Sunday, October 21, 2012

somebody is doing a little happy dance.

man, my heart is feeling especially full and grateful after this past weekend. so with my heart overflowing and my mind with so much to process and until i finally can get "the words down on paper", here are a few of the big and little things that leave me feeling grateful and oh so happy. 

like i mentioned in last Friday's post, our church held its first Missions Conference - and we got the chance to meet with and hear from missionaries from all over the world. my heart continues to be stirred by the work that these men and women do on a daily basis - some of them surrendering their very lives so that the Jesus' name be proclaimed among the nations through the proclaiming of the Bible and by serving people in need. everyone of these men and women have become so dear to my heart and will not be forgotten.

my sister gave me a gift card for my birthday so i picked out a pair of Minnetonka Moccassins! i have been an eyeing a pair for forever and i am madly in love with them. they are the most comfortable thing on the planet, i might have to say - so soft and cute! 

my family and i attended a US Marine Corps recruit graduation on Parris Island last week. i have seen many graduations having grown up a military child - however, this is the first time that there was someone we knew who was a close family friend and have the chance to witness his graduation. i love this photo of father and son.  it was a very special time - and we are so proud of  you, PFC Cerrillo!

i am thankful for Emily and her friendship. she is personally such an encouragement to me and has the biggest heart for God. she is also just downright cute and a total blast to be around! love her! 

i just realized that i never featured these photos on the blog yet even though they have been featured in the shop for about a month now. isn't Arianna absolutely gorgeous?! these are some of my favorite photos from our photo shoot. (find these two headbands in the shop HERE and HERE.) and speaking of headbands, i am giddy about my upcoming holiday designs so be on the lookout! 

and last but not least, i have been thinking through this quote a lot that i heard from our keynote speaker of the Missions Conference, Alistair Begg, last Friday night:

"if dependence (on God) is the objective, then weakness is the advantage."


what is leaving you feeling grateful and oh so happy, my friend?

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}


  1. This is such a beautiful post, you've really reminded me to take a minute to thank God. I have SO much to be thankful for, even without having your (completely beautiful!) mocassins!
    There's a giveaway going on at my blog right now if you fancy a peek =)
    Love, Nikki Joy x

  2. Just my blog. It makes me feel happy again.

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

    ps-giveaway at my blog!

  3. You are so gorgeous, girl!!! And that sounds incredible- missionaries are SUCH inspirations! What a cool thing to experience. Love your little mocs, and your adorbs headbands! And that quote really spoke to my heart- thank you for that, sweet girl!


  4. What a lovely post, Illy! My goodness, what a touching weekend you've had. I can relate to your emotions about the missionaries. My brother went on a mission to Columbia, and I was so inspired by his courage, dedication and faith. It amazing to hear the stories of missionaries. They are truly doing God's work.

    Thank you for such a wonderful post!

  5. Beautiful post. I am so glad that the Lord is blessing you. I am happy that the fall colors are still around. But I am also really excited to see how God is going to continue to move in my life.

  6. I made it on your blog!!! how exciting! Love ya, girl!

  7. Aw, this is so sweet. Today I seriously couldn't be more grateful for good running friends. They pushed me through my 5K this weekend! I really couldn't have gotten through it without them.

  8. love that quote. i love reading the Message-- that version of matthew 5:3 is: "You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule."

    beautiful reminder for someone like me who tries to do everything on her own!

    im glad you have felt so encouraged lately.

  9. It's been almost 4 years since I watched my boyfriend (now fiancé) graduate from Parris Island... I'd love the chance to go back someday! Thanks for the flashback :)

  10. What a great post! Those moccasins are SO cute and your polka dot dress is to die for. I may just have to wear my polka dot dress today ;).

  11. Love that quote! Ben and I haven't stopped talking about all the amazing people we met this last week. What a week!


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