Wednesday, February 27, 2013

i had one of those days.

with sunshine finally streaming through the windows instead of gloomy, clouds, i woke up with expectations of a glorious day. but then one thing led to another thing and then another - and on top of that, that oh so special time of the month makes my emotions as smooth sailing as a roller-coaster on steroids - and next thing i know, i am holding my head in my hands, crying my eyes out.

the plus side of being married to Ryan and him knowing me as long as he has is that this whole emotional side of me does not even phase him. he knows how to listen and how to encourage me. i am so thankful to be married to this man.

and last but certainly not least, he knows where to take me to bring a smile to my face again. they say that a way to a man's heart is his stomach. ha! little did they know that is very true about a woman's heart, too.

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}

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  1. Aww :( so sorry you had a rough say. But I love seeing your adorable smiling face in that fist picture! Chipotle is definitely a spirit-picker-upper ;)


  2. Lame. I hope whatever you cried over is in the past now lady.

  3. CRAZY! My day was nuts and Aaron knew if he took me to Chipotle I would cheer up, so thats what we did for lunch! I hope tomorrow is better for you xoxo

  4. chipotle always helps. I had a bad day yesterday and treated myself to lunch there today :).

  5. lol, your first pic of you is so funny to look at after reading the post! it's the look of, "crying worked!" just kidding;) wish i had a chipotle to go to on my bad days! food makes things better!

  6. Ugh! I've had those days!! I'm so glad that the day turned around for you though and ended happily!!! xo

  7. mmmmm i miss chipotle!!!! marriage is beautiful, huh? :)

  8. Aww, I feel ya so much. I hope your days get better!Glad you have Ryan there for you.:)

  9. okay okay okay how are you sooo adorable?? and so beautifully tanned??? im going home to hawaii this summer so hopefully i'll get some color back too :)

    The DayLee Journal

  10. i LOVE your sweater! it's so pretty. and i finally went to a chipotle about two weeks ago in durham! i definitely thought of you :)
    i hope you and ryan are doing well!!


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