Tuesday, February 26, 2013

good things on a rainy day.

 dress: base exchange / tee: borrowed from sister / tights: c/o We Love Colors / rain boots: Hunter Boots / colette headband: c/o Oh Sweet Joy / red heart ring: Forever 21

hunter red boots.
planning a wedding reception.
Candy Crush app.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
updates from my sister about my future niece/nephew.
the little girl at the grocery store who told me, i like your fun boots.
the Taylor Swift goat video.
red lipstick.
Mumford and Sons.
staying up past midnight, reading.
mushroom and cheese ravioli. 
my husband (who will always make this list because he is so good to me).

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

p.s. if you love my turquoise, polka dot headband as much as i do, be sure to head over Oh Sweet Joy (headbands will list late Tuesday night, 2/26). the colette headband is a limited edition with a variety of color options, so if i were you i would grab one or two or three before they completely sell out. with how much i love mine, i know that they are gone like that *snaps fingers*! and Kim was super generous to offer you Much Love, illy readers a coupon code: MUCHLOVE for 10% off (expires March 1st at midnight).


  1. I own these boots too!!! I love them! They look adorable on you!


  2. WOW you look really yummy wearing your black Tights and red Wellingtons and I've got a real feeling of tenderness towards you.

  3. ^^^^ what?! ^^^^

    i never thought to turn it around, you are brilliant! :) thanks for the shout out lady!

  4. This post made me smile today. You are so pretty!

  5. You're the cutest, I swear. Miss you mama! xo JA

  6. Um, sock buns are the cutest, especially on you. :)
    Hah, I love when little people compliment you. They are the most honest, you know...
    I was just watching the goat vid today. <3 HILARIOUS. ;D


  7. you look SOO cute! love the headband!!!

  8. I want your boots so bad! And I LOVE My Big Fat Greek Wedding! My Greek friend always tells me how accurate it is, haha!

  9. I wish I could wear those boots, damn my calves!

  10. How about: I want your hair. Cute cute!

  11. Your Wellingtons are really sexy, I want them to wear for my boyfriend !!!!!

  12. Nothing like My Big Fat Greek wedding and Mumford and sons!
    Im planning my reception too! Finding a caterer is crazy stuff! :o lol

  13. You're too adorable! Love your boots too! Perfect color!

  14. THE TAYLOR SWIFT GOAT VIDEO. Makes me laugh every time.

  15. You look so cute and comfy! The Taylor Swift Goat video...yes!!!


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