Wednesday, October 31, 2012

i was given permission to explode.

remember the secret i mentioned last week?! this is it, good people. and do pardon me and my family's lack of prep for this video (we were totally caught off guard - towels, wet hair, no make-up, etc) and the burst of emotional reactions that we women in this family (um, especially me) tend to display when we are at the height of our emotions. dont' say i didn't warn you. i look hideous when i cry.

note: skype coversation is between my family and my sister + her hubby in Iowa. 'lolo' and 'lola' are very special tagalog words to my parents. *wink*

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}


{my sister + our very own frankenweenie brought back to life!}

everyone have fun + stay safe tonight! 
oh, and eat lots of good candy 'cause then again, IMHO, there is no such thing as bad candy!

much love.
{happy wednesday + halloween night!}

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

currently. (a mini version.)

 striped stretch tee, tweed shorts, leggings: Forever 21 / wellies: Hunter Boots
 scarf: c/o Snowdrift Designs / lipstick: NARS heatwave

praying: for our friends in the Northeast greatly affected by Hurricane Sandy.
drinking: lots of OJ (with lots of pulp) because i'm fighting an annoying cold.
wearing: my red hunter boots and scarves because it's chilly enough to (finally).
craving: pumpkin flavored anything, candy corn, and hot chocolate.
playing: a lot of old school Galaga on the Wii with my daddy (our throats hurt from screaming). 
killing: way too many spiders indoors lately.
wishing: i could visit my friends in TN and hold their sweet newborn baby, Liam
obsessing: over the color of this scarf from my sweet friend, Kirtley
reading: The Finale of the Hush, Hush series by Becca Fitzgerald, one of my favorite teen fic series. 
dreaming: about the future and all that will unfold in the coming months. 
missing: Ryan and Chicago, especially during this time of the year with all the holiday festivities.
learning: to continue to trust my God in the midst of the hard times.
deceiving: my body to thinking that i'm not sick so got all dressed today (make-up, leggings and all) but it wasn't working so i changed back into PJs this afternoon. not that i'm complaining or anything.

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

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Monday, October 29, 2012

bonnie's insight on blogging + high school + stuff.

so i really feel like this woman needs no introduction.
she will have you at hello.
seriously, she is funny, too cute, and has some incredible, hilarious insight on this complicated, crazy world called blogging. so i think that you should grab a mug of hot chocolate, sit back, relax and be enlightened.


Why hello there.

The name is Bonnie Blackburn Larsen and writing nonsense is my game.  Sometimes I get in trouble for what I write, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.  The husband's name is Greg and I've been told I would be a fool for letting the internet Gods know my husband's name because now they can steal our identities and invade our home, GASP!  Therefore, to protect us from cyber devils and because it seems somehow hip I have named him Hubs.  I pride myself on originality.

This is me in my very sexiest form.  I look like this about 0.0021% of my life.  Maybe less.

This is me in my ugliest form- dressed up as Voldemort for midnight Harry Potter premieres. 
I just felt like from the get go you needed to know me in my best and worst forms.  Just know that usually I am somewhere in the middle of those two extremities, but creeping over more into the Voldemort side, no doubt.

If you are still interested in me, (oh this sounds so romantic!) you have a couple of options from here.

Option #1: Continue reading this post on Illy's blog where I will talk about blogging and high school and how the two may be much more similar than we realize. 

Option #2: Visit my blog where you may read all my rambling to your heart's content.  You might wanna check out this post which will give you a very personal, loving tour of the blog and a guide to the greatest posts- the romantic ones about my Hub-a-dubs, the ones about teaching high school to bratty teenagers, and even the scandalous ones.

Option #3:  While at my blog, enter Monday's giveaway- the absolutely biggest giveaway I have ever done in the blog's history!  It ends tomorrow so you better get your buns moving!

Option #4:  All of the above

(Pick #4!  Pick #4)

Let's dive right in, shall we?

I spend the waking hours of 7-3 crammed in a classroom with forty pubescent hormonal seventeen year olds.

AKA.  I teach high school.

Strangely enough, I quite like it. It is fun to be in high school, but not be in high school at the same time. To be closely involved with all the excitement of youth, but to still be an outsider, not involved in the drama, the tears, the endless switching up of boyfriends.

The other day I received an email about something that had happened in the blogging world and as I read it I thought, "Oh my goodness, this sounds just like the crap I have to deal with all day at high school."

