Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1984 // Blog Every Day in May.

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no, not the George Orwell novel. that was the year that i was born. 

(did i surprise a few of you there? most people think i am 18 years old. the question doesn't phase me anymore - especially when people ask me if i am graduating this year, and i just look at them with the sweetest look and go, oh, no ma'am. i graduated COLLEGE in 2006, so um, yeah...). 

i was born in a military hospital in the Philippines to a pair of  very cool parents. because dad was in the U.S. Navy, it meant that we moved around quite a bit - not as often as most military families that i know - but definitely more than the average family. our family has always been tight-knit, so globe-trotting (mostly Asia and the U.S East Coast) with your best friends (my parents and two sisters) made the moving a little bit easier, plus we all loved traveling so much, it was as if every new duty station was a new adventure for us. 

eventually, i had to grow up and make my own move, so i packed my bags and headed to college. i attended the Moody Bible Institute, located in the heart of the Windy City, and pursued a degree in Communications. four years later, post-graduation, my girlfriends and i decided to rent an apartment together and find jobs and just enjoy life in the city. and within those four years, i lived in 3 different apartments, worked my first full-time job, learned to live on my own (pay bills, apartment hunt, write up resumes, etc.), started my etsy biz and this blog, and last but not least, i met, fell in love, and got engaged to my husband, Ryan! 

after my time in Chicago, i moved back home to South Carolina, while Ryan headed back to his family in Georgia. we spent two (very long) years long distance as we waited for some personal things to unfold before we got married. though it was difficult to be apart, we were blessed to have such an enriching couple of years with our families. i loved being home with my parents and my baby sister, especially since i had been away for nearly 8 years. it was also during this season that Ryan and i grew tremendously in our relationship and found that our love was only confirmed and strengthened.

and most of you already knows what follows: this past Decemeber, Ryan and i eloped to Maui, Hawaii and the rest is (a beautiful) history... (or you can always just back track to my posts. i hear that works, too. *wink*)


so why the random, short-version of my life story? i am joining in Jenni's sweet blog challenge of Blog Every Day in May, a blog challenge with a daily prompt and challenge to well, blog every day! care to join in the fun? click on the button below for more info. the more, the merrier!

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}
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  1. I was born in 1984 too! And people always think I'm younger. My neighbor just recently asked me if he was being to loud and said "if you need us to keep it down so you can study just let me know." Study??? I haven't studied in like 7 years, thank you very much. ;]

    I just finished my challenge post for tomorrow too! :]

    xo JA

  2. i was born in '83 and people still think i'm in high school, too! confession... i so thought you were in your early twenties. ;) guilty!

  3. I loved reading your little condensed autobiography! :) I always thought traveling so much was so romantic, and love that you viewed it as an adventure! You have such a sweet spirit about you, and it shines through.


  4. I'm of the '84 vintage too. We've just moved apartment and have been without the internet for a week. Maybe the months challenge is just the kick up the bum I need...!

  5. I was born in '87, and people are always asking me what grade I'm in... I take it as a compliment ;) I can't wait to start "blog every day in May"!

  6. I had an inkling that you were around my age :) I think the 80's talk and music you liked gave it away! ;) At least when you get older you will look a lot younger than other women your age :) I am lucky too that I got my mother's good complexion! I'd rather look younger than older ;) I enjoyed learning more about you and your past experiences, thanks for sharing this! :)


  7. Haha! I teach at a University and even my students think I'm 20. Asian genes.

  8. 1983 here! Most people seem to think I'm in my early 20's, which I am totally okay with!

  9. Love this & totally checking out this linkup.

  10. Loved reading your post! I've joined in this awesome challenge too. :)

  11. What a wonderful story :) Sounds like you had quite the adventurous childhood :) And my sister was born in 1984 and she looks like she's seventeen, so you're not alone!

  12. LOVED reading this. I think that sometimes we (okay, I) get stuck on blogging about the present, that I forget that I can write about my past, my lifestory, and my childhood. Such a great prompt and I loved learning more about you!

    And thanks for sharing this linkup with me! It looks like a great challenge (especially since I've been struggling with writer's block when it comes to blogging!).


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