Sunday, November 4, 2012

two conversations.

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earlier in the past two weeks, two conversations with two young ladies struck a cord with me. on different occasions, both young ladies voiced their opinions regarding their beliefs on the same topic. mentioning what exactly they were discussing is beside the point - so what i want to highlight is what stood out to me: between the two separated conversations, one presented her thoughts with uncertainty without wanting to move from that position of indecisiveness, while the other knew with confidence what she believed in. 

and that struck a cord with me because i admire a person who can make a stand with confidence and conviction of her personal beliefs. and i believe that struck a cord with me because it seems that i interact with more and more people - whether in the online community or in real life - who do not know what they believe in. they shrug their shoulders, hands stuffed in their pockets, and mumble, i don't know with an attitude of i don't care to know. that saddens me. 

sure, there are seasons of doubt that we will all go through. there are times where we have to reason, ask questions and do our research because we will not know the answers to everything at all times. but there comes a point where you need to know and to make a stand for what you believe in - and not just holding out your finger to see which direction the wind is blowing or allowing the current trends to carry you whichever way. 

but to not know what you believe at all is probably one of the most dangerous places to be in because then you are open to being carried by whomever with no foundation or solid ground to stand on. what is your foundation? what keeps your grounded? what affects your worldview? 

personally, as a follower of Jesus, my convictions are grounded in what God has said in the Bible, which has proven to always be true and constant. my relationship with Jesus and reading of His Word are what forms my views of life, of people, and of the ever changing world around me. 

the general question "what do you believe in about {fill in the blank}?" will constantly be thrown our direction - whether it comes to one's faith, daily lifestyles, who one may vote for in this year's election, how to raise children, whatever it may be - i want to challenge all of us to simply know what you believe in.

and don't get me wrong - i'm not saying that if you don't know what you believe in, that you are a bad individual. what i am saying is if you don't know what you believe in, move in the direction where you can come to a place where you do know what you believe in. and once you get there, hold your head high and stand strong in confidence and conviction, and you might just strike a positive chord in someone else just like that one young lady did for me. 

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}


  1. I liked this post...a great reminder and one that I needed to hear. Thanks for speaking to my heart tonight lady. xoxo

  2. Great post Illene! So good and so true. There are many times I tend to be indecisive but what I do believe in, I try my best to stay strong in. Its a good thing to do.

  3. excellent reminder. thank you!

  4. That is a really thoughtful post. I do stay strong in my beliefs but there are times when I get a little shaky but then I remember who I have put my trust in and know that God will never let me down.

  5. On one particular subject I know exactly where I stand, and all of my friends are on the opposite side as me on the topic and they try to change me EVERY time. Luckily, I always have held me ground. This was a great topic!

  6. I wrote something similar to this the other day - very different, but with the same sentiment. This happened after another blogger chastised me for disagreeing with a commenter on one of her posts who said she chooses to be politically uninformed because it's just easier that way; I said I found that to be apathetic & irresponsible. This blogger told me it was "harsh" & impolite to say that, but I found it really appalling that someone would choose to have no opinions - & I certainly found it even more appalling that it would be considered impolite to encourage someone to take a stand, whatever that stand may be! Anyway, it's here, if you're interested: And good post. :)

  7. A to the freaking MEN, girlfriend! I love this post, so much.

    By the way, your outfit is killer, and those shoes! Ah! Too cute!


  8. Perfect post and perfect timing! There's something to be said about confidence... it's that great attribute that produces smart choices and incredible lives.

  9. you are looking as amazing as ever, friend!

    Sandy a la Mode

  10. I love your thoughtful posts, Ilene.

  11. I've always been super opinionated my whole life ;) but these last few years, I've really taken the time to figure out, "how do I feel about this, honestly and truly? what do I believe in?" I've asked myself a lot of questions and have reflected on things that should be important to me. I think growing up, you kind of go along with whatever your community is telling you - your parents, your church, etc - you go along with what you've always known. but now that I'm older, I finally asked myself, "what do I believe in my heart? what is right and true and real to ME? how do I view God, politics, etc?" ESPECIALLY with this election, I've sat down and looked at the big issues and I've put myself in other's shoes, I've put myself in those circumstances and have remained open-minded, "if this happened to me, what would I need? what would be best for me? how would I view the world differently in this circumstance?" and while people will wholeheartedly disagree with me on things, I know in my heart that what I believe in is valid, and I'm passionate about it - and that's what matters. And there's something freeing about being solid in your opinion/belief, you know?

    I still have a LOT to figure out, and there are things that I may never fully know or have an opinion on, but I think as long as you're moving forward in the direction of figuring it out... that's what counts. Great post, Ilene!

  12. this is such a great post!! it is so true! we should be proud of our beliefs and stand up for them, and just stand for something. I always loved the quote "Stand for something or else you'll fall for anything." thank you for the great post!

    and you look amazing as always! :)

  13. Love this post. Such important things to think about. I love your outfit too! :)

  14. I literally just had this conversation last night with a good friend of mine, and then again with my mom a few days ago. It's kind of crazy how people believe so much yet have no conviction or passion about it. It's very motivating for me to see people like that... makes you want to deepen/strengthen your convictions even more. Loved your thoughts on this post.

    charissa and husband

  15. Very cute look. Love the shoes.

  16. Gorgeous. Crazy gorgeous! And can I just say that leather looks amazing on you?!

  17. You look adorable Ilene! I love that leather jacket!


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