Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston // it's in moments like these...

Anyone who has a heart surely felt theirs aching and sinking to the pit of their stomachs as the news regarding the Boston Marathon flashed across people's televisions and social media feeds. Mine did - even to the point of denial. No way. Not again was what I thought, my stomach balling up in a tight wad. The footage of the explosions, frantic reporters, and people running in every direction (most of them towards the blast to help the victims) was almost more than I could bear. I had to walk away from the tv to be able to somewhat process it.

And to be honest, all I could do was pray for the families, the victims, the runners as I tried to continue on with my "normal" Monday afternoon. Ryan and I cooked dinner together. We went on our after-dinner walk around the neighborhood. I caught up with a girlfriend on the phone. Then we wrapped up our night with an episode of The Voice and eventually went to bed - Ryan always falls asleep before I do, while I read a book or catch up on social media.

But you can't go online without seeing more news about the horrific event. And you can't avoid reality for very long. And next thing you know, I'm streaming through the reports and reading the stories of the many lives so tragically affected. I covered my head with my comforter and cried my eyes out, my heart still aching and my stomach still tying itself in knots.

And it's in moments like these that I find myself praying for God to be even more present, to bring comfort, justice, healing and overwhelming grace in such a chaotic, heart-wrenching time.

It's in moments like these where I snuggle a little closer to Ryan and whisper I love you because you never know if you have tomorrow.

It's in moments like these I think about what are the real priorities of my life versus the petty things that can easily consume my day.

It's in moments like these that I thank God for my family and for trips like last week where we could go to the beach and just be together.

It's in moments like these I look forward to heaven where there will be no more pain or tears.

It's in moments like these I remember that good outshines evil.

It's in moments like these I cherish the little things because life itself is a gift that we should never take for granted.

Boston, like so many people across this nation and around the world, my thoughts and prayers are continually being sent your way. 


  1. Beautiful post - it's in moments like these that we come closer together as a nation - they can't bring us down!

  2. Beautiful. Like you, I stay a awake and read each night as Hunter passes out next to me in bed, and I sent my prayers up last night. Soon, I didn't know how to pray...How do you pray for that?

    I soon found myself just begging that those affected would be drawn TO God and not BLAME God. I felt so at a loss for words, but then remembered that yes, one day, this will all end and only the good will victor.

  3. Praying so hard for Boston and all that were affected. I love what you said : "It's in moments like these I look forward to heaven where there will be no more pain or tears." You took the words right out of my mouth, friend.


  4. It's so awful. I still don't know how to process this! Why? I mean, why?
    My heart is so full of sympathy towards anyone and everyone affected.
    I'm praying for Boston because there's nothing else I really can do.



  5. It is so very hard to take in all this craziness and heartache that is happening more and more often it seems. But like you, I am glad that we have that faith in God that we can turn to him in prayer, hope, and comfort. Thanks for sharing your beautiful words friend.


  6. I, a skeptical Christian, was worried this post might be written heavy-handedly. This, however, is beautiful and I think you are right on. I hope others will handle themselves with such poise.


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