Wednesday, May 8, 2013

a moment in my day.

if you've hung out with me at all, i have a tendency of always playing with my hair. always. i am also a hand-talker. and those two traits about me and my hands were for free and have nothing to do with this challenge. 

give me a *fist-pump* it's almost the weekend, good people.
and we are also on day #9 of the Blog Every Day in May challenge - woohoo!

a moment in your day (this can be a photo or both a photo and words).

today was honestly one of those days where i was trying to get my to-do list down to miniaturize. actually this whole week has sort of felt that way. from things i needed to get done around the apartment to blog-biz to planning a wedding reception (this august, yipee!), i was feeling a little overwhelmed. 

which makes me especially grateful to have a husband and best friend like Ryan. he is very good at bringing things into perspective instead of letting the whole elephant of situations overwhelm me (and i can def let things overwhelm me far more than they really should). he is also very good at knowing when ilene needs to take a break and just...breathe. so with the weather (finally) lightening up, we made a little afternoon date to the local park and laid out on the grass on our favorite quilt. as the sun shined high in the sky and big white fluffy clouds floated above us, Ryan chipped some golf ball in the grass while i re-read Prisoner of Azkaban. later on, we people, dog and cloud watched. our dates at the park are really some of my faves.

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. sounds like a perfect afternoon :).

  2. is "excel" at modeling on your to-do list? b/c i swear you've gotten better and better lately - these look professional. or my theory stands that married people are prettier and i really need to get my husband to talk to me! i'm thinking next saturday (late) afternoon for coffee. thoughts?!

  3. you are SOO good at blogging every day!! and man, i LOVE this pic sooo much!! you look beautiful and i love all the colors in this photo!!

  4. That picture is beautiful! I have to second that I love all of the colors. Looks like summer!

  5. TOTALLY agree! And I wish I could have done the same thing this afternoon! Alas...errands totally sucked up way too much time after work. *groan* Maybe tomorrow?

  6. Hehe I play with my hair all the time too, particularly when it's curly. I get made fun of at work all the time, I just can't help it!

  7. I always play with my hair, too!

    I CANNOT WAIT to see your wedding reception. How exciting!!!

  8. look so adorbs in this picture! I LOVE your denim vest and shoes! :)

  9. What a cool challenge Jenni started! Its a great way to take time to stop and reflect in the crazy every day. Love this photo of you and glad you two are such a good balance for each other!

  10. Ohh, such a nice day and pic.

  11. Park dates are really great. I take my dog to the park almost every day and it's definitely some of my favorite time spent.


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