Sunday, December 16, 2012

is it the most wonderful time of the year? really?

 sweater: TJmaxx / moisturizing lipstick (Park Avenue): c/o Radiant Cosmetics / knitted cowl (mint): c/o Susannah Bean Handmade / rings: Pandora (gift from ryan's mom) + engagement ring (Ryan, duh)

the most wonderful time of the year often turns into the most hectic, crazy, manic, stressful time of the year. and every year before the holiday season makes its appearance, i take a deep breath and say, we are not gonna let that happen this year, ilene. and i repeat it to myself over and over again as the dates on the calender switch from november to december. i then find myself saying that phrase less and less and give myself over to the stress and the to-do lists and all the joy and fun and true meaning of the Christmas season has been sucked right out of me

am i alone in this? tell me that i'm not.

and i refuse to get sucked deeper into that black hole. i want to savor every single bit of the Christmas season. i want to relish the time with my family and close friends instead of worrying about their presents. i want to laugh late into the night even if i should be busy marking things off the to-do lists. i want to drink hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies. i want to soak in what Jesus did for me and for humanity so many years ago, coming to earth in the form of a human baby. i want to think about Mary and Joseph and the wise men and the shepherds and all of those who lived out their faith because of Jesus. i want today and Christmas and every day be savored and lived out to the fullest.

i'm not saying to ditch the to-do lists, forget the Christmas parties and happenings, throw out the traditions. not at all. i'm the last person in the world to say that. but i am saying this: life is short. we were harshly reminded about that last Friday when we heard the horrific tragedy that took place in CT. we have today. let's soak up what we have right now here in front of us.

be in the moment. stop living tomorrow. we need to live today.

savor this Christmas season. hug your parents, your siblings, your special someone, your dog a little tighter and never take them and the moments we have today for granted.

and really, let's make this the most wonderful time of the year.

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

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  1. I agree totally! I don't know it's more like let's get the holidays over so we can relax. making cookies, decorating and all the parties make me feel more stressed then festive. love this post though, now I don't feel so bad for not feeling so festive. xx

  2. i'm with you! i've got a few simple handmade well thought out gifts, and honestly, that's all that matters in my opinion! i'm blessed that i didn't come from a family where we made a huge fuss over the commercialism of christmas and to this day, i can't even get a whole list of "what i want for christmas" together and i like that! besides, my birthday is two months away anyway. that's when i think we need to make a bigger deal about getting individual people gifts!

    okay. i'll stop venting now. :)

    anywaysss. i love that scarf. tj maxx is my number one place.

  3. amen! it's so not worth it. and even if you have time, christmas shopping can get nuts. sometimes it's okay to give in to a gift card, but a bow on it, and get on with the hot chocolate and movies!

  4. you are soo right! i need to savor each moment!! but i have sooo many millions of things on my to do list right now!! :(

    Sandy a la Mode

  5. Amen. You said it so well and I couldn't agree with you more.

  6. Yes, I agree! The holidays should be a time to cherish what you have, family, friends, and yes very important my dog :) Enjoy your loved ones and enjoy this wonderful time of year!


  7. Usually I get the "crap, what do I have to do or say to get time off when we're not even allowed to request time off around the holidays." Stresses me out EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR.

  8. So true! It's too easy to get caught up in all the glitz of Christmas, instead of what really matters. <3


  9. I couldn't have said it better. Christmastime is over so quickly, so it's so important to cherish it. I hope you're able to do so. Thanks for sharing girl!

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  10. Love it. Love you. This was perfect. Amen to everything, sister. My mom gave me the nativity I would put up every single year, and it was really special this year, as I set it up in our entry way. It's a nice reminder of the reason for the season :)


  11. I am totally with you. I even wrote a blog post at the end of November about this...and one again the next week...and I'm still finding myself in that stressed out, forgetting the real reason for the season place. Ugh! Thank you for the reminder about what is really important. xoxo

  12. Agreed. I'm trying, really I am. I'm just caught up in... stuff. the only remedy is to read scriptures and spend time with family.

  13. Agree. the holidays are crazy! I only really get a week in between school and christmas day to actually enjoy christmas, its crazzzyy :P

  14. Can I suggest something that seriously takes the majority of stress out of xmas shopping? do it online. for reals, I do every single bit of my christmas shopping online (i have for years) and it is soooooo less stressful. you can do it at your leisure, even at 1am in your PJs while sipping hot chocolate ;). I only have one gift to pick up from a store and that's it. Also, watching lots and lots of Christmas movies helps ;)
    xo dana

  15. I love your style! It's so cute. Found your blog on wiegands. Love it! :)

    newest follower,



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