Bing.  The light bulb went off.  A post was born.

And so, I present to you:

by Bonnie Blackburn Larsen
October 30, 2012
4th period

1.  Everybody rambles on and on about how great their boyfriends are.  Only now those boyfriends have converted themselves into husbands.  I get real sick of hearing my 16 year old students go on and on about how fabulous their boyfriends are.  I also get sick of bloggers talking about how great their husbands are.  Before you all jump all over me I will say that I have also been guilty of doing this.  Heck, I love Hubs as much as the next woman loves her husband.  I guess what starts to bother me is when I feel like bloggers are being competitive in their love for their husbands, almost as if they are saying, "I love my husband more than you love your husband."  Can we all just admit that yes, our husbands are great, but they can also be real stinkers sometimes?!

2.  You better look cute, darn it!  The clothes conscious/ fashion conscious/ everybody is lookin at me mentality of high school also exists in the blogging world.  Never since high school have I cared so much about what I wore as when I started blogging prolificly.  All of a sudden I felt like I had to have more clothes, cuter jewelry, and the most expensive of everything.  Since when did I even care about this stuff as long as my hair was combed and I didn't smell.  Sheesh!  I was joking with my friend Jennie about a blogger meet up that we are going to this week and we joked about how we must be wearing skinny jeans or colored tights or thrifted shirts or surely we'd get thrown out on our butts.  Image is everything in high school.  Image is everything in blogging.  Oh, how the worlds collide!

3.  It is a popularity contest.

Blogging is all about getting lots of people to know who you are, even if you don't actually know those people back.  You don't even have to really be nice to them,(Yes, I am harboring a grudge for those "popular" bloggers who don't think they have to respond to my emails) you just have to get them to know that you are a big shot.  Oh... blogging.

4.  People think they can super rude things they would never get away with anywhere else in the world.  I always like to tease about the reader who called me "bean paste" when I admitted I had parked in a handicapped stall.  But all kidding aside, seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  Where do you get the nerve thinking you can say that to another human being?  I had one person comment a couple of months ago that she loved reading my blog every day so she could sit behind her computer screen and laugh at my ignorance.  Um.. okay?  What is the point of telling me that?  When I wrote my post on risky writing I received this comment from Lauren:

I grew up in a family where you didn't talk religion, politics, money, it has always been very hard for me to address those controversial subjects. Heck we even kept our private lives private when anything wasn't going our way. Blogging has opened a whole new world to me of being able to be open about my life. I still haven't written about my wedding (because as great as it was there are some secrets there) but I have written about my sister's cancer.

But the worst thing so far for me was that I was begged by a blogger to do a guest post about how God has shown me something. It was a hard post for me to write (because I am just learning to talk about those hard things) and I wrote it and gave it to her. She said it was great...but forgot to post it for 2 weeks in favor of link ups to gain more followers.

When she finally posted it, people commented saying that I was the scum of the earth and ungodly. So she said she had to take it down.  It hurt so much because I was proud of the post. I am hoping one day I have the bravery to post that post on my own blog, but I love how you are free from risks here on your blog and will continue to be an avid reader of your blog everyday

These kinds of comments break my heart.  What is with people saying mean things?  Sometimes blogging reminds me of the movie Mean Girls all grown up.  We are all adults here and the online blogging bullying has honestly has got to stop and now I feel like I am giving a lecture to my 16 years old, but seriously, stop!  No more hate comments! 

Wow, I got a little carried away with that one.  My bad!

5.  There are cliques.  Lots of cliques.  In my high school there are the jocks, the cheerleaders, the studious Mormons, the band geeks, the drama club, the gothics.  Everyone has got their little clique and they don't like to venture out much.  Thus it is with bloggging.  Have you noticed that there are certain bloggers who are always giving shout outs to each other, linking up with each other, and constantly tweeting each other.  I think that's great.  Interestingly enough I've met some really cool friends from blogging.  But I also think you gotta reach outside your comfort zone.  Don't exclude others in your love for some.  Like my mama always told me in high school, "Bonnie!  Don't be cliquey!"

6.  Some awkward standing around at parties is involved.   Remember high school when you would go to parties and try to look really cool and hip and do your darndest to fit in and make everyone believe you are having a rip roaring good time?  Totally reminds me awkward blogger meetups I have attended.  Not because the meetups were crummy, but because I am an awkward person.  In the picture below I do, in fact, look like I am having a blast.  I am, in fact, feeling quite awkward.

