Tuesday, January 22, 2013


apparently all last week i was practically living in my Hunter boots but now they sit prettily on the side while the sun comes out to play in Georgia. no puddles to splash!

apparently baby sisters grow up because mine got a college acceptance letter in the mail today. i repeat, baby sister and college acceptance letter.

apparently apples continue to be my before bedtime snack for the past three weeks.

apparently i was meant to be a Broadway actress because i cannot stop singing the songs from Les Mis - and just singing entirely (i.e. Ryan, what are we cooking for dinner tooooooniiiiiight?! said in sing song voice, of course).

apparently lipstick tubes are my newest obsession. i found 7 different ones in my bag and about 10 more under the bathroom sink and oh, yes another 5 more in another purse.

apparently i am more organized than i thought i was. when you have your own place, you have a tendency to keep things more organized than when you lived back home. (sorry, mom!)

apparently i can be a big whimp. i have had Gone Girl on my night stand for the past two nights, and i just cannot pick it up for the life of me. the first sentence alone creeps me out.

apparently the Kroger Brand of peanut butter cookies is 10x better than any brand name pb cookie dough.

apparently i am a blanket-stealer. when i shared an air-mattress with with Leo at blogger's conference last year, she told me i stole the blankets from her all weekend long - and now, Ryan is dealing with this.

much love
{happy wednesday, friend.}


  1. Great post! My boyfriend is also dealing with a blanket stealer- well so he says!
    Charlie xx

  2. Oh, Gone Girl is great! Do it! ;)

  3. lol, i am a total blanket stealer too!! and i am a lipstick collector too!!

  4. Gone Girl is in my to-read list but now I'm wondering what the first sentence is...

  5. I am new to your blog and I'm so glad I found it! I invite you to check mine out! I hope you have a great week! =)

    -Heidi Harlequin

  6. i'm a blanket stealer and lipstick collector too :)

  7. Apparently, I thought apparently was spelled like apparantly. Cool. I blog, and I don't know that. #tgfsc (thank goodness for spell check)

    I need peanut butter cookies and hunter boots right now!

  8. Love this post! :) Hunter boots are my fav!

  9. oh, gone girl was a pretty good read!! it's also not scary so no worries! :)

    lol my almost-hubby and i go through the same thing. good thing he hates heat and i like sleeping in a blanket burrito? but like, we also now have two blankets in case he actually does want blanket. LOL. poor guys.

    1. ha! blanket burrito, i love it! i call it "cocooning" myself! might need to try the two blanket idea. glad someone else understands! :)

  10. Such a cute post. I'm thinking the same thing about my brother recently - he's a COP. Baby brother, carrying a gun and protecting civilization?! Just crazy! Definitely want a pair of those boots too - it's supossed to rain here this week and I'd love to be spotted in those ;)

    Happy day to you!

    Nook & Sea

  11. I am your sister's age now, getting ready for college!:) I agree, I am much more organized without my parents, sad but true.

  12. Gone Girl is so gooooood!! READ IT!!! Hahaha. Seriously, it's worth it! Just have a happy book read to read afterwards. ;)

    Ah, my little sister is in a 5 year university program & is currently in her 4th year! AHH. Crazy. Seriously. Haha.

    Keith is a blanket hog. & so is Squirt. So, I feel Ryan's pain. ;) (Although sometimes I can be a hog, too. They're bed hogs ALL the time, though!)

  13. Haha my husband can't stop singing the Les Mis songs - he's went to the broadway play years and years ago and has always loved it. And I totally agree - I was such a mess maker back home and now I'm crazy organized. So weird how that happens, haha :)

  14. YAY for your sister!!! How exciting!!!

  15. apparently- we love this post!!!
    so adorable!!! and keep going with gone girl . . . so good!

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  16. Apparently I miss seeing your beautiful face at church! :) Glad your life is so great, though!! Come home soon, yes?

    and AHHHHH! so excited for Ash!! been praying that her acceptance letter would come!! :)

  17. I love these!


  18. My baby sister also got accepted to college recently! So crazy!!!!! They arent allow to grow up! WHAT are they THINKING?!

  19. Great post girly!
    I am the same way when my parents go out of town and im all on my own in our house. everything is really organized and clean, then once the rents get home its back to normal less then perfect organization :P

  20. Gone Girl is soooooooooo good!! Not scary, just creepy. ;)

  21. A)I steal blankets too. But so does he. It's a fight to the finish.
    B)This post idea is amazing and I'm hoping you will be ok with me using it once or twice. If not I totally get it.
    C)My little brother just turned 18 this week so I feel your situation like whoa.
    D)I just love ya.

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