Wednesday, January 16, 2013

that holiday with big red hearts, fluffy clouds and cupids is t-minus less than a month away.

and that is why you do not have to look any further for what to get your honey bunches of oats (yes, i went there)! 'cause you see, i have a friend on the other side of blog world who resides in  California named Julie Ann and has the world's coolest handmade card shop ever. i'm sure you've heard of it - it's been exploding and blowing up mailboxes since she opened up. Julie Ann Art is my go-to place for Christmas and Valentine's Day cards. like i said, her cards are the real deal.

so  if you visit her shop, you will know exactly what i am talking about. these cards are not your typical mushy, gushy cards. they are witty, mushy, raw, tear-jerking, hilarious, and just darn right cute.

this one makes me snort.
this makes me say aaawwww. 
this makes me giggle.
this makes me warm and fuzzy.

~ Valentine's Day cards c/o Julie Ann Art ~

and because Julie Ann is just as awesome (if not awesome-er), she is giving YOU Much Love, illy readers an exclusive discount! use coupon code ILLYLOVE for 10% off of your entire order (valid thru Feb. 14, 2013). happy shopping, friend! 

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}

p.s. are you Cait (#43) of Fierce Fab and Fit 'cause you just won the Smartbuy Glasses Rayban Wayfarers giveaway! shoot me an email at muchloveilly at gmail dot with your mailing address and we will get those babies to you asap! congrats to Cait and thank you, Smartbuy Glasses for a stellar giveaway! 


  1. those cards are adorable. Please excuse me while I go buy out her shop. ;)

  2. These are adorable!


  3. these are so cute! I can't wait for Valentine's! :)

    join my galaxy leggings GIVEAWAY!

  4. I can't wait for Valentine's Day now! So sweet! It's your first as a married couple. EEEP!

  5. I bought one of her cards for Izzy last year and he loved it =-)

  6. I just ordered one of her cards for me and boyfriend's 1st anniversary. It's still in the mail but I can't wait to get it. It was a toss up between the one I got (you're my favorite thing to do :p) and the first one you posted, about poop.

  7. You are adorable, and I NEED some of those cards!


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