Monday, March 4, 2013

the harlem shake, a good cause, and inner umphs among other things.

sometimes Tuesdays can be more of a battle than Monday. i think because i expect Mondays to be hard and then Tuesdays seems to sometimes give me a hard, round kick to the face from out of no where. so today in case that is the kind of Tuesday that ends up falling in our laps today and before we let it round kick us in the face, here are some super fun finds that i have been wanting to share with you!

1. Harlem Shake

okay, okay. so i think most people my age roll their eyes and are like another internet sensation? and keep going on their merry (ahem, boring) way - but i am a sucker for group sensations like these and loved being a part them back when i lived in Chicago. well, my baby sister and her friends all caught the Harlem Shake bug and they happen to be random and spontaneous and created two awesome Harlem Shake videos!

{my little sister is the crazy dancer in the middle of the room with the motorcycle helmet on. the guy punching the Harry Styles cut out and Kate doing a handstand in the back of the room craaaaack me up.}

{this time Ashley is on the far left in the red onesie. and we must discuss that the john kerry mask, banana suit girl, man with the mask and suit get me every single time.}

2. Esperos Bags.

i came across this incredible biz on twitter the other day and could not not talk about them and their cause. Esperos (which means to hope in Spanish) makes back packs and tote bags to help send a child in need to school. and in purchasing  one bag, you are then able to send a child to school for one year. the entire concept behind it gives me goosebumps - i love seeing people come together and creatively come up with a solution to a problem. be sure to read more about them HERE and check out their shop to see how you can help! 

3. See EP by Jonathan Allen Guerra

some of you might remember blogging and tweeting about the song, It's Almost Christmas in Chicago by Jon and Valerie Guerra (who i both knew back in Chicago!) every Christmas since its release. well, since i am such a fan of their sound, i was thrilled to hear that Jon Guerra released a new album that you can listen and download a free copy for yourself right over HERE! my personal fave that i have on repeat is If I Was. the music is just magical and the lyrics, so beautiful. fall in love with this album with me!  

4. baby announcements. 

i heard from one of my closest friends back in Chicago about the gender of their first baby and was completely ecstatic. and then when i saw these pictures on her facebook and blog, i could not stop grinning from ear to ear. and yup, you are gonna have to run over to her blog to see for yourself! *wink*

(speaking of babies, i know i am officially old when my facebook timeline are no longer updates on engagements and marriages - instead they are pregnancy updates on baby #1 or baby #4! am i alone in this?!)

5. embracing your inner umph.

if you have followed this blog long enough you know that i am a huuuuuge fan of Yellow Heart Art (and a huge fan of the mastermind behind the biz 'cause Leonora happens to be one of my best friends!) and was over the moon when i received one of her new prints in the mail. it has been a perfect reminder for me especially during these gloomier, unmotivated days of winter. and that's not all - Yellow Heart Art  recently launched a brand new campaign with the new collection called Embracing Your Inner Umph. how the campaign works is every you purchase a Yellow Heart Art print, you receive a post card to send to someone else to encourage them and tell them why you love them so much. i believe that believe are so under encouraged these days and so my heart is totally fist-pumping this genius campaign!
read more about the campaign HERE.


well, there you have it, folks!
hope your Tuesday just got better with that little ole line-up - woohoo!

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}


  1. Those videos are hilarious!:D

  2. awesome vids and those prints are DIVINE

  3. the vids are sooo awesome haha!! and i love leo's new collection!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. I enjoyed many Harlem Shake videos, but then I saw one made back in India, and it was just plain disturbing. Those guys DID NOT understand the concept.

    Sunshine Over The Mountains

  5. love. it. all. especially love your pal's post, what a fun blog! xo

  6. This post has me smiling from ear to ear, something I needed today!

  7. The video is great!

    Please have a look at my latest music giveaway!

  8. OK, that second Harlem shake video? With the standing completely still in the middle of the room? Creeps me the heck out, in the best way possible.

  9. i really liked this post, and your sister can move! get it girl!

  10. Girl! Thanks for the little shout out, and I'm glad baby boy has auntie ilene smiling already! :) It's still surreal, but soon enough summer will be here... I can't wait! Loooove you.


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