Monday, November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day snapshots + a thank you to our veterans.

{pictures from our family's day at the Veteran's Day Parade downtown - we are so proud of our dad!} 

 growing up as a navy brat, i have always had a soft spot in my heart for the US armed forces. i grew up knowing that they were not just men and women who marched around all day in sharp looking uniforms,  learning how to shoot guns; rather, they were men and women who laid their lives down on the line every single day for the love of our great country. our country's freedom came at a cost, and we must recognize that it continues to come at a cost. it's not for free. so be sure to thank the Veterans (those who are currently served and our serving) who you may know and let them know that you appreciate their sacrifice.

so many, many thanks to my dad (who served 26 years in the US Navy - go navy!) and to all the men and the women who have served and are currently serving! we love you! 

much love.
{happy veteran's day, friend.}


  1. great pictures, thank you for sharing. and we are all thankful to your dad for his service to our country!

  2. A THANK YOU to your dad. What a cutie!

  3. Awww your family is the cutest!!!! THANK YOU to your sweet dad! :)


  4. Your dad looks pretty snazzy all dressed up. Tell him thanks for me!!

  5. LOVE IT! Marrying my Marine Corps boyfriend/fiancé of 4+ years next month & am so grateful to all those who serve/have served... as well as the amazing families who support them!

  6. A big thank you to your dad!!!!

  7. this makes me want to cry. how proud of your daddy you must be. just melts my heart.

  8. Ilene! this is perfectly beautiful, a bunches of thanks to your dad! I have a school project where I have to interview a veteran...could your dad answer some questions if I emailed them to you?
    I would be so very appreciative!
    Thank you!

  9. that pic of your dad and ashley is HI-larious!! and your daddy look so handsome!! give him a big veterans hug for me!!!

  10. This is an amazing post. I had the opportunity to play in a band at a veterans day program. It was great.

  11. Thank you for posting these pics! And many thanks to your Dad for his service to our country.

  12. Love the pictures of your family on Veteran's Day. I just had to comment as I noticed your dad is a Senior Chief. My hubby is a Chief. I know Navy Chiefs share a special bond and are really a backbone for the Navy. Happy Veteran's Day and thank you and your whole family for your service and sacrifices.

    A proud Navy wife,


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