that make me uncomfortable. (guysssss, remember that one?) 'cause this is def uncomfortable. like when my mom or college roommate would catch my dirty underwear on the floor instead of in the hamper. yikes, it's just plain aaaawwwwkwaaaard. no ifs and buts (or butts) about it.

so let's take a deep breath and just do this already.

1. sensitivity. the same trait that made it on my best qualities post (the one where we had to sell ourselves like on a resume) is making this list. the same trait that makes me feel sympathy towards another person or feel elated when someone encourages me is the same trait that affects my heart so negatively when i am targeted by someone's criticism or not so positive comments (even if that person may not have even meant it to be malicious). 

2. over-thinking things. this is probably a result of my sensitivity. conversations. situations. opportunities. retail purchases. i think through conversations and wonder what did he really mean by that? or what did she think about when i said that 'cause i didn't mean it that way?! or i'll stand in front of my closet and be like did i really need that pair of shoes? (okay, maybe the retail part is not so bad. Ryan certainly doesn't think it's a bad thing.) 

3. worry wart. when i call my husband or my family's cell phone and they don't reply after 3 calls and 10 text messages, i start to worry and my mind goes to a different million worse case scenarios. when i can't remember if i unplugged the flat iron or turned off the oven, i start to worry about burning the house down. when i lay down to sleep for the night, i can't help but wonder if we locked the door and set the alarm. if it starts to rain, i can't seem to recall if i closed the car windows or not. my mind sometimes is a freaking computer desk-top, waaaaaaay too many windows and programs are open and running. 

these are traits are not obviously not uncommon. and before you all start freaking out on me and not wanting to be my friend, some of these are extreme cases but it does not make them less true about me. however, i will note, as i have recognized these traits in myself, i have intentionally and personally been working on these specific areas of my life. i think growing up and marriage does that to you. to survive this world, you really can't sit around and let people or situations affect you so negatively. i am not an absolute pro at this yet, but i am learning to be better at letting things go. ah, yes. no fun, but it's truth. and alas, i know i can't just put my head between my knees and rock back and forth, worrying that the world is going to fall apart around me. 

despite my worst traits, my insecurities and my own brokenness and the madness of this crazy world we live in, i believe in a God who is in total control...both in my life and in the world around me. i am confident that He who started a good work will complete His work in me (Philippians 1:6) and that all things work together for good (Romans 8:28).

thank God! literally.

so there you have it. we just got down to the nitty-gritty (where's the toast, Nachooooo?!) and you got my three worst um, can we still be friends? 

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. illy these traits are very similar to mine. I also have all three plus add in procrastination and self doubt and and I can really get upset with myself. But like you said we have a God who is in control and it's something I'm also working on and trusting Him so much more :) x

  2. Oh my, I get you 100% about over-thinking. Once something enters my head, it takes a while to get it out :P

    ♥ hannah

  3. Goodness. I have very similar traits. I am without question an over thinker and a worry wart. It's awful!

  4. I think a lot of people can relate to the same things, especially me but you are absolutely right in everything you said and its really uplifting! :)

  5. We could be twins ;) love you friend! 😘

  6. I hear ya on those 3 things..thankful Jesus helps us out!!! :)

  7. oh man. I am the most sensitive person ever... and definitely more so on the receiving end than the giving end. I want to change that. And you reminded me I need some divine intervention to get on that. Thank you.

  8. Yip, I have these traits as well.

  9. I can relate! AND every time I say "nitty gritty," I say it like Nacho. Because, how can you not? :) Love you!

  10. Oh man, today's post was totally awkward! But thanks for putting it all out there and sharing. I'm totally a worrier too and it's exhausting!

  11. A quote I always heard and loved: Give all yor worries to God. He's gonna be up anyway

  12. It's so funny, because these were the EXACT same things I was going to write in response to today's prompt. I love how you ended you post, though! It's so true, God is in control. So much comfort (and relief!) knowing that. Happy Friday! :)

  13. Oh my goodness. The last trait is my biggest flaw and how did I forget to mention that on my post today? Seriously when my Hubby leaves work and I try to call him and he doesn't answer and then he's running late. My mind literally takes every avenue of scenarios that could be happening-then he walks through the door. Wait until you have babies. It gets a lot worse. :) Love your blog! Follow me at !

  14. I have all those traits too. Worry wart, I totally forgot about that when I was doing mine.

  15. You are seriously too cute Ilene, #2 totally reminded me of me! Remember when I emailed you because I was scared you thought I meant something else on a comment I made?? Haha, I totally over think things too!! And I do #3 all the time with my hubby when he is late or doesn't call because he's always on time and always calls me!! And OMGee, your dirty underwear, LOL!! You totally crack me up! (no pun intended!!) Love you girl!!


  16. I feel you on ALL OF THESE. I'm the exact same way!

  17. AWww I LOVE how you brought this back to scripture :) We all have different traits that make us who we are... whether these are good or bad, it's how God has created us as unique individuals and make you the lovely person that you are today! I'm glad you continue to follow Him in all that you do.
    You have a lovely blog here! I tried to do the May challenge and succeeded with all about 5 posts. haha such a failure...

    Sunny with a side of...


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