Thursday, August 30, 2012

Radiant Cosmetics: Let's talk about Make-Up and Color.

i love love love make-up, and i am especially a big fan of my friends at Radiant Cosmetics. not only for their incredible products (i'm obsessed with their moisturizing lipstick, particularly the colors Moxie and Daphne) but also for their mission behind their business (read about it HERE). 

and today, i am feeling extra special because Nicole of RC (she is the owner and founder of this fabulous, inspiring business!) created a look just for me and for anyone else who is looking to add that pop of color to their daily make-up without changing too much or going to drastic. and as a lover of bold colors, i am all about the following tutorial below. enjoy! 

Bright colors are everywhere, from colored jeans being all the rage, to models walking the runway in the loudest lipsticks.

Incorporating color into my makeup routine is one of my favorite ways to wear color. There’s something about it that pumps up an entire outfit. I can throw on a black dress and totally transform it with the simple swipe of a bright lipstick. Experimenting with various colors is what makes makeup so much fun. While I’m no stranger to loud color, most women don’t know where to begin with it. Am I right? I know you’ve seen Illy rocking our bright pink ‘Daphne’ lipstick only to think, “I could never wear that?”

Bold colors can be intimidating and leaving the house in a bright pink lipstick may not be for you but I love showing women that they can spice up their makeup routine with some color. In my opinion, one of the best places to start branching out and trying color is on your eyes. You can transform even the most classic looks with bold shades. For example, love a smoky eye? Grab some purple or green shadow and create a smoky eye with that. Sometimes ‘anchoring’ a bolder color with some neutrals can keep things less Cirque de Soleil.

This season, orange is everywhere. While orange lips are definitely a stretch for some, I love wearing orange on my eyes.  I created a look just for Much Love Illy, to show you how to wear some color without changing a lot of your everyday makeup. The application is pretty simple, no crazy techniques, this is the same way I apply everyday neutrals, just replace your ivory eye shadow for some yellow-gold and orange and stick with your everyday brown eye liner. With eyes enhanced, the key is to keep the rest of your face quite bare.

How to add pop of color to your daily make-up wear:

1. Start with a fresh face. Prime skin with a foundation primer and prep lids with an Eye Primer. A primer will really help color stay true and keep it in place all day.

2. Apply a heavy wash of ‘Goldilocks’ all over lid, up to crease.

3. On the outer half of the lid apply ‘Havana.’ Don’t worry too much about blending yet.

4. Find the crease of your eye and blend ‘Utopia’ in the crease and up a little higher. For a smokier effect you can create a & shape by applying eye shadow from the crease toward the outer half of the lid, along the lash line.

5. Use a liner brush to apply a thin line of ‘Chocolate Mousse’ Gel Eyeliner on top and bottom of lids. Blend eye shadow to avoid harsh lines. Tip: You can easily clean up crease mistakes with a neutral eye shadow. Apply ‘Al Fresco’ from crease to brows to soften lines and help shadow to blend more naturally. Now that your eye shadow is done making a mess, use a foundation brush to apply foundation in areas where needed and concealer if necessary. Set with a light dusting of Mineral Finishing Powder.

6. Apply several coats of mascara, add a wash of ‘Apricot Mist’ blush on the apples of cheeks. Keep lips neutral with ‘Charlotte’ lipstick since you’re having fun with color on your eyes.

7. Enjoy rocking some color!

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much love.
{happy friday, friend.}


  1. you are both very beautiful ladies. thank you for the make up tips. I may actually start wearing make up now.

  2. Great tips! Definitely something I must try out. :)

  3. I love my radiant cosmetics eye shadows! I really need to get myself some of their lipstick! What a fun post!! :)

  4. Whoa, lady! Bright pink is your color!

  5. i loveeeee finding about new-to-me cosmetics! and you just made my week by stopping by my little blog.

  6. i love radiant cosmetics and their beautiful mission!

  7. Is it sad that I'm 25 years old and NEEDED this post. Ha! I'm terrible at applying color. I've always been so....plain. Ha. By the way, I'm your newest latest and greatest bloggy buddy. Found ya from mommys me time. Loved the bracelet exchange party! Looking forward to following you!


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