Thursday, March 7, 2013


today we went on a walk at a nearby park and i breathed a sigh of relief when the warmth of the sun touched my bare skin. i held Ryan's hand - as well as my own breath, expecting that a chilly, brisk wind would follow us but none did. flowers were beginning to blossom on all of the trees. a gaggle of geese swam in the pond. mothers pushed their babies in strollers, chatting and giggling together. runners on their ipods cheerily ran by, while several people and their dogs walked alongside each other. apparently, everyone else was sensing that  spring is here.

just yesterday, i literally ran from our car into the grocery store because of the frigid winds and colder temperatures (for the south!). and today was the complete opposite - according to Ryan and the local weather man, the temperatures are only supposed to escalate. 

and as i thought about the change of season, i also have been thinking a lot of the changing seasons in our lives, so this verse came to mind:

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven. He has made everything beautiful in it's time.

~ Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11~

this verse has been a comfort to me during the past several weeks as Ryan and i wait on God's timing for our future. may it also bring you some comfort for whatever season of life you maybe be in, friend.

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. you are such an awesome writer!
    its starting to warm up here too. it is now reaching the 50s haha "warm".

    The DayLee Journal

  2. These photos paired with the scripture are so refreshing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. i may hate you a little bit for pic #2. i had a "photo shoot" with my friend ashley and i was excited b/c it was super windy and i was all like "yeah this is going to be so victoria secret hair blowing in the wind sexy"....and then my hair blew over my face and stuck to my lip gloss. attractive.

  4. Beautiful post, beautiful photos. Here's to the future!

  5. That is a beautiful verse. glad it is getting warmer where you are!:)

  6. such a lovely post. Ecclesiastes 3 is one of my favorite verses in Bible. Nice pics.. :)

  7. Love this, and that verse has been on my mind alot lately. We too, are waiting on a change of seasons.....sometimes the waiting is the hardest part!


  8. That first photo is divine!

    I'm so excited for the warmer months ahead. I've bought so many sundresses in anticipation. Lovely post, Miss Ilene!

  9. Isn't watching life re-bloom one of the most beautiful things ever?! I hope y'all have many more warmer days!

  10. Beautiful photos for a beautiful day!! xoxo

  11. Ecclesiastes 3:11 has been on my mind a lot, too! It's actually been something I've been toying with as my new blog name. :)

    Anyway, just wanted to say how much I love your photos--especially these ones! They make me so excited to see the plums and cherries in our yard finally (or hopefully) flower soon!

  12. Ah, I love this. Spring is absolutely the best. <3

  13. Ahhh Spring! Look forward to the warmer temps for sure:) Supposed to 57 on Sunday (in Pgh)!!! And that first photo is gorgeous! I love the pop of pink and the sweet birds nest:)

  14. Love this post, girly. That verse is such a comfort, thanks for sharing <3


  15. What a beautiful verse :)


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