Thursday, March 21, 2013

fizzled brain.

 dress (last season): c/o Stitched and Adorned / sweater: c/o Lulu's / tights: We Love Colors / lipgloss (elsa): c/o Radiant Cosmetics / panda earrings: c/o Asian i-Candy / ring: Forever 21 / back zipper boot: c/o Minnetonka 

to be honest, it's almost the weekend and my brain is a little fizzled. 
not too much to say other than the following facts:

- today was a heck of a good day
- wore the above outfit and i believe that i could live in it forever
- currently deciding on dessert: it's between a pint of mango sorbet or leftover PB pie from last night's dessert
- panda earrings should be worn on date nights to Panda Express
- excited that Scarlet and Clockwork Princess are finally out and cannot wait to read them both
- lindsay vonn and tiger woods do not make my list of world's cutest couples
- The Hobbit could have been a better movie if it wasn't 3 hours long
- getting books on hold from the library feels like i won a prize
- looking forward to watching Les Miserables again

hope you have a fantabulous weekend, friend!

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}

p.s. my goldenrod poppies are still on sale for a heck of a deal and for a limited time only over at Brickyard Buffalo!


  1. I love the color of the dress. The lace looks so great with the graphic print!
    Penniless Socialite
    Plush Elephant Giveaway!

  2. Pretty girl! Love this outfit on you.

  3. You're just so dang cute.


  4. This sweater is fabulous!

    xo, Courtney

  5. I adore the color of your dress. So pretty.

  6. okay i haven't even watched les mis yet! aaaand i also want to wath the hobbit. too bad im a poor married college student who can't even afford a $9 movie! hahaha such is life.

    oh and also, i want to steal your cardigan :)

    The DayLee Journal

  7. Love your outfit! I could wear my Minnetonkas all day, everyday! Les Miserables was one of my favorite movies this year. It was amazing! It was also amazing how much I cried the whole time! Haha!

  8. I'm always one to fall for pretty lace dresses! <3
    And the boots are so cute! :)

  9. I love the colors you picked to go in your outfit, especially the teal + suede brown. I think they're two colors that go really well together!

  10. You look so comfy & CUTE!! I heart minnetonkas, they are thee best thing since bare feet :) So awesome seeing your headband on Brickyard!! Ok, so I am out of the loop with most celebrity stuff so I googled Lindsay Vonn, and I have to say the first thing that came out of my mouth was "eeewww". Now seeing that pic, I totally agree ;) I still have not seen Les Miserables, I need to!


  11. Great dress!

  12. my friend owns those shoes. they are super cute and always look comfortable

  13. Ohhh your little booties are the cutest!!


  14. I totally relate to the winning feeling of collecting a hold at the library. Have a great day lovely!:)

  15. oh, i love The Hobbit movie. 3 hours didn't kill me and i was like, "hey, why did they end it here???? there's supposed to be more stories according to the book!" haha.

  16. I feel the total same about the Hobbit. We just watched it and I felt sort of cheated by the end. Really? Really? Now I have to wait for the next one for more of this story? You couldn't tell it all in the first 3 hours? :)


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