Thursday, November 8, 2012

with a little help from my friends: thankful lists.

I have never done a mini-series on this blog, so I am super excited to introduce you to my very first one! With a Little Help From My Friends (many thanks to The Beatles - their songs make the best blog titles IMHO) is a mini-series where I will ask input on a variety of topics or questions, some serious and some so-not, from a variety of friends and readers. I love hearing from different people from different backgrounds with different tastes, and I think that is what makes blog world so unique! I am also hoping that by featuring some of these bloggers, you will discover new blogs and make new friends because of it. Enjoy!


is it just me but every time Thanksgiving season rolls around this time of the year, everybody goes into fast-forward mode? no, just me? we all know that we are supposed to stop in our tracks and take the day to be grateful; however, our holiday mode actually has us going the opposite direction, doesn't it? we are not stopping - we are going-going-going.

so with this brand new month, a brand new season, i wanted to go beyond celebrating an attitude of gratefulness, not just on Thanksgiving day but really, we should be celebrating thankfulness with every day that we are blessed with a new day to live! today, i wrote up a few everyday things that i am thankful for - and i am super grateful that a few of my friends had their own thankful lists to share!

1. dying of laughter
2. weekend bike rides
3. cozy infinity scarves
4. pumpkin-spice flavored creamer 
5. messy hair buns

1. macaroni and cheese
2. fuzzy slippers
3. wine
4. Instagram 
5. love

ashley of Run With Me.

1. puppy dog kisses
2. beach days
3. Taylor Swift songs
4. pepperoni pizza
5. the ability to run

nicole of The Shea's.

1. hot tea with lemon
2. this new job
3. pumpkinless pumpkin patches
4. a husband who kills bugs for me
5. Terminix 

anna liesemeyer of In Honor of Design.

1. autumn in Georgia
2. two sets of sweet little cheeks to kiss each morning
3. my husband's sense of humor 
4. big grandpa sweaters
5. flavored creamers

katie of Katie Did What.

1. a loving, genuine family
2. online shopping
3. big, messy hair
4. my cats
5. fires in the fireplace


aren't these ladies so fun?! and i was personally inspired by their lists!
now your turn, friend!

what are 5 things that you are thankful for?

celebrate this day, this weekend, this month, your life with an attitude of thankfulness that doesn't just make its appearance on Thanksgiving day because there is always something to be grateful for!

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. 1. blogs
    2. a new hair cut
    3. chocolate chips
    4. scarves
    5. my husband

    1. a new haircut is def such a refreshing, liberating feeling, isn't it?! love!

  2. 1. God's Love
    2. Friends who are there for me any time
    3. my education
    4. my family
    5. My friend Dominique

  3. 1. working from home
    2. dramatic TV shows
    3. an understanding boyfriend
    4. smartphones
    5. coworkers who have become friends

  4. 1-my family
    2-my ipod
    3-my chester
    4-my kitchen
    5-your blog


    1. leighanna, you are so sweet! thank YOU for reading! :)

  5. 1. Florida's mini fall like weather.
    2. Long night of Hulu watching with the husband.
    3. The smell of cinnamon all over my house.
    4. A cray-zay family.
    5. The promise of forever.

  6. 1. watermelon
    2. sharpies
    3. slobbery kisses from little ones
    4. bleach
    5. hair ties

  7. 1. rainy weekends
    2. maple syrup
    3. bear hugs from my kids and hubby
    4. anniversary weekend
    5. nail polish

  8. Awwww I love this so much!!!! :) Heart you, girl!


  9. I love this idea! I'm English so I don't get to celebrate Thanksgiving but I love being able to share with you all the things I'm thankful for

    1. Books
    2. My mum's chicken pie :)
    3. Winter boots
    4. Eyeliner
    5. Duvet days

  10. -friends (seriously, I love them)
    -the blog world
    -music (sing it to me, John Lennon ;)
    -life and love (see how I snuck two in there?)
    -and being able to see your beautiful
    face last night! :)

  11. Thank you for including me! Loved each of these. Brilliant series my friend:)

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  13. I love this idea! I am thankful for...

    1. friends that are like sisters
    2. the first oranges of the season
    3. dancing to christmas music
    4. mushroom-shaped candles
    5. extra blankets when your sleeping

  14. 1. New babies that I get to throw baby showers for!
    2. Fridays.
    3. Coffee. {that I need right now!}
    4. Family and friends.
    5. New boots.

  15. 1. French Vanilla Coffee Creamer
    2. "Now Is the Start" by A Fine Frenzy
    3. God giving me more time (He's so faithful)
    4. 9 days coming up with my boyfriend
    5. Parents that want the very best for me

  16. 1. big, chunky cowls
    2. nerdy glasses
    3. my fam{ily}
    4. my uhmazing job!
    5. christmas spice creamer!

  17. Love this! Five of my current thankfulnesses:
    1. a weekend visit from my fiancé stationed at Camp Lejeune
    2. wedding invitations going in the mail!
    3. casual Fridays at work :)
    4. parents who have sacrificed so much to provide for me and my two sisters
    5. chocolate. impossible to make a thankful list without including chocolate ;)

  18. 1. Blogging and all my amazing blog friends.
    2. My boyfriend, who puts up with all my craziness.
    3. My job. Maybe it's not the PERFECT job but it's a job and that's more than some people have.
    4. My dogs. Seriously they're awesome.
    5. Peppermint ice cream!

  19. 1. Puppy dog cuddles
    2. Peppermint mochas
    3. God's unfailing love
    4. Time to craft
    5. Laughter

  20. 1. My dad's 85th birthday today and he is in really very good health!
    2. a job
    3. my 5 cats
    4. my son
    5. really good friends

  21. Thankful for
    1. My boyfriend Mitch
    2. My Family
    3. My Close Friend Rachel
    4. Another Day Living - its a dangerous world out there
    5. My Job

  22. Nice post dear :)

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  23. Aww, what a sweet idea! I'm thankful for:
    1. My sweet doggie.
    2. Coffee dates with my best friend before class.
    3. Pumpkin spice everything!
    4. Hearing my boyfriend's voice. (long distance is awful!)
    5. Seeing Christmas things everywhere.

  24. Darling! I love this idea. You seriously have the cutest blog.
    Okay...mine are:
    1. husbands
    2. grandparents who tell the best stories
    3. a warm house where I can be in pajamas all day long
    4. Chocolate Chip Cookies
    5. the Internet for when I'm bored

  25. YAY! This is such a fun post, thanks for thinking of it! And all these ladies are just darling!

    1. Hoodies & sweats :)
    2. any hair accessory! (dresses you up instantly)
    3. good friends
    4. baby kisses
    5. love notes from hubby!


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