Well chicas, that wraps up my ever so informative comparison essay of blogging and high school.  I realize that, like high school, it is probably nothing more than a bunch of fluff mingled with very little education.  Now hurry your butts over to my blog to say hi already.  We can be friends, and I promise I'm a much better friend than the ones you had in high school!


can we just have a little group hug right here and right now? me, you, and bonnie! i freaking love this girl - and if you do too, show her lots of awesome love over in her part of blog world right over HERE

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}

p.s. to all our friends in the Northeastern parts of the US having to deal with Hurrican Sandy, stay safe! praying for you guys! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

a story amidst a field of pumpkinless pumpkin patches.

so once upon a time a group of youth group leaders and teen girls headed out to a pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins to carve or to deck out our front porches. upon arriving to the patch, they arrived to a very bare field with oh...5 or so rotten pumpkins. though they were disappointed, everyone found the ordeal quite hilarious and still made a good time by picking from the collection of pumpkins indoors and indulging in some of the best juicy burgers in the county (i had the blue cheese burger - mmm, so good!). the group also discovered several huge piles of straw hay all over the pumpkin-less fields and could not resist diving, jumping and burying themselves in the mounds.

so despite the lack of pumpkins, these ladies still were able to have a hay of a good time! *wink*

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

fridays + weekends are for...

wrap: Windsor Store / white tee, tank: Forever 21 / jeans: american eagle / wedged boots (last season): c/o Blowfish Shoes / leather bracelet: c/o Salvage West

- breaking fashion blogger rules and re-wearing (total moment of word inventing!) the same outfit on the blog from the previous year.
- drinking lots of hot chocolate with a ton of marshmellows (thanks to Ginny's instragram, i've been craving it since).
- planning a weekend full of autumn adventures (headed to the Pumpkin Patch this Saturday with my small group girls and our church's Fall Festival on Sunday - woohoo!)
- attempting The Walking Dead on Netflix. i am not a zombie girl at all (more of the vampire type!) but Ryan keeps telling me how the storyline is ridiculously good - so i'm super intrigued! plus a lot of you keep talking about it, so my interests keeps getting peaked - any more thoughts? do i need to watch it behind a pillow or two?!
- getting back to riding 20+ mile bike rides with Dad (we have taken the past two weeks off - ouch! this is gonna hurt!).
- trying to keep my lips sealed with some giddy, i-am-about-to-explode news. when i am given permission to explode, i will! we are talking confetti and all. 
- catching up on some blog reading and discovering new ones (i'm noticing there are some new friends who are visiting this little ole blog, so plase leave your blog in the link, i'd love to say hi!)

what do fridays and weekends mean for you, friend?

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

this is one OUTRAGEOUS OCTOBER group giveaway!

oh October, you have been absolutely magical.
though i do not live in the cooler parts of the US, i still experience the feel the magic of the autumn season with it's crunchy leaves and pumpkin spice lattes and the department store aisles filled with Christmas decorations. yes, i did say Christmas decorations - seems like the Loews and Walmart have been skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving in their entirety. just me? mmmkay. thought so.

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much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}

it's that time of the month. no, not that one.

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*awkward bow*

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

to be honest.

 dress: Belk / shoes: Madden Girl / multi-chain bracelet: c/o Posh Locket / bag: c/o Stephanie Johnson 

to be honest Taylor Swift's new cd, Red has been on repeat all day long. especially 22.

to be honest i use this orange tote bag nearly every single day.

to be honest i'd live off of red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting if i could.

to be honest it really bothers me when people don't care about the upcoming Presidential election or the future of this country and that all that matters is that their favorite tv show didn't play that night. *big sigh*

to be honest besides T-Swift, Ellie Goulding and Cher Lloyd are the other two ladies on repeat on my ipod.

to be honest i normally wait till after thanksgiving to listen to Christmas music, but i find myself wanting to listen to it earlier and earlier every single year. 

to be honest i don't like these pictures of me but i love the outfit, so they are getting posted, yo! 

to be honest people who tweet about the millions of emails that they have yet to reply to make me laugh. if you really have a million of emails to reply to why are you busy telling the world that? get on those nonexistent emails! 

to be honest my hunter boots have been waiting patiently in the corner of my room still unworn due to our high temperatures here in the south.

to be honest frozen yogurt is greater than ice cream. 

