Thursday, May 16, 2013

the Guy Behind the Camera series: vol. 2

first off, thank you for last week's incredible response to the first installment of Guy Behind the Camera. i loved giving our men a big applause for their hard work and their support of our blogs and our dang outfit posts. and today, i am even more excited to show off more fabulous bloggers and their incredible husbands. and after you read through this, i am sure you will agree with me, that these are some very lucky ladies!


caroline and david hulse of Sew Caroline.

Sew Caroline is a creative lifestyle blog that focuses on sewing tips, do it yourself projects, handmade fashion, and everyday life. David and I have been married for almost two years and he still gets annoyed when I ask him to take my outfit pictures. Although, I think he has actually come to enjoy it, he still loves to tease me about snapping all those photos. I know this because he has started directing me, posing me, and finding great spots for pictures....

sandy and marv of Sandyalamode.

Sandy a la Mode is a lifestyle blog that has bits of fashion, style, inspiration, recipes, photography, and everyday life of a family with a toddler.  It wasn't until a couple years into blogging that I first asked Marvin to take outfit pictures for me.  We would take some on the weekends and some after work.  And a few months into taking these pictures, I became pregnant... which meant the outfit pictures revolved into capturing "bump" progress pictures.  And after our son was born, it had become increasingly more difficult to find time to take the pictures, but we end up just taking a bunch in a row all on the weekends when our toddler naps.  At first when we started taking pictures, Marvin didn't really know how to use my DSLR and I'd have to direct him to take "fully body" shots and "detail" shots and explain all the angles I wanted... but now, he's a real pro and TELLS ME how to pose and considers the pictures his work of art, HA!

jessica and brogan of Jessica Jean Blog.

I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful segment on Ilene's blog! Let me tell you, it has taken a lot of convincing for Brogan to really take my outfit pictures and to take them well. He has never loved being in pictures- whenever we take formal pictures (our wedding, couple pictures, etc.) he HATES it. It is just very obvious that he would rather be anywhere else haha. I, on the other hand, am a picture fanatic. Opposites attract, right!? I think that's why it was easy to convince him to take my pictures- because he isn't in them! He really is very supportive and does whatever I ask for- for the pictures that is. We usually do shoots until I get the perfect poses that I want... and he puts up with me for it! He really is a wonderful husband for that and he must really love me because sometimes I can be a little difficult. It has become something fun for us to do together and I think he secretly enjoys it. We don't take pictures on any specific day- just whenever is convenient for us. We both have busy schedules so sometimes it is hard to fit it in. A lot of times we just step into our backyard and take them before work/school. Brogan has a really hectic schedule between his two jobs and school, so I just love that he squeezes in time to help me with my blog by taking my pictures!

kristine and nate of The Foley Fam {unedited}.

So thankful that Nate is so patient about taking my gazillion pics for my "fashion" posts. Even tho I enjoy them, photo seshs are not natural to me at all, and Nate is so awesome about making me feel so beautiful, even if my "outfits" usual consist of jeans and a shirt. Love when he offers to take them, and since we've been doing them more often I've become more confident and he's getting to be quite the photographer. #winning 

erika and evan of Rouge and Whimsy.

I texted the husband the other day:  "Guess what we should do after dinner? ;)" Evan knows me so well and texted back "Outfit post!" Not only is Evan incredibly patient with me (I'm kind of demanding about the photos --"can you take one like this," "tilt the camera like so") but he's also so encouraging about my blog (and my number one reader even though I never post about his favorite topic: sports.) I may be the one authoring the posts about fashion, food and life, but the husband is a huge part of what makes my blog what it is.

blair and david mcleod of Wild and Precious

My husband is a full time artist (oil & canvas portraiture - you can check out some of his artwork HERE) so he knows a thing or two about capturing people.  He works so hard and helps out so much around the house that sometimes I feel bad pulling him out of things to stop and take pictures for me.  But he is always gracious and I think truly enjoys helping me because he knows blogging is something that I really enjoy.  I only do outfit posts once a week usually, so when Tuesday rolls around he usually is expecting it - especially during our daughter's nap time.  There are always giggles involved during photos, but  what is awesome is that even on my "yuck why am I taking pictures of my mess of a self" days, he always makes me feel beautiful.


and as always the original inspiration to this series comes from Ryan, my husband, best friend and my very own guy behind my camera! i have moments where i can't believe how blessed i am to have such a loving, patient man in my life. he deserves more credit than i give him, and this is one small way i am able to do that. i love that man so much, it's ridiculous! 

*the original Guy Behind the Camera series was started by my friend, Tieka of Selective Potential who was so kind to pass on the baton. be on the look out  on the blog for more volumes of this fun little series!*

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. Love this!


  2. thank you so much for including us! was so fun to turn the tables on david! and i mean... i think he is stinking cute! and i don't take his pic near enough!!

  3. Thank-you so much for featuring us! I loved reading the other blogger backgrounds. Also, I am embarassed that my response was so long! Haha I have a problem that I really need to work on! Little Miss Chatterbox over here.

  4. So cute! It takes a village to create an outfit post is what I always say.

  5. This was so great and so relatable!

  6. Yay thanks for having us! So honored sweet friend! XOXOOX

    Kristine -The Foley Fam {unedited}

  7. What a great little series. I totally know where you gals are coming from, although, I don't really do outfit posts. But every time we do anything or go anywere, I"m all, "Take my photo babe." He sighs or agrees happily depending on his mood and he knows it's going up on the ol' blog or instagram. Poor guy.

  8. What a cute series! And yes they are lucky ladies... I unfortunately do not have a built in photographer at my disposal : O Your blog is really cute too, following on Bloglovin.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  9. Found your blog through Sandy a la Mode and I love it!! I'm now following you on GFC and Bloglovin :) It would mean so much to me if you could follow back! I'd love to keep in touch!


  10. Lovely post!
    I follow on bloglovin with mach pleasure!

  11. Eep, I love this! Plus I get to find out about blogs I haven't heard of before, yay!

  12. such a cool post! so many talented blog men!

  13. This is such a cute idea! Blogs are more than just the one who writes the blogs!

  14. So cute. Love it! It's hard finding someone to take daily photos of you when you're always the one behind the camera.


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