Thursday, April 18, 2013

lately 'N stuff.

 headwrap: c/o EcoShag / top: Forever 21 / necklace: Pretties by Meg /
lipgloss (Elsa): c/o Radiant Cosemetics 

wanting to highlight my hair with neon pink streaks.

going on early evening walks with my husband around the neighbor.

watching Hart of Dixie and becoming smitten with Wade.

obsessing over my headband scarf from Tania of EcoShag.

looking forward to a coffee date with a college friend this weekend.

unable to believe that my baby sister registered for her fall semester college classes.

listening to old school Britney Spears on repeat.

still praying for the people of Boston.

opened up a Vine account and learning to make fun looping videos that remind me of Harry Potter.

tried Steak 'N Shake for the first time in my 28 years of living.

yesterday was mine and Ryan's 4 month anniversary.

what's been happening with you lately, my friend?

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}

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  1. You've never been to Steak 'n Shake before? Girl you were missing out! A shake and fries are like the best snack!

  2. Your hair is beautiful Ilene! And glad you got to experience Steak n shake:)
    Was just there a few weeks ago having a good dose of shoestring fries!

  3. I love that headwrap. I too am obsessed with Heart of Dixie. I love Wade.

  4. I'd love to see your hair with bright pink streaks. :)

  5. i am loving that hair wrap!!!

  6. i'd love to see a hot pink streak in your hair! I think I'd like to do that but don't know if I'm brave enough! LOL. Love the hair wrap on you too! :-)

  7. so so gorgeous in that head scarf!!!
    i need to get on vine.
    i just got an instagram like this year and now vine.. geez im so slow.

  8. I totally wanted colored streaks a couple months back.......I got hair chalk.....and loved it!


  9. wow your hair have gotten so long and beautiful! I have been out of blog got married? need to find that blog post of ur wedding then! have a great weekend!

  10. Yay! Happy four months!

    My favorite thing to do with my man is take walks together. So many sweet memories on those walks!

  11. Love the head wrap on you! I just received one from Tania a few weeks ago. I went with a neutral color because I can be shy about that stuff...but your pictures have me thinking I should be bold. So lovely!

  12. Love Wade and Hart of Dixie!

  13. I LOOOOVE your headwrap!

    And I love Hart of Dixie too! Isn't it a cute show?

  14. I LOVE old school Britney! :) especially Autumn goodbye ...
    Your headwrap is so gorgeous!! :)

  15. I need to post more on Vine! I just hate that you can't make a profile private :(

  16. such fun odds & ends!

    hey, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. it's great to hear from you. how is marriage for you guys? isn't it wonderful?

    love that orange shirt!

  17. I just started watching Hart of Dixie and I am fully obsessed. Just beyond obsessed. Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  18. Lol, I'm totally in the I-want-to-dye-my-hair-with-a-neon-streak too! But I want red, not pink. What is in the water I wonder??? And by any chance was your inspiration Elena from Vampire Diaries?

  19. Happy 4th month Anniversary!! Yay, how exciting! :) I've been listening to Savage Garden's Truly Madly Deeply, haha! Old school music is awesome! Do you remember listening to The Cardigans?? Music like that totally brings back old memories of being a teen :)
    Happy weekend Ilene, hope you're enjoying feeling smitten about your hubby! ;)

    ps: kinda jealous that everything you put on your head looks great on you!


  20. Happy Anniversary!! loving that headband and it looks so comfortable!




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