Thursday, February 21, 2013


cardi: Belk / gangman style tee: Hot Topic / scarf: c/o Just Dawnelle / lipgloss (julian) and teal eyeliner: c/o Radiant Cosmetics

watching: of course, like the rest of the world (well, American viewers) had to deal with a broken heart on Monday morning after the dramatic, shocking, tragic (must i go on?) season finale of Downton Abbey! i know it's not PBS' fault if an actor wishes to pursue other things in their career but to kill him off that way - ugh, i can't stand it. as i mend my heart, i've been watching Walking Dead (my love for Daryl grows every season - so does my disgust towards Andrea and Merle), American Idol (loved Adriana and Kree!), and re-watching some of Arrested Development with Ryan who has never seen it before. Never nude club never ceases to crack me up.

listening: my ipod completely erased all of my music (nearly 4 years worth) but thanks to the beauty of technology, i was able to back up most of it from the cloud. however, i haven't had the chance to re-load my ipod so i've been making good use of my Pandora app. love the today's hits, 90's pop hits, Jesus Culture and N*Sync stations! oh and remember how i wasn't a fan of JT's new song a few weeks ago when it first released? um, yeah. it grew on me - and once JT performed it on the Grammy's, i was hooked! JT always does that, doesn't he?

reading: i started reading a couple of books that have honestly been boring me out of my mind, but people have told me that these books are worth reading so i kind of feel like i need to keep trudging through them. i feel ton since there are so many other books i want to read and hate when i get stuck in one that i'm not loving. life is too short to read boring books, don't you think?

eating: just inhaled a giant just out of the oven chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice-cream. need i tell you that it was absolutely divine? 

looking forward to: the warmer days of spring. temperatures were a little warmer today, so Ryan and i were able to go out on a walk after dinner. there was still a little bit of chilliness in the air, but i didn't need to bundle up at all. it was lovely just to be able to go on a walk. walks with Ryan are my favorite, so i can't wait for the days to be consistently warmer so we can take more daily walks. 

thinking about: being intentional - whether with relationships, blogging, writing, art and really just about anything in life. how easy it is to sometimes just go with the flow and i think we miss so many opportunities when we do that. we almost get lazy or apathetic. just as important as it is to savor every minute of sweet life we are given, i think a part of savoring life is being intentional with the time that we are given. i think i might have to unfold these scattered thoughts in a longer post so be on the look out for that one.

loving: these blogs - some new and re-discovered favorites: this. that. and this one, too. also this thick, beautiful coral scarf from my sweet friend, Dawnelle! be sure to check out her adorable shop here.

and you, my friend, what are you up to these days? if you have a currently post, feel free to link it up - i always love reading them! and as always, thanks to Danielle and her incredible inspiration behind this post. 

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. owh my... we have the same name :)

    I am illy from Malaysia!

  2. My best friend's sister's best friend LOVES hot topic. Like no joke, she could probably marry that place XD

  3. I love doing a "Currently" post! I just did one!

  4. Mmm I saw the cookie on Instagram when you posted it, I just stared at it. Not sure if you have read it yet, but I am currently reading ROOM and I can't put it down!

  5. that chocolate cookie sounds sooo good :) I am glad that it was warmer for you today. we are supposed to get 6 inches of snow here. I hope you have a blessed weekend, friend! <3

  6. I love lists! And this one was fun to read :)

  7. Oh, chocolate chip cookies with ice-cream sound divine but with spring/summer coming, no sweets for me:) Lovely scarf!

  8. Yes!! Life is indeed top short to be reading boring books! I had to just give up on one that I've been trying to read for MONTHS now!! I just couldn't seem to get into it! Oh well!
    How did your ipod delete all your music!?! That is awful!!
    I hope you have a great day Ilene!! oxox

  9. Ugh, aren't Andrea & Merle SO disgusting?! I love Daryl though. He is such a great character!

  10. okay sooooo can i just say that i am in LOVE with your blog?
    i just found it a couple of days ago and seriously, i can't get enough of it!! i saw that you went to hawaii for your honeymoon/wedding? im from hawaii :)
    i hope you had an amazing time!

    newest follower right here <3

    The DayLee Journal

  11. Love your post :) I filled out my own list here~


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