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Engagement Ring Trends for 2013.

~ one of our engagement pictures in Chicago, IL by timtab studios / August 2010  ~ 

there is no bride that can deny that the day an engagement ring was slipped onto that left ring finger to be one of the happiest days of her life. as i type that out, my own mind brings back memories of a very surprising and exhilarating day. and i remember before i got engaged, how my roommate and i talked about what sort of engagement rings we would want if our boyfriends happened to pop the question to either of us anytime soon. my roommate knew exactly what she wanted - every single detail of the ring, from the cut to the color while i, on the other hand really didn't know but i always knew that whoever i married should know me so well, that whatever ring he designed or picked out for me, would be perfect for me. and if you've read mine and Ryan's engagement story or have seen my ring, i think you all know how well my husband knows me - and could not have designed a more perfect ring.

and so to all girlfriends or brides-to-be, today we have a very special guest post from London-based ring designers (so you can imagine when i first read this article, i read it in a British accent in my mind - you know my obsession with those accents!) and stand behind the belief of making wedding rings the center piece of your special day. their designs offer a variety of styles - from modern to vintage, made just for you. 


“Out with the old, in with the new” is a saying fit for the fashion world. Each season, we get muddled over what garments we can remove from our closets and which we dare not get rid of. Similarly, today’s brides-to-be are doing away with the classic ring in traditional settings and opting for a unique look. Not that designers are totally getting away from beauties like the classic solitaire diamond engagement ring, they are just upgrading this design for something a little more eye-catching for this new breed of brides. Today’s couples are currently going for on-of-a-kind styles in diverse designs, metals, and stones. Rare gems, brazen settings, and special cuts are just a few of the options that engaged couples can choose from. Whether it’s an avant-garde, specially crafted piece or an elegant traditional design with a lovely twist, modern engagement rings are bolder and more ornate than rings of the past.

Today's brides-to-be are bombarded by the assortment of remarkable, eye-catching rings currently trending. Ring styles such as the updated classic solitaire, vintage-inspired pieces, and rings embellished with colorful jewels in place of the typical white diamond are only a sample of what engaged couples can choose from. Because of the absorbent amount of different styles and designs, choosing the perfect engagement ring can be a little intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you don’t know what you want. Additionally, the ability to design your own, individual ring has given couples even more of an option that best suits the future bride. From sparkling, blinged out rocks like those worn by celebs and royalty to a more personal ring with its own distinctive charm, you’re sure to find the ring that’s right for you.

Vintage-inspired Designs

Engagement rings that incorporate a modern design with a vintage setting have become popular among many brides-to-be. These rings are not only perfect for those who adore anything vintage as many couples embellish their rings with family gems or significant birth stones—infusing something old with something new. Brides who desire a new ring, but still want something with an antique flair should peruse 77 Diamonds for an engagement ring with a classic appeal. Whether it be a vintage design or an inherited, family ring, an engagement ring with an antiquated twist is both classic and unique.

Colorful Stones

Engagement rings bearing colorful gems or diamonds are nothing new in the wedding ring industry; however, this trend has increased when celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon and Penelope Cruz and royalty like Kate Middleton began sporting stones in different colors that this fad grew. Now a multitude of soon-to-be-wed couples are adding some color to their own engagement rings. If you’re dying to incorporate some color into your engagement ring and don’t have any specific gem in mind, there are many stones that are currently popular, such as emeralds and sapphires.

No matter if you choose an antique ring or a double halo with diamonds in a myriad of colors, there is an abundance of gorgeous rings that will make your engagement magical.

what is your favorite engagement or wedding ring design? 

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. Vintage and modern. I wanted something with a bit of vintage but also the simplicity of a little modern 'elegance' and I am a sucker for white gold :)

  2. I love vintage and round :) which is actually what mine looks like. I knew steve was thinking about proposing so I hinted I didnt like square diamond rings. But thats the ONLY imput i had :) and he did well if i do say so myself ;)

  3. i have a round solitaire and its a fave b/c it's soo classic! the halo diamond ones are nice too!!

  4. oooh diamond rings. Is there any other way to a girl's heart? :)

  5. My engagement ring is from the 40s or 50s and has a heart engraved into the mount. The center stone is brand new and from Tiffany. My wedding band is pink sapphires and diamonds (because pink is my fave color!)


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