Tuesday, October 30, 2012

currently. (a mini version.)

 striped stretch tee, tweed shorts, leggings: Forever 21 / wellies: Hunter Boots
 scarf: c/o Snowdrift Designs / lipstick: NARS heatwave

praying: for our friends in the Northeast greatly affected by Hurricane Sandy.
drinking: lots of OJ (with lots of pulp) because i'm fighting an annoying cold.
wearing: my red hunter boots and scarves because it's chilly enough to (finally).
craving: pumpkin flavored anything, candy corn, and hot chocolate.
playing: a lot of old school Galaga on the Wii with my daddy (our throats hurt from screaming). 
killing: way too many spiders indoors lately.
wishing: i could visit my friends in TN and hold their sweet newborn baby, Liam
obsessing: over the color of this scarf from my sweet friend, Kirtley
reading: The Finale of the Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzgerald, one of my favorite teen fic series. 
dreaming: about the future and all that will unfold in the coming months. 
missing: Ryan and Chicago, especially during this time of the year with all the holiday festivities.
learning: to continue to trust my God in the midst of the hard times.
deceiving: my body to thinking that i'm not sick so got all dressed today (make-up, leggings and all) but it wasn't working so i changed back into PJs this afternoon. not that i'm complaining or anything.

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

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  1. Hope that nasty cold goes away soon! and I love that scarf, perfect for the season! (well, in your place at least. NZ's heading towards the summer season. We celebrate Christmas in summer. Eck)

    Gia @ Lovely Serendipity

  2. yayyyyy red hunter boots!! love how you styled them!!! :)

  3. Well you don't look sick. Have you tried Emergen-C? Works wonders for me!

    1. I totally rely on Emergen-C. It's worked for me so far this year whenever I feel a cold coming.

  4. Awesome outfit-I love your wellies and stripes. (I'm a fan of anything and everything striped, eek!) And the scarf is so lively! You are adorable!

  5. i LOVE that scarf! I've been searching for one like that. too cute!

  6. Let me know how The Finale is. I'll be reading it soon.

    Love the photo with the little pumpkin by your feet.

  7. You are such a cutie! LOVE your boots! I know I've already said that, though, but really. They are amazeballs. Feel better sooooon, girl!!!

  8. Cute cute outfit. :) Love that baby pumpkin! haha! I hope you are feeling better soon! Colds are no fun, at all! Happy Halloween!! :D

  9. Love you and miss you and feel better soon!! :)

  10. You are too cute! And Oh my gosh!! Emailing you now!! YAY!! Thank you!!!!

  11. This is such a cute outfit, lady!! I love those awesome red boots. I hope you feel better soon! xo

  12. You are so adorable! Cutest outfit ever, love your blog :)

  13. WOW your super red Wellingtons really float my boat, you really rock them.

  14. So adorable! Love your bright rainboots and pretty scarf.


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