Sunday, December 2, 2012


 sweater, dress: Forever 21 / tights: c/o We Love Colors / camera bag: c/o Jototes / Tugo Booties: c/o Blowfish Shoes / lipstick: NARS, heatwave

i don't know about you, but life has been a whirlwind of all kinds of busyness! from getting orders out the door (and thank you, thank you to all of you who have supported my little ole shop!) to real life stuff and Christmas happenings, it's been a  tad-bit crazy!

but then on a Sunday night like tonight, there is nothing like staying cozy in a big ole sweater and enjoying a lazy afternoon that includes Christmas movies, a 2 hour nap, and recharging for another full week ahead. bring it on, Monday, 'cause this girl is ready for you. 

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}


  1. what a wonderful Sunday. that is what makes it the best day of the whole week! and p.s. i am loving those little boots. :)

  2. love the ankle boots! they are so gorgeous on you!:)...
    and the sweater is too adorable<3


  3. yay for being busy. I always think "if you want something done ask a busy person" because when there is all the time in the world I don't end up doing anything. Bit silly huh?!

  4. You are gorgeous, wish I had your hair! I recently cut mine off and kinda sad about it!


  5. You look amazing! Life has been a whirlwind for me lately as well. I think it's just that time of year. Hope your week is wonderful.

  6. LOVE that outfit. Hoping this week isn't as busy for you. and no problem about buying those earrings this past summer. I LOVE them. <3

  7. Those boots are really cute. Don't have any Blowfish shoes yet.

  8. Love the sweater, it's really cute. Happy Monday, hope you already full loaded with energy for a week. :)

  9. you, my friend, are adorable. and bring on Monday! =)

  10. that's right! you tell Monday who is boss!

  11. I love how your business is booming! Yay!

    And your are so beautiful in these photos.


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