Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Walking Dead is on my mind when...

sweater: c/o Lulu*s / skirt: Belk / flats (last season): c/o Bait Footwear / acorn necklace: c/o Pretties by Meg  

 ...we go on a walk at the park on the runner's path and see a group of people in their walking attire (we are talking hands swiftly moving back and forth at their sides, sweatbands, and iphones blaring music without headphones - these people are hardcore and move in herds) and i grab Ryan's hand and tell him we need to take a different path because all the walkers are coming!

i know, i know. i crack myself up sometimes.
hey, Ryan found me amusing so don't be hatin'. 

much love.
{happy wedneday, friend.}


  1. i totally laughed. speed walkers are to be feared.

    coffee date again soon! i will be posting this in every comment while you live in georgia until i see you again. you've been warned. haha. i crack myself up too. Be-fries...clearly.

  2. omg too funny!! :) And you guys are just too cute! loving the couples posts!! ♥

  3. Cute ^^ sweet couple!
    Love your sweater dear.

    Kindly visit my little cream button ♥ | instagram

  4. Great sweater :) I have a similar one from Target!

    xo Ashley

  5. You're so cute!!! I haven't seen the Walking Dead (yet!) but it's on my list for Netflix!! Also, that sweater! LOVE! Pretty sure I included that exact one in my choice for the Lulu's giveaway. Great minds!


  6. who took that first pic?!?! i love it!!

  7. you guys are too cute for words!!! i'm also really loving your outfit. your shoes are super cute.

    Enter to win a feather hair extension from Hair Extension Deal!!! :)


  8. ha! You guys are adorable!

    I love the Walking Dead! My husband actually plays violin on the soundtrack, but we just started watching it!


  9. Haha...cute cute! You're outfit is adorable! And our park definitely needs that doggie sign :)

  10. haha! You are so cute Ilene!! xo

  11. You two are so adorable! I LOVE your flats!

  12. Too cute :) Love me some walking dead!!! What park were you at? I lived in Gwinnett county for 20+ years, I think I hit each park up several times.

  13. okay you two are seriously the cutest!
    you were born to model~

    xo the egg out west.


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