Sunday, May 12, 2013

letters {mother's day edition}.

day #10 challenge of Blog Every Day in May is more than appropriate for today. 

What do you miss? (a person, a thing, a place, a time in your life...)

i def miss my mom, especially today since she is living in SC and i now live in GA. 
good thing she likes to read my blog. *wink*

to my beautiful mom: i have always loved you and have always respected you, and i find that the older i get, that love and respect for you has only grown so much more. i have always wanted to be like you - with your strong spirit and sacrificial love for your family, your passion for God and desire to serve and help other people. you are beautiful inside and out and have always taught me and my sisters the importance of carrying yourself well. thank you for always supporting and encouraging me in my dreams and ambitions. thanks for being patient with me, understanding me and always taking the time to listen and be there for me. thank you for your deep love and commitment to Daddy, demonstrating how a wife is to love her husband. when i "grow up" and have children one day, i sincerely want to be a mother like you. i know of no other mother that i would want to follow in her steps - only yours.

and three more letters to some other sweet mothers in my life...

to my wonderful mother-in-law, Margaret: thank you for being so loving and treating me like your own daughter. i feel so grateful to have you in my life. Ryan is very blessed to have mother as wonderful as you. thank you for always making me so welcome and part of your family. (and so glad that i can contribute to helping out in us outnumbering the Butler boys!)

to my sister, Kristine: (i miss you, too!) you are celebrating your first mother's day with Baby BB making her appearance oh so soon (squeal!). i cannot wait for the day that you will hold her in your arms and feel the touch between a mother and daughter for the first time - when she will look into your eyes and know you as her mommy. you will be an amazing mother, i just know it.

and to all the other mothers around the world: may you all be celebrated and recognized and surrounded by your loved ones. you def more than certainly deserve it, sweet mommas.

much love.
{happy mother's day, friend.}


  1. what a sweet post dedicated to mother's!! :)

  2. I love all these sweet ladies in your life! What a sweet mother's day post!

  3. love your spin on this and your mom sounds oh so wonderful!

  4. You truly are a beautiful soul Ilene!! I love reading your heartfelt posts like this!! You mom sounds amazing :) Makes me think of my mom and how awesome she is too! You are doing so well with this blogging challenge, I wish I was as awesome as you are when it comes to blogging!! Much love girl!!



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