Wednesday, March 20, 2013

it's okay...

~ top: via Lulu's / necklace: via Le Mode Accessories ~

...that i cover my eyes and (partially) my ears whenever i watch a scary or intense movie or tv show.

...that i have to clean the bathroom on Wednesdays or else my week feels off schedule.

...that i can't remember whether or not i've used this picture in a blog post before.

...that i am a better listener when i doodle or draw all over my notes.

...that i need my cup of coffee and an hour to wake up to kick start my day (not a morning person).

...that i check my closet before bed every night, specifically for walkers.

..that i am emotional and sensitive and cry at least once a week (this can be triggered by a tv commercial or by a situation).

...that my husband has to keep me accountable with flossing and daily vitamins.

...that i don't finish a book if it doesn't keep my attention by the second or third chapter.

...that i can totally wear a song out, listening to it over and over again, but can never remember all of the lyrics for the life of me

...that i get easily addicted to games like Candy Crush and at one time Angry Birds or Temple Run.

... that i cannot break the habit of being a blanket-stealer (sorry, Ryan!).

...that i love McDonalds, fried foods, and just about anything health freaks roll their eyes at.

saw this super fun post idea via Beauty and the Bilyeu's!
what about you? what are you OKAY with? 

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. love this post - i cover my eyes during scary parts in movies too :)

  2. such a great blogger! i love this post too and i just adore your fashion sense in every post, the pictures make it all worth it! :)

  3. p.s. hope you don't mind, but i added your post as a link on my link up:)

  4. Love this. And your hair girl.... swoon!

  5. i LOVE your top girl!! and i don't want to get into candy crush b/c i know i'd be way addicted haha!! but you know i would totally play with you!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  6. I think we are just long lost bff's. So many of those are me

  7. It is definitely ok! And blankets are made to steal!


  8. "that i can't remember whether or not i've used this picture in a blog post before." haha I've totes thought that before! You are adorbs!! I'm a blanket stealer too ;)


  9. phil always complains bc i always have my iPhone songs on the same song just plays over and over:). totally get the walkers in your closet thing, too! i can't look out dark windows on Sunday nights bc i'm too afraid a walker will be crossing my lawn.

    you are a riot.
    loved this!

  10. These are all me! I am guilty for being a health nut's worst nightmare. I could eat French fries and fried chicken every day! Love them!

  11. I love your blog.

    And can def agree with you on some of these points!


  12. I am not a morning person either!! It takes me forever + a cup of tea before I'm ready to face the day!!

    YES!! I listen to new songs on repeat FOREVER until I've completely worn that song out + know all the words!! :3

  13. Haha! Let's go get a McFlurry, girl!

  14. I always check the closet in my bedroom before going to sleep. What would I do if someone was actually in there?!

  15. do you still wait until you're all cozy and comfy in the bed...and then get out of bed to check the end of the bed and then the closet...again...and again...and again? letting all the cold air in?;)

  16. Great! I'll have to try this combination with my own pieces.

  17. omg, my ADD totally kicks in when I don't have a pin/pencil and paper in front of me. If I have any hope at all of paying attention I need something I keep my hands busy. Otherwise, it just a lost cause. I am so glad I am not the only one:)


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