Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 sweater: Forever21 / shake it out polka dot dress: c/o Kintage / tights: c/o We Love Colors / booties: c/o Blowfish Shoes / lipstick: NARS heatwave 

obsessed with: NARS heatwave lipstick. 
watching: XFactor, Dancing with the Stars, Married to Jonas and Once Upon a Time.
fashion favorites: anything black and gold, leather, black lace, statement necklaces, and polka dots. 
wishing for: a colored itouch or iphone (in green, pls!). Minnetonka Moccasins. more time with Ryan. 
listening to: "I Knew You were Trouble" by Taylor Swift and "Need You Now" by Plumb. 
eating: lately i have been craving Doritos more than usual. also munching on White Chocolate cookies from my sister in Iowa (woohoo for fun mail!) 
can't wait for: the next rainy day so that i can splash in puddles in my new red Hunter boots! 
missing: Ryan (already counting down the days to the next time i see him!)

post inspired by the gorgeous, inspiring Danielle of Sometimes Sweet!
 feel free to do your own currently post and leave your blog link. i'd love to check it out!

side note : Ryan took my outfit pictures over the weekend. he amazes me! these pictures make me so happy because first, he took them himself and because i feel like they truly captured the joy i felt - being with Ryan and relishing in the autumn weather! plus the day was cool enough to finally comfortably wear tights, boots and rock some layers - yay! 

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


  1. I absolutely love your dress and your man has a great eye in photography!

  2. love the pictures, he's really good (and so are you!).

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  3. Ah, I just got a pair of Minnetonka Moccasins and I adore them, they're SO COMFY. You need to get a pair!

  4. "see rock city" goodness the nostalgia that sign brings! grew up twenty mins away from lookout mtn:)

    ps.... you totally rock all those diff colors perfectly!

  5. Cute post and I love your outfit! You should be watching The Voice too! :)

  6. i love how you layered the sweater over the dress!! and i agree with shannon, the voice all the way!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  7. i am so so glad that you got to see ryan and spend time with him! :)

  8. Sometimes I try to watch Married to Jonas so I can catch glimpses of Nick...he's my favorite brother

  9. Nothing is sweeter than a man photographing the woman he loves. You guys are adorable. And you are stunning in these!

  10. love your outfit - it is so fall! I also want a pair of minnetonka moccasins....I saw some at marshall's last week for $25 and passed them up. I have been thinking about them ever since and need to go back and get them.

  11. I love the photos! Your Ryan did a good job!
    Once upon a time is mentioned in my currently post too! What a fun thing to watch!! :D

    I love these type of posts!

    Saar || The Week Peek

  12. Kuya Ryan is such a good photographer. love the outfit! :)

  13. your SO beautiful. and your fiance is a GREAT photographer. You have taught him well.

  14. I am glad that fall is finally coming your way :)

  15. oh and that song by plumb is awesome. she has such a beautiful voice. and I am OBSESSED with polka dots this season. can't get enough.

  16. Love your polka dots and that lipstick colour is amazing:) Btw: XFactor & Dancing with the Stars is awesome:)xoxo

  17. LOVE that you can pull off that lipstick color! You look fab sistah! I totally did a currently post :) Thanks for the inspiration! Now I just need to get the nerve to try some lipstick :) XOXOXO

  18. Cute outfit! I must do this "currently"-type post: so fun! :)


  19. I just love your style! All of your clothes are so adorable. And you are gorgeous too. :)


  20. Okay, YOU are too cute!!!! LOVE your polka dots and the bright red tights! Eeek, you're so fall over there, it's ridiculous! And Ryan is quite the photographer- I love that you are radiating happiness in the photos. So adorable!

  21. AwW cute photos girl! As always :)

    I want the new itouch too. I haven't even had mine a year and they already came out with a new one :( lol Oh well :P thats how the story goes :)

  22. Love your lipstick color! For some straaaange reason, I've been wanting to wear a bright colored lipstick for the fall...and I don't wear lipstick at all!

    Check out my "currently" post:

  23. You are just looking so lovely!
    I have a Ryan too. Aren't they great?! =]

  24. These might be some of my fav photos of you yet. Gorgeous!

  25. You're so pretty and I love the red lip! I'm also a big fan of Once Upon a Time.

    Ryan took great photos!

    Remember to enter my InPink $30 for 30 Giveaway!

  26. That's so sweet he took your photos, and I can tell how happy you are in these photos Ilene! You look absolutely gorgeous! I also absolutely love your burnt orange top and polka dot skirt! SO cute.


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