Thursday, February 14, 2013

With a Little Help From My Friends: Love Edition

after a couple of months of holiday and wedding craziness, i am super giddy to bring back a brand new edition of a With a Little Help from my Friends, a serious where i pose a serious or not-so serious question and have some blog friends and readers help me out with answering the question! it's also a super fun way for me to introduce you to some of my favorite blog reads and dear friends. and if you missed the past editions of With a Little Help be sure to check out this one, that one and oh, this one, too!

so this week's question on the table (drum roll, pls!):
I am a firm believer that Valentine's Day is not the only day to celebrate love. What are 3 of your favorite ways to SHOW love to another person? And what are 3 ways you FEEL most loved by another person?

to show love:
- Writing notes, sending a text, or giving a gift on a random occasion to encourage them.
- Spending quality time with a friend, asking them out for coffee or inviting them over for dinner.
- Figuring out a person and knowing exactly how he/she likes to be loved. 

to feel loved:
- I am a mix of being a words of affirmation type of person - whether spoken or handwritten - and a quality time person especially over hours of laughing and talking over a cup of coffee.
- Being with my husband, laughing over the same jokes, dreaming the same dreams and living life together.
- When I think about Jesus and his sacrifice for me on that cross - that is ultimate love.

moriah of Moriah Makes.

to show love:
- Buying someone their favorite coffee. I love being a gift-giver. 
- Being there for people when they need a helping hand. I consider myself a "helper" and love serving others when they need it most.
- Quality time with people that I love. There's nothing better than going for a walk, talking about life, and just being a listener once in a while. 

to feel loved:
- When my husband makes an amazing meal for our family. He's a much better cook than I am, so this is always a treat!
- Quality time with my husband. Include a couch, a movie, and two giant bowls of vanilla ice-cream (loaded with fruit and chocolate chips), and I'm set.
- Any act of service, if it's doing the dishes, vacuuming the carpet, or changing a dirty diaper. I'll take that over roses any day!

krista of Saturated Canary.

to show love:
-I love to give gifts.  That is something I really enjoy, especially if I know it will be a complete of those 'no-reason-at-all' gifts.  I think that is a very real way to show others I am thinking of them during my day.  
-I often show love to my children through adventures.  Being spontaneous.  Making a cool memory with them.  Like driving down a dirt farm road just to see where it leads...or going to a late movie on a Friday night... or doing a fun, surprise day trip.  Memories of laughter and excitement are ways for them to feel my present love for them throughout their whole lives:).
- I show my husband, Phil, love by setting aside time to spend with him.  Just quiet time, with a coffee.  Talking and laughing.  I know those times are important to him, and he knows I cherish those conversations when I actively make time for them, even during a busy week.

to feel loved:
- Through words.  I am a total Words of Affirmation type of person:)!
- I feel love from my kids, when they just want me close.  I allow them to sleep with me a lot because I love them snuggled next to me.
- I feel loved when I think about Jesus walking this earth and dying on the cross for me.  The fact that he would bring himself into creation, limit himself to the life of humanity, and then rescue me on the cross-- that is enough love to fill my eternity over and over.

dawnelle of Just Dawnelle.

to show love:
-I love giving random little surprises especially when they aren't expecting anything and then you give them something really sweet!
-Bombarding them with lots of little notes, messages, emails, texts. When I was dating my husband, for Valentine's one year, I sent him a box full of almost 100 little kids valentines with something I loved about him written on each one. It took him almost an hour to go through them all.
-Surprising them at work or home, but when they aren't expecting it. Just showing up to say hello!  (haha I guess I like surprises... )

to feel loved:
-Oh I love when someone will take me out to do something fun or just include me in whatever they are doing. I used to love as a kid when I would get to go out with my mom for a day of fun!
-Helping me with my children. Nothing says you are loved than someone holding my babies and caring for them like they are their own.
-Surprises... I love to be surprised with pretty much anything, little gifts, notes, outings... anything.

mindy of Marigold Road.

to show love:
My top favorite way of showing love is carving out uninterrupted time for that person. Secondly, I most easily show love by uplifting the person through sincere words of encouragement. And my last favorite way is doing something special that's a bit outside my comfort zone.

to feel loved:
I feel most loved (by Shawn) when he spends uninterrupted time with me, affirms me through words, and gives me a small gift like a sticky note on the mirror or a Butterfinger candybar, without being prompted.


hope you were as inspired as i was reading through these gorgeous ladies' (inside and out) answers to this week's question! now don't let Valentine's Day be the only day we show love to those we love the most - let's keep the holiday rolling all year long, good people! 

what about you friend? what are your favorite ways to show love and to feel loved?

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. I love talking love languages. I give gifts to show love and need affirmation to feel loved;) Happy V-day friend!

  2. thanks for including me in your awesome Valentine's post....You are one of my most favorite bloggers <3, so this was super cool:).

    happy heart day!


  3. thanks for sharing with us ladies! <3

  4. OH yay!! Thanks for including me... This is so fun to read how everyone is different! I feel so lucky to know and work with you Ilene. You are a special person. Thank you!!

  5. Aaa thank you for sharing! Such nice words :)

    crunchy cheese me


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