Thursday, February 28, 2013

pop stars, pink lips, parties, and pleated dresses.

denim jacket (oldie): Urban Outfitters / dress: c/o Tailor and Stylist / leggings: F21 / moccasins: Minnetonka / necklace: c/o Le Mode Accessories / lip gloss (elsa) : c/o Radiant Cosmetics 

not too much to report today, my good people. other than mint green and pleated dresses continue to rock my face off - and the fact that i have fallen completely head over heels in love with bright pink lip color. and especially after watching some American Idol last night and glossing up my lips with this shade of pink from Radiant Cosmetics this morning, i smacked my lips together and told Ryan that i felt like Nicki Minaj: heeeeey, laaaaady bug and continue to pucker my lips obnoxiously towards him (if you have no clue who Nicki Minaj is or if you have stopped watching AI, oh 10 or so seasons ago, you can disregard the previous quote).

oh, but alas! i do have something to report! it just popped into my head mid-post (cause that is how i roll in real life conversations  especially on the day before the weekend - frantic, interjections mid sentence!)

so now being an old married woman of two months and nearly a half (where does time go?!), the fun of planning a reception (the real partaaaaay!) is starting to unfold. i am super giddy since the details are slowly coming together. we already have a venue and a date set (eeek!) which feels like a huge check off my to-do list. so do excuse my pinterest boards if you happen to follow them, a large number of my pins lately are all wedding reception related. and if you are trying to figure out my theme or what exactly i am planning with this gathering, don't. i'm still trying to figure out that part myself. *wink*

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. So cute! Love all these colors on you! That necklace is gorgeous too!

  2. Bright and so pretty! That necklace+lipstick are perfect together!:))
    it's be great to see what you prepared for the wedding reception. With your imagination it must be something special!

  3. The dress is so perfect on you!


  4. Hey girl! I just used some of my Lulu's credit for an order today can't wait to get it! Thanks again. P.S. Everyday you inspire me with y your adorable style!

  5. I can tell why you're head over heels for that lip color - it's gorgeous, and works very well with your skin tone!
    Wedding pins are my favorite, so pin away :D


  6. You are always so cute Ilene!! xo

  7. love love your lipstick and cute necklace!!!

  8. love that lipstick! you are too cute! xoxo

  9. i just LOVE that necklace!! BEAUTIFUL, girl!

  10. HEEEYYY LADYBUGGGGG you are soooo cute! ;) And that dress. Perfection. Love.


  11. That dress is so cute, especially paired with the mocs!

    P.S. I very nearly texted you a picture of my dogs today. Your name is right above Izzy's in my phone and I almost had an oops lol.

  12. This outfit is so pretty and cute! Love it! :)


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