Wednesday, March 27, 2013

sometimes, always and never.

pens and pencil case: c/o Asian i-Candy 

sometimes i believe i can live off of donuts and cereal.
sometimes i do live off of donuts and cereal.
sometimes i think it would be fun to have a house full of kids (note that i said sometimes.)
sometimes i can go without a few hours of sleep especially if creative adrenaline had something to do with it.
sometimes i wish Ryan and I could move to the Philippines and be missionaries.
sometimes i pretend i'm on American Idol when i am alone in the apartment, in the car or in the shower.

i always like to dance in my kitchen.
i always finish ever bit of my coffee.
i always lick the spoon.
i always seem to laugh in situations where i am not supposed to laugh.
i always choose the mango flavor - except when cookie dough is an option.
i always talk too fast when i am nervous.
i always can eat french fries.
i always dream big.

i never waste a good opportunity.
i never like too bring food into the bathroom with me.
i never have liked celery very much - or twizzlers.
i never pass up the chance to catch up over coffee.
i never stay awake the entire time on a super long road trip (unless i am driving, of course).
i never want to lose sight of Jesus.

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}

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  1. I love these... and I miss you!!!

  2. i love this post!! and i might just steal this idea! you have the cutest ideas for ways to write posts! i need to spice mine up!!

    love mango and donuts!!

  3. Great post! I ALWAYS laugh when I am not supposed to and CRY when I don't want to. Coffee date next week? And you can't say no because you never pass up a chance to catch up over coffee...

  4. Aw this was really fun. You are so creative with your posts!

    P.S. I toooootally "sometimes" pretend I'm on American Idol when I am home alone too. Or in the car.

    xo JA

  5. I love how creative this post is - I may just use this idea on my blog!
    I sometimes dance around my kitchen too! & never want to lose sight of Jesus!

  6. haha I agree on the twizzlers thing. Red Vines are 100% better! ;) And kitchen dancing is my FAAAVOURITE. seriously, it's like impossible to NOT dance in the kitchen, right?!


  7. I sometimes do some of those same things. I always love your blog posts. Oh and I never want to lose sight of Jesus either! That has been on my mind recently. Gosh, I wish you lived close to me! I'm sure we'd be BFFs.

  8. I swear we r the same person sistah!!! Except Ube trumphs Mango and cookie dough. Fo sho! Love this post and you!

  9. Love this! You have the best posts. ever.


  10. I finish every bit of coffee wasting!


  11. Urgh. Food in bathrooms make me uncomfortable. Never!!!!

  12. LOVE this Ilene. And of course you need every bit of coffee, it's good for you ;-)

  13. This post is AWESOOOME(cue singing)! It is so fun and very cute! I loved reading all your answers, and smiling about the ones I agree with :) And the food thing, I couldn't agree more! Sometimes my hubby will get done making me something and bring it to me in the bathroom while I am getting ready, and for some reason it grosses me out!! So I kindly ask him to put it on the table ;)

    PS: if you had kids, they would be ADORABLE!!


  14. Those pencils remind me of elementary school when the book fair would come to school but I never bought books... Just special pencils. The scratch a sniff were my favorite!!

  15. what a cute blog post idea. ♥ And I love that last "never"! DITTO!

  16. love this idea for a post! you don't like twizzlers?

  17. I don't like celery and twizzlers either but boy do I ever adore donuts!

  18. FRENCH FRIES. I want some.

  19. I stole this marvellous post idea - check it out!


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