Wednesday, January 23, 2013

one lipstick at a time.

~ lipstick (Flamenco): c/o Radiant Cosmetics ~

Prostitution. Slavery. Human-trafficking. Ugly words that make us wince or pull the covers over our heads or push those images under a rug because surely those things don't really happen. 

My eyes were drastically opened up to the world of human trafficking several years back on a spring break college missions trip. My team worked with an organization that helped out women who were trapped in the world of human trafficking - and I can still remember how my heart raced and my stomach sickened as we walked those dark, late night streets of Manila, Philippines. My senses digested the sights and the smells of the bars we walked past, lined with women waiting to be picked up and men approaching them to make their selection of who would accompany them for the rest of the evening. I remember meeting women of all ages - one who was around 22 years old and another only 14 years old, who even told me that she had school the next morning. 

These were real women, real girls with real lives. 

And then I met women who were rescued from this lifestyle. They lived alternative lives - learning basic life skills like cooking, cleaning, and creating their own businesses. They were able to be there for their children and their husbands or for their siblings and their families. These were women who took the stand to fight for their lives. 

And you know what? We can help them continue to win this fight against injustice! We can let them know that their is hope, that this battle can be won. One way we can help them win this fight is by partnering with Radiant Cosmetics, a cosmetics company with an inspiring vision to raise awareness on human-trafficking and contribute 20% of every Radiant Cosmetic purchase to the cause of fighting it. Also during the month of January, with every tube of lipstick purchased, Radiant Cosmetics is giving away a tube of lipstick to a victim of human trafficking as an outreach to let these women know that there is someone out there that cares about them. 

Don't push these words aside like they aren't real. There are 27 million people trapped in human-trafficking. Let that reality sink in and be a part of a movement to make a difference in our world by kissing slavery goodbye

And we can get it started with just one lipstick at a time.

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. My dad's a DC cop and always brought home stories at the dinner table so "us kids would be prepared for the real world no one acknowledges." Really glad you posted on this subject. Will definitely have to look into this project.

  2. love this post!! when i first moved here i went to some christian gathering thingy and they had a speaker from Wellspring which helps girls escape human trafficking...which is apparently HUGE clue! so sad but there is so much need.

    on happier may or may not be on my blog today...ok you definitely may :)

  3. awesome post. thanks so much for sharing!

  4. i love the color of your lipstick. Very chic and perfect on your skin tone.

    You look stunning!!!


  5. Way to use your awesomeness to help people. I love that the awareness is spreading, and by good people like you, too.

  6. Amen, this company is so amazing at helping those that need it and opening up people's eyes. Great post lady.

  7. Thanks for spreading the word, sweetie. Such an important message to share and it's amazing how much good we can do by simply prettying up :) xoxo

  8. Such an important cause. Love this company and thank you for this post.
    You are beautiful inside and out:)

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  10. This is the sweetest company! I love their mission! Can't wait to support it :) Thanks for letting me know all about it!

  11. I absolutely adore Radiant Cosmetics! Nicole is a pioneer!!


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