Thursday, October 25, 2012

fridays + weekends are for...

wrap: Windsor Store / white tee, tank: Forever 21 / jeans: american eagle / wedged boots (last season): c/o Blowfish Shoes / leather bracelet: c/o Salvage West

- breaking fashion blogger rules and re-wearing (total moment of word inventing!) the same outfit on the blog from the previous year.
- drinking lots of hot chocolate with a ton of marshmellows (thanks to Ginny's instragram, i've been craving it since).
- planning a weekend full of autumn adventures (headed to the Pumpkin Patch this Saturday with my small group girls and our church's Fall Festival on Sunday - woohoo!)
- attempting The Walking Dead on Netflix. i am not a zombie girl at all (more of the vampire type!) but Ryan keeps telling me how the storyline is ridiculously good - so i'm super intrigued! plus a lot of you keep talking about it, so my interests keeps getting peaked - any more thoughts? do i need to watch it behind a pillow or two?!
- getting back to riding 20+ mile bike rides with Dad (we have taken the past two weeks off - ouch! this is gonna hurt!).
- trying to keep my lips sealed with some giddy, i-am-about-to-explode news. when i am given permission to explode, i will! we are talking confetti and all. 
- catching up on some blog reading and discovering new ones (i'm noticing there are some new friends who are visiting this little ole blog, so plase leave your blog in the link, i'd love to say hi!)

what do fridays and weekends mean for you, friend?

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. i LOVE how you always present a genuine smile whenever you make posts about your outfits! It makes your photos a thousand times better :)

    As for The Walking Dead,I would really love to stay and chat about it but then I'll ruin it for you ;) Go watch it!

    Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  2. Love this outfit! I am also so busy with are Church's Festival (:

    Lizzy <3

  3. You wear that outfit two years in a row!!! I'm all for it! If it's cute, it's cute.

    What's the NEWS?!!!!

  4. I LOVE this sweater, it's so cute! I'm really short so it could probably be a bath robe on me :) But I love it on you.


    1. i'm only 5'3 and i made it work, so i'm sure you can to! :)

  5. I just spent 10 minutes trying to figure out how to pull off the "bun on top of my head" look, gave up, and clicked over to your blog... where I see you completely ROCKING it! Now I'm inspired to try some more :) ps: super impressed with 20+ miles!

  6. I love your outfit! So pretty :)
    I am one of your newest followers, and I'm really enjoying your blog! My blog is:

    God Bless! <3

  7. oooh i'm excited about this news!! if you find that you just absolutely cannot hold it in can totally tell me. i know i know....that's a heavy burden for me to bear but, i'm willing to bear it.

    in other news. ugh-dore this sweater!!! like a lot. and the topknot....seriously?! my hair looked good in a top knot once...unfortunately it was 1am and i was headed to bed. grrrr

  8. Happy weekend friend! :)
    Love your bohemian-ish outfit, those boots, and your free spirit. So excited to hear your news too!!! Hugs from IL!

  9. All of my friends keep telling me to start watching The Walking Dead, too! I need to have a marathon of the episodes.

  10. Hattitude Style Blog
    illy! just love the cardigan you are wearing. inspiration on how to wear my brown and red one! thanks! ah secrets are the best. can't wait for you to share it with us, confetti worthy? it's gonna be a good one!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

  11. great minds must think alike, because we've been watching it over here too! it is scary though, i've been having trouble sleeping at night.....

    let me know how you like it!

  12. This is so cute! I can just picture curling up in a big comfy chair with a book and hot chocolate. :)

  13. you are so cute! <3
    and i'm not a huge walking dead fan. i want to love it, i really do, and we watch it all the time... but sometimes, it's just reallllly boring. like they draw the story out soooo much. it's still decent though i guess.
    xoxox dana

  14. You have the best outfit posts. So so cute :)

  15. I love the wrap, its cute.
    And I admit it, am a new reader, come say hi!
    Millie's Little Palace

  16. I enjoy the Walking Dead a lot, but I must admit...I cover my eyes when they start killing things. It gets to be a little more than I can stomach at times. But the show is truly amazing. You get attached quickly to the characters and their stories. Very good :) xoxo

  17. Your SO beautiful. LOVE that outfit. I hope you have a great weekend full of fun. Blessings!

  18. Hi, Illy!!! That outfit totally rocks! Hey, would you mind doing a tutorial one day on how you do your hair in a topknot? I have tried and tried, and you totally own that look! So if you wouldn't mind sharing your secrets one day, that would be legit! =)

    1. thank you, payton! i put together a little messy bun tutorial on this previous post awhile back: enjoy! :)

  19. i am all about expanding my large cute sweater collection this winter. grabbing boots, jeans and white tee and an awesome sweater sounds like the perfect way to spend my mornings :)

    xo dilyn

  20. ohhh, can't wait to hear this exciting news! have a great weekend illy!

  21. Love that sweater! The pattern is gorgeous [and so is your awesome hairstyle!!].
    Exciting news, oh boy! I can't wait to hear it. (:

  22. I want to know your news!!

    AND I want to steal your wrap!

  23. Such a lovely outfit, that wrap is gorgeous! Happy Monday xxx

  24. I love your wrap! I'm a new reader.

  25. love love your cardigan! wish i got it when you got it!!
    Sandy a la Mode


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