Wednesday, January 2, 2013

the last weekend in two oh twelve snapshots.

you could definitely say that Ryan and i love surprises - especially when it comes to surprising other people. my family knew i was coming home after we got married at some point, but they did not know exactly when Ryan and i would make our appearances. so we did it classic Butler (ha!) style - surprised them in the most least expected way. this turned out to be in the Commissary (military base grocery store). while they were studying a refrigerated shelf full of meat, Ryan and i walked up to them which caused me to squeal, Kristine's Ryan say loudly, holy cow!, and then a domino affect of screams starting with Ashley, Kristine and Mom - which then caused everyone else around us to jump and stare. Operation: Butler Surprise completed.

 when the boys are home, Dad loves to plan a night of outdoor grilling! we have the normal steak and grilled chicken - and this time around, my Ryan threw in some grilled corn on the cob (oh, so good with sprinkled parmesean cheese, melted butter, and cayan pepper!). but sorry, we ate the food so fast, i did not even get pictures of the food. it was that good.

 started Season 1 of The Walking Dead. though we have only made it episode five, i cannot believe i waited this long to watch it. it is on the freaky side but the story ad the writing is incredible - and it helped that we all watched and screamed out loud together! like my sisters in this pic, i was watching behind a blanket and pillow while digging my nails into Ryan's hand.

every New Year's Eve, we get together with our family friends, the Cerrillos and welcome the new year with a night full of lots of delicious food, a ton of games (including some Minute to Win It and Apples to Apples), our annual family NYE picture, and a toast to the New Year with a round of sparkling grape juice. and like every year, it's a complete blast - and our family always heads home with our bellies full of food and aching from laughter. there really is not better way to ring in the the new year - or so our family thinks.

and last but not least, been busy hanging out with my crazy sisters who i love so much. we are all so different yet still so alike in so many ways. and this upcoming year is a huge year for all three of us - and we couldn't be happier for each other. though we hate that we are no longer under the same roof like the good old days, we are cheering each other one with the incredible things happening in 2013: from Kristine having her first baby (our first niece or nephew!) to Ashley headed off to college and to me getting married. no matter the change in seasons, i love that we are always there for each other and i know i can always count on them.

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

p.s. though i am late to the party, i am finally on Instagram! care to follow me? my screenname is muchloveilly - and be sure leave me your screen name so i can follow you, too! 


  1. Found you on instagram girlie! =) I too am late to the party and only just started using it really in the last week.
    You can find me under GloriousWithin if you want =)
    Much Love!

  2. Changes in families are always a challenge but sister love lasts over the miles, through the changes, and for a life time. :)

  3. I'll be joining the insta partay as soon as I get to the US in 8 days...

  4. I love this! And I love that your mom is wearing one of your creations. So awesome!

  5. Woo! Instagram!

    And excited to read about part two!

    xoxo joyce (instagram: soyoysters)

  6. WHAT an awesome surprise!!!
    And just the thought of that grilled corn on the cob is making my mouth water!

  7. That's such an awesome surprise!! Sounds like 2013 is going to be an exciting year for you! Happy New Year!! :)

  8. That is AWESOME, and I love all the wonderful pictures. Happy 2013 Ilene!

  9. Aw! It's so sweet that y'all surprised them. Happy New Year. xo, Maria

  10. This reminds me of how my family used to always get together with my best friend's family for New Years. Let me say I love how much your family, especially your sisters, are featured in your blog!
    Immediately followed you on Instagram! (Miss_Natalie_Nicole)

  11. oh it is so fun to see you with your sisters!! Makes me miss all my sisters being together! and corn with mayo, Parmesan cheese, and chili powder... oh I die... my favorite!! and I am super excited to see you on instagram!! yay it is my favorite!! @dawnellesarlo

  12. I love surprises! that must have been so much fun!! :)

  13. Haha what a way to surprise everyone! I am sure everyone in the store was wondering what was going on.

    Husband and I are OBESSESED with Walking Dead. We started watching last Spring via streaming from the itnernet and we got so spoiled being able to watch them back to back. It's just so hard to have to wait a week now for the next episode. But now having to wait until Feb for the next new one is almost painful!

    And sounds like y'all had a lovely NYE! I love games! Apples to Apples is def one of my favs. Have you heard of Cards Against Humanity? Like Apples to Apples but for adults (it actually says 17+ on the box). A guaranteed good time!

    Congratulations and Happy New Year!

  14. Yay! What a great picture of your sisters watching the Walking Dead. MItchell finally got me to watch the new season.

    You & your sisters have a such a blessed relationship. I have four sisters, so I know it's not always easy to like them ;)

    I started following you on IG last night! @thebrothertons

    x L

  15. What a fun surprise!! I love all these photos! It looks like you had a great last weekend of 2012!! xo

  16. Love how you surprised your family! Happy New Year, sweet lady! XO

  17. You always look like you're having so much fun!!! I LOVE IT!

    and welcome to Instagram, chick :) (you can find me @alyssa_perrella)

  18. thats so cute how you surprised your family. the year before my grandpa died we told him we we're going to be able to visit my grandma or him for christmas because of work. the entire time though, we were planning on visiting them. we ended up surprising them when they were out to lunch and the look on their faces was worth it. surprises are the best! xo

  19. Awww looks like you have been having a blast girl! My BF has been itching to warm up our grill at the house, he's been begging my parents for weeks :P lol!

  20. glad to see you on IG friend! IG has actually been the mini feed/blog of my life as of late because its so much faster and simpler to record those special moments.

    i'm at @alely_ohsweetleeme : ) see you there and I'm so glad I did a lot of blog catch ups today!


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