Wednesday, December 5, 2012


sweater, white tee, tank: Forever 21 / pants: TJMaxx / sneaker wedges (Tugo in earth faux): c/o Blowfish Shoes / fox pin: c/o Wonder Forest / necklace: c/o ChicPeek / lipstick: Nars (heatwave)

my brain has been turned to mush with the busyness of everything this week. i keep forgetting stuff and leaving my mind in more than a few places. so we are gonna go the super-duper random route for this post, mmmkay?

1. is it really december?! and i'm not talking about the pace of the year - i'm talking about the weather, people. even here in the south, it's a little too weird. i guess keep listening to my Christmas music, drink my hot chocolate and keep dreaming about a white Christmas.

2. been watching XFactor and totally rooting for 13 year old, Carly. daaaaang, that girl can sing! i also think that Emblem3 is pretty entertaining - goofy, but entertaining. but let's be real, i am the biggest fan of Simon Cowell - so basically, any show he produces, i'll watch and root for him! 

3. the hair is getting far too long these days - and people like to point it out to me. oh, wow. you're hair is sooooo loooooong. and that's that. i never know if that's a compliment or a sly way of saying, you gotta get a trim slash haircut slash chop ASAP, woman! actually my hair is personally driving me nuts these days, so lately i've been rocking the messy bun more often. but even my messy buns are giving me issues. the hair is so thick, the bobby pins aren't doing their job. i guess every one (including hair and bobby pins) are more tired at the end of the year.

4. the necklace featured in my outfit was sent to me from my friends over at ChicPeek, a super fun site that is all about personal style! this is how it works: set up an account by taking a style quiz. ChicPeek takes your results and picks out jewelry for you according to your style. now this is the sweet part - all jewelry pieces are offered to YOU at 50-80% off of their retail prices. and i can tell you, the necklace i received was a high-quality quality piece. this is definitely a fantastic option for yourself or for a special person in your life this Christmas season - and how can you pass it up with the pretty packaging that it's all wrapped up in?! 

5. i think i am finally out of my reading rut. i got my hands on the 3rd book in the Matched series, Reached. i'm only on the fourth chapter so i haven't read enough to give it a good enough review but excited to finally have a new book to read. 

so yes, mush goes the brain. there you have it, folks! 
how about you? any random mush to share today?
it's almost the weekend, so it's allowed.

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. Again, you have the best hair. I love that it's long.

    I'm stuck in a reading rut right now. I need to get a hold of some good books that will hold my interest.

  2. Before I even read what you said about your hair I was gonna say I loooove it! I have extremely thick curly hair but recently cut it but I envy those who can deal with it. And I don't know what your talking about. Your messy bun is gorg! Love the jeans as well.
    xx Natalia

  3. that necklace is gorgeous! and i LOVE carly rose!!!

  4. Your hair looks so perfect! I'm loving the outfit too :)

    XO, Kelsey

  5. Oh my brain is total mush right now. I'm just fleeting from one thought to another. I have no anchor. Really, I just need to read some scriptures. That should bring me back down to reality.

  6. I sound like a broken record, but you are beautiful and your outfits are always so great and stylish. random things: I hate finals, I hate finals. But I will make it! and I get to go home next Tuesday and Christmas is soon. I sound like a little child with my rambling. I should stop. I love you!

  7. 1. Your hair is perfect. End of story.

    2. I love Simon on X Factor too! He's the best. But oh my gosh, Emblem 3? Not so much. They are just so annoying to me, and they can't even sing! Hahah, just my opinion. :P I kind of like The Voice better... except lately all my favorite contestants have been eliminated. Not gonna lie, I basically cried when Dez Duron was sent home. I loveeed him! <3

    Okay, I should probably stop rambling now. ^_^


  8. Oh, Ilene, you are too cute for words!!! I definitely share your love for Simon Cowell, and those darn Cali boys are goofy, true, but there's something so cute about them! ;) And yes, LOVE Carly! I have to say, that top knot you got up there? PERFECTION. Rock it, girl.


  9. I adore this look!!! So cheerful and such a pretty color combination. And, I totally LOVE your necklace.

  10. Those pants are the most fun shade of blue! I just heard about that site. Super cute!

  11. I love that little fox brooch!
    PS I think your hair is so pretty and I love all the ways you style it!! :)

  12. Totally watching x factor as well and I agree with you! also really loving this outfit and hoping for a white Christmas!

  13. Can I steal some of your length? I'm growing out m hair but it'll never get as long as yours, it just doesn't grow that long!!

  14. I love that necklace! So pretty. Loving the outfit too!

  15. I'm in a reading rut, as well.
    driving me crazy because this is the time of year to cuddle and read, but i just can't find a good book!

    wanna send me those books? I heard about them and they sound gooood.

    Rachel Nicole

    ps- how do you get your messy buns looking so goood? I cannot get mine to look like that.

  16. Brand new reader over here (yes, from that massive giveaway)! Great post to be introduced to you. People comment about how long my hair is all the time, too - I don't get it but I've decided to take it as a compliment :) And, random fact for your day: Carly replaced one of my best friend's in a Broadway show! Sounds worse than it it, usually adults play kids up until the point when a new show comes to the big broadway, then a kid gets cast. But I can never watch x-factor and not think of that ;) great to blog-meet you! x

  17. love the pop of blue & yellow with all your neutrals!!!
    also you little fox brooch is too cute :)

    xo. c & v
    cake & valley

  18. lookin' good girl :) love your lip color here!

  19. YOur hair looks fab. I love those boots!

  20. Yes! I won the giveaway that you sponsored in Casey blog :)
    BTW I like your long hair!

  21. I finally picked up the last book in the Hush, Hush series. I'm like it so far. I hope the ending doesn't suck.

    I gave up on XFactor. Carly and Tate are good, but the rest of the talent mostly sucks. And I love Simon and Britney, but I'd had enough.

  22. You look so beautiful.Love your hair and style.

  23. Love your necklace and this outfit. You look great!
    Heading over to check them out right now!

  24. Cute sweater! AND I LOVE long hair! Been growing mine for a while!

    Style in the City

  25. As soon as I saw your picture in my Google Reader I knew I had to comment and say I LOVE your hair...and then you talked about it in your post. LOVE it!!!!

  26. Haha I know. It's so awkward when someone comments on your appearance. It's like, okay -- do you like it or dislike it? If you dislike it, then why are you commenting on it? 'Cause that's just mean!

    Anyway, I personally love your hair, especially in this gorgeous updo!


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