Sunday, May 5, 2013

a blogger i adore.

going on day 5 of the Blog Every Day In May challenge! woohoo! *fist pump* (we are however, going to disregard the fact that somebody missed out on yesterday's challenge. okay, disregarded.) today's challenge is as follows:

publicly profess your love or devotion for one of your blogger friends

to be honest, i feel very blessed to be surrounded by some fabulous blogger girlfriends. and for the record, is it not fascinating on how incredible is the blogging community?! it still blows my mind how people from all around the blog world can connect with one another on so many different levels. and since i started blogging over 3 years ago, there are so many blog friends that come to mind that i am so blessed to even know, making this challenge a little more difficult.

however, one particular blog friend stands out for so many different reasons and i wanted to brag on her a little bit today.

and her name is sandy.

i think many of you already know her. if you don't, i'm afraid that you might live under a rock. okay, maybe not, but this is a name that you should know if you don't. i remember the first time i ever heard of sandy was through a feature on oh, hello friend. i was so new to blogging, so the fact that someone was even featured on danni's blog was surely big time. i joined twitter a few months after i started blogging - and it was a whole new world for me. sandy was one of the first bloggers to follow me and i seriously was so giddy to receive tweets from her and all these bloggers whom i adored.

not long after, sandy tweeted me to say that she was visiting Chicago, where i was living at the time, and that she wanted to meet-up. meet up with me?! a little ole blogger?! YES, please! that was what i wanted to tweet but instead, i acted all cool and we exchanged numbers and planned a meet-up at Grand Luxe Cafe.

chicago, il / august 2010 

we ended up having the best time ever - and we seriously could have talked for another two hours. since then we have kept in touch nearly every day (if not every day) through texting, twitter DM messages, and phone calls. we even got the chance to be roommates at a conference a couple of years ago. and what amazes me is that our friendship is as real as if we were next door neighbors or college roommates or life long friends.

and of course, i also adore her as a blogger. i love sandy's fashion and writing style. i called her my blog-mentor during the early days of blogging, giving me advice or feedback or bouncing ideas back and forth (which we still do!). it's def a good thing to have some one to run alongside on the blogging journey, who is there for the good days and even the bad ones. i think that is what i most appreciate about sandy. she's always ready to listen when it comes to blog and life stuff.

so with all that said..sandy, you know i love you, girl. thanks for being my friend. and we really need to make another coffee date or Grand Luxe cafe date happen. it's so long over-due.

much love.
{happy weekend, friend.}


  1. yay! i love being introduced to new bloggers! as far as twitter... why is it that i have no idea how it works. i just joined and i am working on "getting" the whole "tweet" thing. :) yep, i DO live under a rock. ;)

  2. So great that you met up in real life and have someone to share "blog issues" with, let alone all of life's other issues.

  3. you are the BEST, ilene!! i was totally going to write a post about you today, too, but life has been crazy busy that i didn't get a chance to write it and now i'm sooo upset!! but thank you friend, I LOVE YOU!!!!

  4. Yay! Sandy's the best! What an awesome post. :)

  5. sandy was the first blogger to tweet at me when i joined twitter! <3 that girl.

  6. Oh man, what a great story! Isn't is amazing how blogging can open up so many new doors? Love it.

  7. Thanks for introducing me to Sandy!

  8. sandy is one of the only bloggers i've had a chance to meet in person - she is a sweetheart!

  9. This is so cute. Sandy seems great. :) I found one of you through the other, but by now I can't remember who came first!

  10. She is kind of amazing, I agree. =)


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