to be honest i feel like a big ole "things on mah mind" post will be coming up real soon - lots of mental barf headed your way, folks. you can't say you weren't warned. *wink*

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

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Monday, October 22, 2012

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much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}

Sunday, October 21, 2012

somebody is doing a little happy dance.

man, my heart is feeling especially full and grateful after this past weekend. so with my heart overflowing and my mind with so much to process and until i finally can get "the words down on paper", here are a few of the big and little things that leave me feeling grateful and oh so happy. 

like i mentioned in last Friday's post, our church held its first Missions Conference - and we got the chance to meet with and hear from missionaries from all over the world. my heart continues to be stirred by the work that these men and women do on a daily basis - some of them surrendering their very lives so that the Jesus' name be proclaimed among the nations through the proclaiming of the Bible and by serving people in need. everyone of these men and women have become so dear to my heart and will not be forgotten.

my sister gave me a gift card for my birthday so i picked out a pair of Minnetonka Moccassins! i have been an eyeing a pair for forever and i am madly in love with them. they are the most comfortable thing on the planet, i might have to say - so soft and cute! 

my family and i attended a US Marine Corps recruit graduation on Parris Island last week. i have seen many graduations having grown up a military child - however, this is the first time that there was someone we knew who was a close family friend and have the chance to witness his graduation. i love this photo of father and son.  it was a very special time - and we are so proud of  you, PFC Cerrillo!

i am thankful for Emily and her friendship. she is personally such an encouragement to me and has the biggest heart for God. she is also just downright cute and a total blast to be around! love her! 

i just realized that i never featured these photos on the blog yet even though they have been featured in the shop for about a month now. isn't Arianna absolutely gorgeous?! these are some of my favorite photos from our photo shoot. (find these two headbands in the shop HERE and HERE.) and speaking of headbands, i am giddy about my upcoming holiday designs so be on the lookout! 

and last but not least, i have been thinking through this quote a lot that i heard from our keynote speaker of the Missions Conference, Alistair Begg, last Friday night:

"if dependence (on God) is the objective, then weakness is the advantage."


what is leaving you feeling grateful and oh so happy, my friend?

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

Thursday, October 18, 2012

tugged and stirred.

 dress: Belk / nude pumps: Madden Girl / lipstick: Nars Heatwave / earrings: c/o Le Mode Accessories

it's been a very busy week in our household. our church is hosting it's first ever Missions Conference where missionaries supported by our church come from all over the globe to be reconnect with the local church and other fellow missionaries. so in between lunch meals and hosting dinner parties in honor of our missionary friends, we've had the opportunity to hear speakers, testimonies and listen to fabulous worship music throughout this week. and though it's been a very busy week (what i wouldn't give for a long cat nap right about now), it's been a rejuvenating week - a time of reflection for me personally and a time of encouragement to hear the testimonies of so many people who have given up their lives to help people all over the globe for the sake of Jesus Christ and the message of the cross. 

and this morning, my mom, sister and i got dressed up (note me all dressed up above - well, not really but it's not your typical t-shirt and jeans attire) to attend the Women's Tea and Breakfast where we got the chance to talk with some of the female missionaries one on one as well as hear several personal testimonies of the work that they are doing overseas and within the U.S. i gotta tell ya - my own heart was very much tugged and stirred - both to be praying more for these women and their families and for my own heart with it's own yearning to go overseas (particularly to serve in the Philippines as a translator among many other dreams to help women out of poverty and trafficking - but that is a story for another day ;)). 

so for now, i'm gonna sneak in a nap before our meal with the missionaries and friends tonight!
*big cheesy grin* and this girl is over and out! happy weekend, folks!

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

sponsor love + giveaway with Asian iCandy.

it is no lie that i am a huge fan of Asian i-Candy and their fantastic clothing and accessories! i love the variety of colors and styles that you can find on one website! whether you want to rock the Asian vibe or the bohemian look, you're bound to find a million and one things that you will want to say, "come here to momma!" i personally adore this embroidered curved dress and the colorful messenger bag - they are my fave! oh, and i feel ultra special with this feature Asian iCandy did of me *blush*!


