Thursday, January 31, 2013

5 things.

boyfriend sweater: c/o Tailor and Stylist / hat: forever 21 / blue pants: tjmaxx / boots (fillmore): c/o Blowfish Shoes

1. though the temperatures dropped like crazy in Georgia, Ryan pretended that it was a warm summer day. he grilled us hot dogs that we topped with our favorite condiments (mayo, cheese, and onions - yum!) and baked french fries in the oven drizzled with cheese and ranch dressing. and last but not least, indulged in several glasses of ice-cold lemonade. Ryan raised a glass and would say, oh, a warm summer's day! 

2. lately i have been loving anything with stripes. every time i walk into a store or browse online boutiques, i am immediately drawn to anything striped. so you bet i was giddy as a school girl when i discovered this cozy, striped boyfriend sweater from my friends at Tailor and Stylist. and bonus, elbow patches. enough said.

3. i am so excited to have finally climbed out of my reading rut! i have stayed up till almost midnight every night, the minutes ticking away as i meet new characters and engage in a whole new story. so expect a brand new reading list 'cause this girl is on fiiiiiiire - um, i mean, this girl is back. sorry, had some Alicia Keys on repeat. 

4. so many things have been rolling around in that little noggin of mine underneath that floppy hat. things i have been learning and shaping my heart and my thought process.. things that involve prayerful decisions. things that involve waiting and hoping and taking a deep breath. things that make you realize that the suspense and excitement of life is what keeps life so interesting.

5. it's friday and a brand new month! celebrate the weekend, good people. sit back and relax. thank God for another day to live. kiss your babies. laugh till your insides hurt. sleep in an extra hour. or stay up later than normal. take a freaking break. and don't wait till feb. 14th to tell that special person you love them. 

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}

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  1. 1. that is so cute! it is seriously snowing here so not sure we can grill outside but maybe we could have an indoor picnic

    3. yay, can't wait to see the list!

  2. awww i love #5! and love the sweater! :)

  3. You look darling!!! Love the boots girlie!

  4. That floppy hat! Those elbow patches! You're too cute.

  5. I first spotted your blog when you were engaged, so happy to see you are married! my dad went to moody (many years ago) and I lived in Georgia most of my life. Anyway, happy friday. you have a great blog!

  6. aw this is such a lovely post! the stuff you write about makes me happy haha and i love that sweater! the elbow patches, like you said, are definitely a plus


  7. You just made me like colored jeans.
    This is freaking adorable.
    <3 :)

  8. You rock their pieces (much better than I do:)!) All the best - Monica

  9. your outfit is too cute!! i love it xo

  10. Ahhh you are adorable!! And I LOVE your sweater! :) Love everything at Tailor and Stylist- she is just the sweetest, too! And, um, your hat is perfection.


  11. Love that sweater and I LOVE your love for Vday!

  12. I am loving stripes too and this sweater you are wearing is so pretty!! You have great style Ilene!! xo

  13. Ah! What are you reading?? I need books! And you look amazing, as always!

  14. Love the whole look, very chic.

  15. Ilene, I'm in love with your outfit (and not just because I'm a little biased). Now I need to find myself a hat like that to match the elbow patches on the Best Boyfriend. And boots too.

    The best things in life come with suspense, prayer, and mindful hope -- or else they would be boring things, right? Here's to hoping many beautiful things come your way, sweet Ilene.


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