Wednesday, May 15, 2013

don't laugh at me.

 dress: F21 / vest: c/o Vintage Urban Renewal / wedges: Belk / lipstick (park): c/o Radiant Cosmetics 

pointing something out that is quite obvious: these outfit pictures are not yet up to date but this is the last batch more up to date pictures with the new hair cut are to come. woohoo! and now back to the regular scheduled programming...


day 16 of le Challenge. something difficult about your "lot in life" and how you're working to overcome it.

now don't laugh at me but i am being for reals about this. the "lot in life" that i wanted to throw out there on the table is that i am not a runner. i really am not. i was not born with the skills and the endurance of a runner. i was a gymnast for most of my life and so i was always physically in shape and still dreaded the days we had to run laps around the gym. and when it came to P.E. for school or for college, i always started hyper-ventilating and always ended up in last place. i remember running with some friends back in college - we were all trying to get in shape together, and even though they hadn't run in forever, a mile was the most normal and easiest thing in the world to them. for me, i couldn't even run the mile (only a freaking mile!). i walked most of it and probably stopped by Mcdonlad's for a large coke. 

exercise and staying active has always been an important part of my adult life. whether it was scheduling time to go to the gym or going bike riding outdoors, i made it a priority. but running? no, i just accepted the fact that was not in my DNA. 

the pain in my legs. 
the constricted chest muscles. 
the lack of oxygen making its way into my lungs.
the irritating stitch in my side.
not for me.

however, i don't know if it was the lack of sunshine last month or the boredom i was experiencing from riding a stationary bike every day or the motivating running scene from Silver Linings Playbook, but i got the itch to run. at first, i shook my head and was like naaaawww, you've tried that before. don't waste your time. i told Ryan about it and you know what? he thought it was a good idea - so good in fact, he decided to join me. 

sometimes Ryan and I re-enact this scene when we run. i'm Bradley, trying to stay focused, and Ryan is Jennifer, running around me in circles like a crazy person. it makes me laugh every single time.

so the next morning, we put on our running shoes and headed out the door. slow and steady. my ipod shuffle blasted Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars, the beat in sync to the pounding of my shoes on the pavement. i had to stop and walk a couple blocks but we kept going. and then we went for it the next day. walk and run, walk and run. 

and this week is our third week of running, and i finally have been able to run a mile without stopping or walking! so some people that may not be a big deal, but for me - that is me overcoming my "lot in life," people, so heck ya, it's a big deal for me! 

so this is me overcoming my "lot in life" of not being a runner and how i'm overcoming it involves this:

- running with a partner (in this case my husband)
- blasting upbeat music (i do not work out well without music!)
- good running shoes (so that your shins and your feet don't hate you later on)
- good running attire (the kind of shorts/leggings that don't ride up your butt - that def helps)
- stretching out beforehand (i discovered that the best stretch to wake up your sleepy leg muscles is steadying yourself against a wall or chair and swiping your leg back and forth several times in front of your body - this helped ease the muscle soreness)

i am no expert runner, but the point is that i am trying and that i'm running with it. ha! no pun intended, of course. *wink* so for all of those with the same "lot in life" as me and want to overcome it, be encouraged. if i can do it, you totally can, too.

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. I have never been a runner. Never been good at it, never enjoyed it. But I really wish I was. Hmmm maybe I'll give it another try. Thanks for inspiring. ;] xo JA

  2. I can't run. Period. No matter how hard I work at it! I am loving your outfit also! Those shoes are basically amazing!

    Xo, Kelsey

  3. Oh Ilene! Checking up on your blog always brings a smile to my face :)

    First off, you are ROCKING that denim vest! I just recently purchased one as well and it was a bit out of my comfort zone but so glad I did! Wearing dresses with it as been it's best bet :) You look great.

    Secondly, congrats on getting into running!! My Dad is a hardcore marathon runner and I ran my first half marathon a couple months ago... with basically no training at all (not a good idea), but I did finish! I actually need to get back into running because I have another one lined up. Kudos girl!

  4. I could never laugh at you. Only behind your back and only if you asked me not to.

    Just kidding:) Congrats on all the running. A mile is a big deal. It all starts there!! Keep it up. Sign up for a 5k. DO IT.

  5. I literally just bought running shoes the other day so D and I could start running together. I am soooo not a runner much like you and always walked in gym class haha. So this should be interesting.. Thanks for the motivation!
    Xo Dana

  6. I'm right there with you... becoming a runner too... its not easy. but so rewarding!

  7. YAY!! Way to go Ilene!! I am proud of you! I have to agree with the running thing, I am not so great, I can run on a treadmill but not pavement! I was able to weasel my way out of PE from middle school all the way to HS!! Eeek, that should tell you something about me running! I think most people do the walk & run thing ;)


  8. Can i just say that it's lie that you think you're not a runner? I used to say the SAME thing but anyone who goes for runs, who works at it IS A RUNNER.

    I just started really getting into running this year and now i'm training for a half-marathon and it's HARD but so rewarding and I'm addicted for how it makes me feel.

    You go girl! And if you ever need running tips-- my husband is the asst. manager of the top running store in the country ;)

  9. I LOVE running, but I don't have the time to train for races, or the money to buy new running shoes (a highschooler can only afford so much). Reading this motivated me to MAKE TIME and SAVE UP :)

    Keep it up Ilene!


  10. i am NOT a runner either and i have the hardest time doing so glad you run with ryan because zach says i may be difficult to run with since in need to stop every 4 seconds lol. glad its not just me ;)

  11. I wouldn't run unless I was being chased by a tiger. And even then I probably wouldn't run, lol.

  12. I am definitely not laughing because I too am not a runner and I probably couldn't run a mile right now if I tried! so good for you, this kind of makes me want to run with Joel now.. I've actually been having a bit of an itch too!

  13. I just started working out every day this week and I'm quite loving it!! I've never really thought of running before but I did a bit of light jogging yesterday and didn't kill myself - which is amazing! haha! Congratulations on your newest workout regimen Ilene!! :)

  14. Hey,
    great pictures and a beautiful dress. I hate jogging. I cant stand it :D But good luck with your workout.

  15. I am not a runner either. I dread running. I prefer to get my cardio in by dancing and being in the gym ;)

  16. Nice job, girl! Running is tough stuff. I just started running 7 or so weeks ago (I'm doing the c25k app and highly recommend it!). I couldn't agree with you more on the good music, good clothes, and good running shoes. Especially the music part. That's what gets me through the workouts! :)

  17. You inspire me!!! i've been trying -- unsuccessfully -- to find the motivation to exercise more. Thanks for this! xoxo

  18. is that a little blue eyeliner I spy? loving everything about this outfit, its put together so well and you just look great! I have an actual fear of running. I am very unfit but even when I was fit, I couldn't run for a minute I would sike myself out so bad - good. for. you!

  19. Love this.

  20. Hello my dear!
    I love your dress...
    Running?me?not for me with my actually foots pain...sniff....
    thanks for the post!

  21. I'm not a runner and never will be. I've tried, and I think it sucks and definitely not fun. That's me though. I'd rather exercise in other ways.

    I was on the track team in high school, and I sucked. People that were 50-100+ lbs more than me even beat me, even a girl that has a handicap. That's how bad I was. I sucked really bad, which is why I switched to throwing the discus and shotput.

  22. Not laughing! I am not a natural runner either!:)Good for you dear!:)

  23. Good for you! I recently started getting into running, too! I totally agree with your list of running necessities.


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