Friday, April 5, 2013


 sweater: Forever 21 / skirt: Belk / headband: c/o Paisley or Polkadots / socks: We Love Colors / boots: c/o Minnetonka Moccs / lip gloss (elsa): c/o Radiant Cosmetics

loving: the cherry blossoms growing all over town. though it's been rainy and chilly the past few days, the cherry blossom tree growing outside out window is still staying strong the blossoms are definitely pinker but not too many have fluttered away. i cannot get over how beautiful they are! 

looking forward to: headed down to the beach this upcoming Monday! the water will probably still be too cold to swim in but i am excited to just get out of town for a bit, soak it up in a hot tub, and live it up at the beach house, which is right along the beach..which means many long walks on the beach with my man. we also will have a date night at one of my favorite restaurants, The Crab Trab. i can already hear the fried shrimp calling my name. 

obsessing: over this adorable headwrap from my friend, Liz. i love the pattern but especially love the lace backing. be sure to check out her shop (which includes headwraps for babies, too!) and get to know her over at her adorable blog! she is the sweetest thing!

watching: actually re-watching Parenthood with Ryan. he is loving it and i love it so much, i do not mind watching it again. of course, watched the finale of Walking Dead - and oh, my goodness, i don't know if i was the only one getting so bored with all the drawn out episodes about the governor but i was so happy to have a more intense, action-packed episode last week. now if only season 5 would get here already. and now it seems all my shows are wrapping up, so i am starting to try out some new ones one Netflix like Hart of Dixie and Friday Night Lights. haven't gotten too far on either but i can already tell that i'm going to love them both.

eating: not to be all tmi, but it's that time of the month and i want to eat everything i see. and it doesn't help that there are easter goodies leftover. totally inhaled all of my easter jolly rancher sour gummies and now working on (ahem, several) packs of pink sugary peeps. 

listening to: i cannot get over Justin Timberlake's new album. obviously. thought i haven't bought it (yet), i am thoroughly enjoying the crap out of Mirrors and Pusher Love Girl. who would have ever thought Nsync would birth such a genius?! 

over the moon about: my sister finally announced the gender of her baby! i am going to have a NIECE! i think most of us expected it to be a boy just with all those weird old wives' tales they say - but what i am learning from sister's experience, as well as a lot of my other preggo friends, is that those old wives' tales are really just old wives' tales. and don't you worry. Aunt Illy is pumping out poppy garlands for her little niece as we speak! 

what about you, friend? what are you currently up to these days of spring? if you have your own "currently" post, be sure to include it below. i'd love to check it out. and thanks always to Dani and Megan for the original inspiration of this post. 

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. Oh I love your hair wrap! You are so stinkin' cute! I am going to check out the shop now.

  2. You look fabulous ! I love the head wrap ! :)

  3. AWW AUNTIE ILENE IS HAVING A NIECE! ! ! ! so fun girl, I know you are going to make her so fashionable!!

  4. I just wanted to stop by to say that you are adorbs and I start wanting pretty nearly every outfit I've seen you in recently.


  5. You are so cuuuute! LOVE your headband! Yay for a little girl! :) Annnnd JT is genius. I can't get enough of "Mirrors" at the moment.


  6. love that head wrap on you - so pretty! i need to watch parenthood one of these days....everyone loves it and I have never seen an episode!

  7. Friday night lights is my favorite show ever! the actors are so good and tim still my heart. :)

  8. That top pic is sosososo pretty, friend.

    Other thoughts:
    - Friday Night Lights is the best show that ever there was.
    - Advance mazel tov on almost being an aunt! :)

  9. Love the maxi skirt and headband! I just adore cherry blossoms as well. Sooo pretty! We have one in our front yard and although they are gorgeous, they make a big mess. lol
    Love Sparkle Pretty

  10. The headband is gorgeous! You are very pretty!

  11. I love your blog so much! I love your hair like this. That headband looks so good on you!

  12. You are just tooooo cute! I'm in love with your hair here. Amazingness.
    <3 xx. Jillian

  13. Oh a niece, how fun! You know she'll be the best dressed niece with her auntie Illy making sure she's perfectly accessorized!

  14. TMI and!! You totally make me laugh and smile with your ramblings!! :) And I know how you feel about craving all things sweet!! It's like your a machine that won't turn off, craving & craving, then eating, then craving more ;) And congrats again auntie!! That would be so fun making a poppy headband for the new one on it's way :)


  15. I love your blog and your style rocks. So pretty!


  16. Ah! so cute.

  17. your hair, your headband, it's all perfect!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  18. My husband and I just got hooked on Walking Dead and we've been catching up on season 1 and 2. Never thought it was a show I would watch. It's up to season 5 already? What more could there be with everyone dead? We gotta catch up quick.
    Love your sweater and maxi skirt combo

    k at

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