Sunday, September 30, 2012

twenty eight.

mom, me and daddy - October 1984

1. i was born at 7:44pm, October 1st on an American base in an American hospital in the Philippines 28 years ago.

2. my all time favorite ice cream is cake batter ice cream from Cold Stone, mixed in with lots of cookie dough.

3. Wicked is my favorite Broadway. i have seen it 4x and been backstage 2x.

4. i love all kinds of candy - especially sour patch kids/watermelon, reese's peanut butter cups, jolly ranchers, airheads and sweet-tarts!

5. i have 2 sisters, Kristine and Ashley who are my best friends - one is married and lives in Iowa, and i live with the other one who keeps life hilarious every day.

6. there is nothing like getting sucked into a good book and staying up super late to finish it.

7. oh, wait. getting sucked into a good movie or tv series are high up on my list too.

8. i am 100% filipina. i can understand Tagalog really well, but cannot speak it fluently. sad, but true.

9. i have a hard time re-reading books; however, Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott is the only book i've read more than once.

10. my relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship in my life.

11. i spend too much money on food and music.

12. i have never broken a bone in my body.

13. i don't believe in bad luck. (heh, see what i did there?)

14. i believe in family and am blessed with the best one in the world.

15. when people guess my age, they always guess that i am nineteen. hopefully, they keep guess that for many years to come.

me with my mom and uncle, eating cake with shifty eyes.

16. i prefer cupcakes over actual cakes (red velvet with cream cheese frosting are da best).

17. i am team edward, team damon, and team peeta.

18. my life long dream is to write a book.

19. when i grow up and become famous, the first person that i would want to interview me is Ryan Seacrest.

20. coffee is a major problem addiction in my life.

21. i grew up a military brat, living all over the East Coast and overseas in Japan and the Philippines.

22.  i have only fallen in love with one person in my life - and it's with my best friend and fiance, Ryan.

23. sometimes i think i'm Jim from The Office, looking off to the side for a camera to understand the awkwardness of the moment.

24. i have a weakness for McDonald french fries.

25. the first chapter book i ever read was Trumpet of the Swam by E.B. White.

26. i start every morning with a cup of coffee, reading my Bible and writing in my journal.

27. when i go to the movies, i have to show up early enough to get the best seat, my popcorn, and so that i have time to go to the bathroom before the previews (i love previews!).

28. i still get excited over birthday celebrations! i don't need a party but i do love it when i can spend it with people that i love the most. today's my birthday and i get to do that very thing. and i get to continue my birthday celebration through the weekend when i visit Ryan in GA - woohoo!

me and my first teddy bear.

and now, my friend, if you made it through all 28 of these random facts, then we might need to throw a celebration for you! i am very impressed. *wink* and to anyone else who might have a birthday today, happy birthday to you, too, friend! 

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}


  1. HAPPPY BIRTHDAY BLOG BESTIE!!!! May this year be filled with amazingness!! I wish I could eat cupcakes with you... ALL NIGHT LONG!! Miss ya soo much!!! Let's make this year, the year we see each other again, k promise??

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. This is so sweet! Happy Birthday! I hope you have such a great year!

  3. WHAT!? Omg we are almost birthday twins!!!! How extra special! Happy birthday pretty lady! I miss you so!

  4. Happy birthday!! I hope you have a lovely day :)
    I'm so with you on the candies...yum!
    And, I've never broken a bone either! xoxo

  5. Haaaaappppy Birthday! Welcome to the 28 club. It's the coolest club around these parts. We get to eat sour patch kids and watch bad/good tv shows all day long!! :) Me love you long time girl!

  6. happpppy birthday to one of the sweetest, most genuine ladies i know! and here's to looking 19 forever. :)

    come to seattle soon-- we'll drink lots of coffee :)

  7. Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over 19! My favorite part of this post: the pictures!! 2nd fave: team Peeta!

  8. Happy Birthday, sweet friend!!!!!! Hope you have an incredible day!!!!! Love you!!!
    P.S. Word on #9! Love that book xo

  9. Happy Bday girl!

    Very nice to get to know even more about you! Have a great day!

    xo Martie

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  11. And I totally just left you a comment through the Influence Conference account. haha Happy Birthday, friend! I'm so blessed to know you and hope to get the opportunity to hug you in person again someday soon!

  12. Aw, well happy happy HAPPIEST of birthdays! You really do look young for your age (in a totally awesome Filipina way!) I loved reading the facts about you and getting to know you better through your blog. I feel like I should get a little more personal on mine, too.

    Have a wonderful trip to GA! I'm falling more in love with that state :D Take care!

    - Melissa, The 25th Hour Blog

  13. Happy Birthday!!!!

    And yes, everytime I eat at McDonalds I think of you. Every.Time.

  14. Oh my goodness, happy birthday!! :)

    I totally feel ya on 6 & 7!

  15. I wanted to high-five you and say "me too!" on a lot of these!
    Love ya girlie, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


  16. God bless you girly. I hope its an amazing birthday :)!!


  17. Happy Birthday! :) Love the old pictures-- wait, is it ok to say "old?" I guess it is if people think you're 19, right? ;)

  18. #23 is by FAR the best random fact on here!! although the others are pretty awesome too (previews? heck yes! edward? you betcha! and writing a SOOO need to!) Hope you have the best birthday glad you get to spend it with your fam and Ryan this weekend! so blessed to know you! :)

  19. Happy Birthday, Ilene! You were born my senior year of college.

  20. happy birthday!! I love number 27! I need to do that every morning! hope you have a great day celebrating!

  21. Happy birthday, Illy!!!!! Have a fantabolous day, and I pray that God will bless your year!

  22. happy birthday friend, this was fun to read!! So I haven't broken a bone in my 24 years back! haha nuts, huh? And cupcakes are more fun than cake anyday!

    I love all these little facts!
    I have to get to the theater early too so I can get a good seat + watch the previews! (I smuggle in my own candy) :) + People always think I am in my teens too and often think I'm still in high school! haha!

  24. Happy birthday! Red velvet is definitely the best. There's a place here that makes red velvet cake balls -OMG. So good.

    Also, I did not realize we are the same age (I turn 28 later this month) - definitely thought you were younger!

  25. Ate illy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super haaaaapppppyyyy birthdaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!! I enjoy reading those 28 random things about you. Thanks for being such an amazing friend. Love ya and hope to meet you again. :). -Lhen

  26. Happy Birthday Illy!! My fav fact was #24 I'm obsessed with those fries too. Hope you have a great great year! xoxo Elba :)

  27. "i am team edward, team damon, and team peeta."

    And this is exactly as it should be.

  28. I already said it on FB but happy birthday lady!

  29. happy happy birthday illy! :)
    i love your random facts. i hope your visit with Ryan is da best!

    love, dilyn

  30. Happy Birthday! I had wondered if you were filipino...(I'm half) and I LOVE cake batter and cookie dough...from Cold Rock.
    Hope you have a truly wonderful day, celebrating the day God choose to bring you into this world...
    Bless you

  31. Happy birthday Ilene!!

  32. Happy Birthday! I will be turning 28 on Oct. 3rd!
    Us Libra's rock!!

  33. Happy Birthday! Have a rocking birthday week and weekend!

  34. Happy birthday!! Hope you're having a super awesome amazing day! \^_^/

  35. Happy Birthday sweet friend. <3

  36. Happy belated pretty girl! Hope it was smashing!

  37. That was so fun reading all those facts about you!! Thanks for sharing. Happy belated birthday to you! ♥

  38. Happy belated birthday! Love the photos of your family. Looks like a wonderful 28 years!


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