Tuesday, April 23, 2013

on the edge.

 top: base exchange / skirt: c/o Lula Roe / headwrap: c/o EcoShag / lipgloss (elsa): c/o Radiant Cosmetics / wedges (last season): c/o Blowfish Shoes 

last friday afternoon, i grabbed coffee with an old college friend. we talked about a zillion things especially since a) we had not seen each other since 2007 and b) we sat at Starbucks for nearly 5 hours - but one thing that particularly stood out to me was how we were two women in similar and yet not similar seasons of life, however we felt the same thing: we were on the edge of something big. and as i think back to that coffee date, that phrase came up several times as she and i talked about future dreams and personal desires that God had placed on each of our hearts - and even before that coffee date, i have felt that same feeling continuing to wrestle inside of me.

anyone else resonate with that feeling where you know there is something more that what is sitting in front of you? and i am not talking about discontentment in the way that sprouts roots of jealousy or competition or bitterness. i am talking about that season of your life where you are ready to grow and allow that passion and love of life to take you to do something that you were always meant to do.

and i know that is different for each person.

...opening up your own business
...going skydiving
...backpacking through Europe
...recording a song
...speaking in public
...writing a book
...going out on a date
...starting a family
...changing people's lives for good
...being brave

the list could go on and on for so many different people in different situations.

so...what's holding you back? what's holding me back? nothing. the only thing or person that can hold anyone back from what they are meant to do is really themselves. i know i do. i come up with every excuse in the book...until i run out of excuses, of course.

let's stop teetering over the edge. let's stop crawling on our hands and knees and looking over the edge of the cliff to see what could be. instead let's for a change, be brave and take a running head-start, diving head first (and no, Ryan, this is not me saying yes to sky-diving. that is a whole other can of worms that i need to process through - mentally and physically). 

honestly, i am writing this down for myself to bookmark the fruition of this dream - this something that i am on the edge of. but i know there are some women (or men!) out there who have a dream and haven't had the guts to move from where their feet have - what feels like - concreted in the ground. we need to spread out wings, friend, and fly 'cause we won't know what we are on the edge off until we jump.

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

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  1. This post is exactly what I needed today, so thank you for that. I just finished 3 years of university and I feel like I am ready to fly, dream, explore, and start a new adventure. I am going to dream and then go and pursue that dream. I can't let anything hold me back :) Happy Tuesday to you & thank you once again!

  2. I feel like I"m actually on the other side of that precipice - the free falling, plummeting of the stomach, "okay, God, NOW WHAT?!?!" part, lol. :D I just moved to Chicago last month with no job, no place to live, and not very many friends in the area (except for my AMAZING boyfriend). It's been FANTASTIC...but still very scary! I'm waiting a little breathlessly to see how it all works out and I don't regret one second of it, but...yeeks..definitely some heart stopping moments. ;) Here's to wishing you success in your own leap off the cliff moment!

  3. clearly we need another coffee date b/c i need to know what this "something" is!! this was actually so inspirational - i have lots of those cliff things too!

    and seriously ilene - you look this cute in a head scarf?!?! only you could pull this off!

  4. oh yea! we need a coffee date to talk about all our passions! i miss u!!
    Sandy a la Mode

  5. Love everything about your outfit and the flowers in the background and about this post. Seriously, love! You were just the inspiration I needed today, sweet girl!


  6. I needed this! Such a perfect post for so many of us right now.


  7. I feel the same, although it's more fear of not grabbing what's ahead that scares me. Missed opportunities freak me out.

    And you look lovely.

  8. Totally yes.
    I am teetering.
    I've lost myself in everything that isn't me.
    And I'm inching my way back to what it is that I love.
    It's a challenge.
    But I NEED to do it.

    Thank you sweet friend.

  9. Thankyou for this post - it is exactly what I've been debating about in my mind lately. I encourage you to go for it, whatever your thinking about - pray and whatever God gives you, He will bless it, and when it is blessed by God, nothing cannot be achieved! :)

  10. Um, can we talk about your eye makeup ? Seriously smokin! I love it. And what a beautiful back drop (I am just happy there are flowers still left after a said toddler was over last Saturday.)

  11. Ooh how true is this?? Gathering up the courage to take the leap and just go for it! How encouraging.. thank you Ilene for this today!!

  12. My husband and I are on the edge of starting a business. We keep looking at everything as a possible, marketable idea. We have great, complimentary skills, but we don't know what the business is yet. Its so weird.

  13. Beautiful post!!
    PS I am in love with those flowers behind you in these photos!!! *swoon*

  14. I'm just being a huge slacker about my writing lately, so I'm kind of holding myself back.

  15. GORGEOUS! Love the head wrap and the flowers are beautiful!


  16. I am SO READY to jump! This post was what I needed to read. Thanks, dear friend. It's time to brave. :)


  17. This is a beautiful post & I love that phrase! Hopefully, it'll come true for all of us! :) And I'm just a little bit obsessed with your skirt, that's all I'm sayin'!

  18. GORGEOUS pictures. You are adorable.

  19. Wow, what a wonderful message. I love to think of life as a series of seasons, and from this perspective, we're always on the verge of change. Wishing you the best in your new journey ahead.

  20. Love this, and couldn't agree more! :) We DEF hold ourselves back too much! Hope all is well and you are having a lovely day pretty lady!


  21. Dang it. Needed to read this...I have someone holding me accountable today, in fact, because I'm throwing myself out there to pursue a dream and I've been too chicken to take the leap. Today was my deadline I'd given myself. I'm just going to do it...NOW.


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