Monday, January 28, 2013

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if you have followed this blog long enough, you will know that i have a big heart for this particular company that i get to introduce to you today! not only do i love their incredible products, but i am very passionate about their very cause - fighting a very real battle that many people are fighting on a daily basis. so today, we have the privilege of hearing from Nicole Marett, the owner and founder of Radiant Cosmetics who will personally share Radiant's vision and cause that starts with one lipstick at a time.


Typically when I do guest posts I talk about makeup; my favorite products, how to
create certain looks and tips and tricks. However, this post is a little different.

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month and Radiant is finishing up our
Kiss Slavery Goodbye Lipstick Campaign. While lipstick may be fun to talk about,
it’s crucial we talk about trafficking, because it affects nearly 27 million people
worldwide. Yes, 27 million people are currently enslaved, right now. This isn’t just
something you read about it in books, it’s happening around the globe and in your

Radiant Cosmetics is a social enterprise makeup company dedicated to ending
human trafficking. We donate 20% of profits directly to our anti-trafficking partner
organization, Redeemed. Radiant is a big part of raising awareness and educating
others that slavery still exists. We are also physically involved with our partner
organization and help in their outreach, aftercare and advocacy work as well that
directly helps women who are victims of human trafficking.
What does makeup have to do with human trafficking? Makeup may have more
to do with human trafficking than you may think. How many of you have ever felt
worthless or ugly? Whether others made you feel that way or you simply felt you
couldn’t live up to an expectation, that feeling was still there. I think as women, we
can almost all relate to that feeling. Insecurity. Wanting to look like someone else.
Thinking if I was only _____ enough (fill in the blank). We live in a world that focuses
so much on a woman’s beauty and a standard most of us can’t live up to.

In that same way, traffickers prey on young girls who feel they aren’t worth
anything. Please don’t hear that having these feelings mean you’re going to be
trafficked, but these are some of the reasons you hear stories of young girls being
trafficked by men they’ve met on Facebook or at the mall. I can’t tell you how many
stories I’ve heard from survivors or current victims who believed and were told,
often by their own families, they were worthless.

Radiant seeks to be a force for change in the beauty industry, focusing on
empowering women. I don’t want you to hide behind makeup, or attempt to
recreate yourself through it. Radiant is about having fun with makeup, enjoying
wearing something for yourself, not to hide insecurities, but to celebrate who you
are. I want more than anything, for women to understand their worth and to spread
that message, especially to women who have been enslaved who worthless and lost.

I want to empower a generation of women to stand up and fight against injustice.

This month, on top of our normal donations, for every lipstick purchased we’re also
donating a lipstick to a current victim or survivor of human trafficking. Donated
lipsticks will be sent to Brazil with The Trade, who teaches women job skills,
specifically in hair and makeup, which is crucial in preventing trafficking. We’re
also donating lipsticks to our partner organization who will use them in outreach
gift bags, which serves as a way to reach trafficked women. Gifts are a great
conversation starter to let these women know help is available. The women don’t
usually receive gifts and it’s the perfect way to show them they’re special, loved and
worth fighting for.

Kiss Slavery Goodbye is all about making a difference any way that we can. I urge
you to learn more about human trafficking and get involved beyond purchasing a
lipstick. There are some amazing organizations to support and volunteer with. To
learn more about them please visit our resource page.

~ Nicole Marett, owner and founder of Radiant Cosmetics~

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}