Thursday, December 20, 2012

dear daddy.

i want to wish the happiest of birthdays to the best father in the whole wide world. i could not have been blessed with a better daddy. you were the first man that i ever loved and so you will always have a special place in my heart. thank you for not only being my daddy but also one of my best friends. thank you for always truly caring for me. thank you for telling me that i was beautiful so that i wasn't looking for that affirmation in the wrong places. thank you for always being so proud of me in anything that i pursued in life. thank you for the respect you instilled in me for our Filipino heritage but also the love and patriotism for America. thank you for your sacrifice and for serving our country and our family. thank you for being such a loving husband to mom - and in your example, you showed my sisters and i what to look for in a future spouse. thank you for making life hilarious when the rest of us girls in the house were dramatic and took life too seriously. thank you for always pointing me to Jesus, making him priority in our home and in our lives. thank you for family movie nights, for our family traditions, and for our long 30-mile bike rides.

i love you, daddy!
happy, happy birthday!

much love,
ilene joyce
much love.
{happy birthday, daddy.}


  1. Happy birthday to your dad!He sounds like an amazing dad.:)

  2. such a nice Birthday to your dad! I hope he has a great Birthday. Happy Birthday to your dad!!

  3. so cute! happy birthday to your dad

  4. omigosh, you're so cute. I love this.

    SO CUTE. I'm dying.

    Rachel Nicole

  5. What a coincidence! Happy birthday to your father. It's my mom's birthday today too!

  6. I love your family! Happy birthday to your dad. He produced the most amazing daughter.

  7. What a handsome looking dad/daughter. It sounds like you're both blessed to have each other :)

  8. So, So sweet!! Tearing up over here. Daddy's are the best :) Ours sound a lot alike.

  9. Chief Petty Officer! He looks familiar?! DO I know him??! Hope you have a Merry Christmas! You are seriously one of my favorite bloggers! So positive, so happy, and so supportive of the Troops! -Jessica L


  10. Nice photo with your dashing dad! Merry Christmas!

  11. Happy Birthday to your dad!!!!! Love you girl!!!! Have a wonderful holiday!!!!!


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