Thursday, May 2, 2013

stuff that make me go ugh or ick and all squeemish.

very important preface: so before all  of you start avoiding me and never want to grab coffee with me or ever want to my friend ever again after reading this post, i really can adjust quite easily to just about any situation. hey, it's the Navy brat in me that has learned to adjust to her surroundings. some situations might take longer than others, but the point is that i can adjust even when i am outside of my comfort zone.

so, really, i am not that weird or OCD. plus we are friends, right?and this is a safe place.

and here we are, folks, on day three of Blog Every Day In May challenge - woohoo! today's prompt is as follows: things that make you uncomfortable. so let's do this, good people.

- fingers touching the rim of my cups, mugs, glasses or anything that i drink out of

- an unmade bed

- people borrowing my shoes

- sharing hairbrushes 

- lack of preparation 

- wearing outside clothes to bed (only clean PJs in my bed sheets, pls)

- Mariah Carey as an American Idol judge

- people who touch the soles of their shoes or their feet

- forgetting to check to see if i unplugged the flat iron before leaving the house

- wasted time

- Payless shoe stores (the stores themselves smell funny to me and their shoes hurt my feet)

- the middle seat between two strangers on a flight

- thrift stores (i've tried, i really have, to walk in and enjoy myself and think about all the bloggers who always seem to come home with cool, vintage finds. and then i even start humming, i'm gonna pop some tags but with my allergies going wild with all of the dust and me never finding a darn thing, i have come to face the reality that thrifting is not for me. i'll stick to clearance racks, thank you.)

- watching Selena Gomez sing or perform live

- cherry flavored liquid medication like Robitussin or Tylenol (gag)

- the closet door left open overnight

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}

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  1. Great list... but you forgot having countless country songs sang to you over the already loud radio while riding in the squished back seat and trying to entertain a toddler with a movie on a 2 hour trip back home after an interesting in-law holiday get together while hungry and exhausted. (wink)

  2. remember that one time we tried to get you to like thrifting? haha. it's ok girl, i still like you!

  3. I am SO with you on everything! Especially the unmade bed. That's the main reason why I LOVE staying at hotels! The bed is always magically made. :)

  4. I, too, cannot seem to get excited about thrift stores. Like... just, no. They smell. So badly. And I've sometimes picked up things covered in bizarre stains or spills that make me terribly uncomfortable. Target clearance rack!

  5. I use a curling iron and I often have to check several times to make sure it is unplugged! I get so paranoid about that one...

  6. I am the exact same as far as:

    — people touching the rim of my cup/straw/etc. It grosses me out soooo much. Ick!

    — Unmade beds.

    — The closet door left open overnight. It has to be closed.

    — The middle seat on a flight. I full on beg to avoid that seat. The awkwardness always kills me.

    — The flat iron/curling iron/blow dryer being (possibly) left plugged in. I have two cats, and they love to get on the bathroom counter when I'm not home, even thought I've trained them not to. (I once made the horrible mistake of leaving a black gel/powder eyeliner combo open on the counter. I came home to a lovely array of black kitten paws. They looked so guilty!) I'm always so afraid that I will come home and one of them will have a burnt paw or worse from my vanity!

    I've never actually left it plugged in or on, yet I'm always afraid that I have and I usually run back upstairs to check one last time before I leave.

  7. For some reason, I agree on the Selena Gomez thing. I changed the channel when she came on the MTV movie awards. It's just awkward.

  8. I am the EXACT same way about germs! Oh my gosh! Do not touch the rim of my glass! I tell my husband that no dirty butts can be in our bed. If you want to lie down, take off your pants!

  9. I can't STAND feeling like I've wasted time. And waking up at noon doesn't cut it for me because I feel like I've wasted an entire day!

  10. I am the opposite about closet doors, they need to stay open at all times!! Having the middle seat on a flight though is the absolute worst.

  11. I am dying about "moriah carey as a judge" hahahahahaha!!!! AND YES TO THE PEOPLE TOUCHING THE RIM OF YOUR GLASS WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?! like, umm hi why don't I just lick the palm of your hand while I'm at it, ok?

    love you pretty!

  12. I couldn't agree more on Mariah Carey being a judge on American Idol!

  13. I always have to check about a million to times to make sure I locked all the doors! It is the most annoying thing! But I'm super paranoid about it!!
    Unmade beds are horrible. I feel weird climbing into bed at the end of the day when it is already unmade. It feels odd.
    oh! Open closet doors at night is a HUGE no-no!! Mine are always closed up tight every night!!

  14. Ahaha Mariah Carey!!! Just no. It hurts to watch.

  15. I just started think about ANY cherry flavored medicine and gagged a little. UGH.

  16. I laughed out loud! My husband is the same way with cups and glasses. He hates it when we are out and a waiter touches his glass.

  17. i'm with you on the cough medicine...i have horrible childhood memories of that!! xoxo

  18. I am loving how much I can relate to everyone on these quirky things that make us squeamish!! I am definitely with you on wearing only PJ's to bed. Sometimes my husband can just go to sleep in the shirt he wore all day, but not me. I gotta change or else I don't feel like I am really ready for bed!

  19. Selena Gomez is so awkward when she performs live. It makes me very uncomfortable.

  20. Hey beautiful!!

    I think I've learned a lot about you from this post. hate germs!! But, I feel you on the hairbrush thing. I got lice twice in elementary from sleepovers. TWICE.

  21. haha!!! loved reading this~ I tried to force myself to be a thrifter too. I was unable to fall in love with it. And the soles of shoes~ oh my gosh. I freak out if the kids touch their soles! I have a whole pack of wipes in my purse saved for those sorts of moments:)

    I would love to have coffee with you~ i think we sound very much alike:)!

  22. You seem like such a cool gal! and i agree with you on every single one! except for thrift stores haha you really gotta dig deep to find the treasures!

  23. I LOVE Goodwill! So much better deals and some of the same stuff that is at the mall.

    I also hate wasted time!

    1. I even wrote a post about how to help people become thrifters and find the best stuff :-)

  24. Selena Gomez singing live... this cracks me up. So true!


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