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much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

thank you, christina.

 vest: c/o Vintage Urban Renewal / lace top, maxi skirt: Belk / teal tank: Forever 21 / wedge boots: c/o Blowfish Shoes / bracelets: c/o PoshLocket and Salvage West 

if the recent trends of neon bright colors and the oversized sweaters and big hair aren't  bringing you back to the 80's, well then, my friend, i'm bringing it right up to you and your computer screen with this denim vest - popped collar and all. and i totally stole this look right from Miss Christina Aguilera herself (September 2012 Lucky magazine), the whole idea of combining unexpected contrasted textures. i have already been obsessed with that fashion concept for forever (um, since the 80's probably) but she just set it in stone for me when i saw her photo shoot. 

so thank you Christina, you have done more than grace the world with your big voice and chest. you opened my eyes to the possibilities of denim and black lace, and i am forever grateful. 

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

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Monday, October 15, 2012

sponsor love + giveaway with The Style Projects.

meet Sharde of The Style Projects.

I'm Sharde and The Style Projects is my place to be on the internet. I'm a hairstylist in Northern California, but I'm a Texas girl, born and raised! I love dressing up and putting together new outfits. Sewing, Hairstyling, Crafting, you name it- creativity drips through my veins and I love doing anything creative!


this darling, gorgeous fashion blogger really needs no introduction! after entering her fabulous giveaway (it is seriously a good one - especially if you are obsessed with hair products *points to self *!), you really need to head on over to The Style Projects and check out her colorful, stylish outfit posts, hair tutorials, and hair stylist adventures! you do not want to miss out on the goodness over on her part of blog world!


today Sharde is giving away an uh-mazing giveaway package!she is giving away a full set of 100% human hair extensions (12-14" chestnut/golden blonde, can be colored by a professional and valued at $100!), travel size Davines Melu shampoo + conditioner (valued at $19), Davines Ol Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion for damaged hair and helps split ends (valued at $15), and last but not least one month of large ad space on Sharde's blog! 

whew, was that an incredible package of goodness or what?! 

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much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}

Sunday, October 14, 2012

two stories about leather.

 dress: Belk (birthday gift from mom!) / leather jacket: c/o Oasap
tights: c/o We Love Colors / shoes: c/o Blowfish Shoes

the first story takes place in a Forever 21 dressing room last week during my visit in GA. i have been admiring the liquid leggings look (which are basically thin faux leather leggings). you know the whole big oversized sweater with ankle boots and those sleek, shiny leggings? yup, that one. so i told myself the next time i came across a pair at a store i would try them on. they looked comfy yet still oh so chic. sure enough, i found a burgundy and a black pair at a Forever 21 and to save you from absolute disgust, i looked back at my reflection rocking those leggings. and yup, i might have thrown up in my mouth. twice actually. first with the burgundy, then a second time with the black pair. not for me and my bootaaaaay.

second story. i fell in love with this motorcycle jacket, and if it wasn't for the 80 degree weather, i would never have taken it off since it's arrival in the mail. thankfully autumn is sloooooooooowly making it's appearance to our state and i was able to rock the jacket earlier this morning when there was a chill in the air. everything about it is perfect - the feel of the (fake) leather, the pockets, the collar, and the fit - and me and my bootay have agreed that it is a much preferable look. 

but hey, that's just our opinion.

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

Friday, October 12, 2012


is it just me? or does it seems like that word is making it's appearance more than usual these days. obligatory weekend recaps on blogs. obligatory debate 2012 tweets. obligatory shampoo during showers. obligatory milk in your cereal. you get the picture. and not that obligatory anything is a bad thing. in most cases, obligatory is a good thing.

so....every one of my visits to GA to see Ryan includes an obligatory run to Panda Express, Chipotle and the nearest fro-yo place. Chipotle and Panda Express have always been favorite places for us because when we lived in Chicago - we went there way too many times a week. and since i don't have a fro-yo place close to me in my town, he always treats me to a cup or two during my visits. 

chicken burrito bowl. no beans. extra rice. milk salsa. extra sour cream. extra cheese. and a pinch of lettuce. and a cup of water. for some reason, i have always thought Chipotle to have fantastic water. and you cannot not applaud whoever does their graphic design work. i go crazy over it every.single.time.

classic tart. pomegranate. mango. topped with pomegranate. kiwi. mangos. bobo balls. and blackberries. i don't think there has been a fro-yo place i disliked but my favorites would def have to be Lovin' Spoons in the next town over, Yogurt King when i visit Ryan's, and Pinkberry in Chicago. and yes, even though it was pretty chilly that day we went, i could not resist! 

obligatory food and fro-yo post from GA. 
there you have it. BAM! 

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}