Tuesday, January 15, 2013

we must discuss.

 conventry jacket: c/o Tailor and Stylist / blue pants of awesomeness: tjmaxx / wedges (indias): c/o Blowfish Shoes / lipstick (park): c/ o Radiant Cosmetics

...the fact that this past Sunday's Downtown Abbey episode completely threw me off guard and that i loved Edith's wedding assemble and that i don't think Matthew should ever never ever leave Downtown Abbey. besides Maggie Smith, he is why i watch that show. he is just oh, so goooood.

...that my newest jacket from my friends at Tailor and Stylist has been keeping me warm and cozy all month long!  and speaking of Downtown Abbey, this coat's sophisticated and nostalgic flair makes me want to channel my inner Lady Mary. (pssst! use coupon code MUCHLOVE10 for 10% off anything at T + S!)

...that i really loved having Ryan all to myself today - and oh, i love that he is a better cook than me! now i can cook, but this man that i married can really cook. he taught me how to make a lasagna pie tonight - and before you scrunch your nose like i did when he told me that was what we were making, wait till you hear the ingredients: ground beef and mushrooms seasoned with garlic salt, oregano, and italian seasoning on top of a thick layer of ricotta cheese and on top of that a thicker layer of mozzarella cheese, drizzled with bisquick and egg to create the crust...therefore, the pie. 

... that the season 2 finale of Walking Dead killed me. literally. and that's all that is to be said about that - other than i need to start season 3 asap.

... that i am a little disappointed in JT's new single. sorry, don't hate me. i need more from you, brotha.

... that Starbuck's new vanilla chai latte is my new fave.

... that i lately (more so than usual, i guess is what i mean) have been continually reminded of God's faithfulness and goodness. when i recognize those characteristics of God, i find myself grateful and at peace - and i think we can all agree, this world always is in need of more peace...and gratefulness, too. i know i do.

... that long distance relationships really make you appreciate the little things in life. i still love running errands to the grocery store or the tire shop because it means i'm with Ryan. that's all that matters, really.

any other pressing matters to discuss? please, do share.

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

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  1. So Downton and Walking Dead are your new jams, eh? I approve of the former, but currently I have a strict no zombie tolerance policy for myself. Maybe you can talk me into it one day :) Miss you, friend.

  2. Okay I totally agree with you about Downton. I'm love Matthew so much that I want to cry thinking about him leaving!

    And I actually kind of like JT's new song... it threw me off a little when I first heard it but I definitely like it more and more each time I listen. Hoping he has some more good stuff songs up his sleeves too!

  3. I too am a little disappointed in JT's song. I so was expecting more. I've only listened to it once and I'm sure the more I listen to it, the more I will probably like it.

  4. Sounds like I need to start watching Downtown Abbey and Walking Dead. My friend does the make-up for the actresses in the Walking Dead when they go to awards shows. She was bummed they didn't get any Golden Globe nominations because she didn't get to do their makeup. I really need to start watching the show for goodness sakes! :)

  5. I have been putting off starting Downton Abbey and Walking Dead because I already have so many shows that I love to watch, but it sounds like I need to start catching up with them!



  6. I also am very disappointed with JT's single. I came home and made my hubby listen to it too to get his opinion. He agreed it wasn't up to par. I am so glad you love Downton Abbey. I am obsessed. I actually just bought the 3 season of it from Amazon - it comes out the 29th so you can actually watch the whole season before it is done showing on TV. Awesome right? I cannot wait. I accidentally read some spoilers for this season and am so sad. It is going to be a GREAT season I think but I cannot believe what is to come! I love Maggie Smith as well.

  7. Love, love, love, love, love Downton Abbey. I can't believe how much I like it! It is my new obsession.

  8. I'm seriously afraid of reaching the end of the season for Downton - I don't want Matthew to leave!! seeing him together with Lady Mary just completes me. but alas...at least we still have Maggie Smith. her character is hands down my favorite.

  9. I want Ryan to cook me that! Wow!

    And that coat is amazing on you!!!

  10. Ahh, I can't wait for you to watch more of Downton Abbey. I watched them online when they came out in the UK! Third season is amazing. And I'm so happy for you and Ryan. What sweetness. Happy Wednesday!

  11. I love your jacket, totally reminds me of Lady Mary! I adore Downton and I live vicariously through it. Matthew is the greatest, my dream guy.:) And Maggie is fantastic, just like Mary and the rest of the cast.:) Have an amazing day!

  12. DownTON. Not "Downtown." Great show! :)

  13. Oh my gosh that jacket is SO CUTE Ilene. So so cute. I want!

  14. Okay - it's official. I need to start Downton Abbey asap.

  15. oh I love your jacket!
    and those pants are divine!!!
    super cute outfit

    happy Thursday!

    Redheaded Daybook

  16. Awww I love your last little bullet. Even the little things matter, because you're WITH him. So sweet :)



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