Wednesday, October 24, 2012

it's that time of the month. no, not that one.

it's that time of the month, good people! um, no, not that time of the month. i'm talking about the time when i let you know that sponsor ad spots are opening up for the new month - and this month is gonna be extra good well awesome! with the holidays just around  the corner, it is the perfect time to advertise your biz or blog as people are looking for the holiday inspiration or might already be Christmas shopping! 

and speaking of early Christmas shopping, i will be putting together my 3rd annual Black Friday Shopping Guide so that my readers can be the first to know about the awesome deals all over the online world! this opportunity will only be open to sponsors.

so if you think that you and i should collaborate, shoot me an email at muchloveilly at gmail dot com to get more details! looking forward to hearing from you! 

*awkward bow*

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}