Tuesday, August 28, 2012

lunch date.

who doesn't love a good lunch date? any sort of friend date makes me happy - a coffee date, a lunch date, or a dinner date. i actually just came back tonight from a dinner date with a girlfriend - and my stomach hurts so good. i blame it on the delicious Olive Garden bread and pasta and all the laughter that happened throughout our girl chat. 

and you, my friends are in for a treat as i introduce to you the gorgeous, adorable Jessica of Jessica is Writing.    she is not only beautiful inside but also out - and her writing so inspiring! i know you all will love her as much as i do! so without further words from me, enjoy this ever so lovely lunch date! 


True confessions: I am never this serious (usually sarcastic and goofy), and outside of work never ever this dressed up! But since today is our first date (in a non-weird blog friends kind of way), I thought I'd dress for the occasion! ;]

Hi there!

I'm Jess, and I write a blog of collected thoughts, inspirations, stories, and adventures with a tiny bit of fashion mixed in. The latest adventure is this whole wedding thing earlier this summer where my best friend stood next to me! ;]

He is handsome, no? Do you like how my hair is attacking his face?

I document our adventures as well as tons and tons of thoughts on my blog, jessica is writing. The blog began as a way to connect with friends who had opposing thoughts, and controversial posts have begun many, many great conversations. I love talking to great people like yourself!!

My favorite conversations go something like this -
tell me about your relationship?
that's great nail polish.
I feel like we're playing house being married.
travel stories.
are you chasing your dreams?
the latest psychology article I've read.
dance. you dance? oh my gawd.
tell me what you're reading? I'm probably reading it too! :]

Aside from the tons of reading and writing that happens, frequently on the blog we'll talk about faith and hope and keeping your chin up. I think we all need a little positivity in life, and you can expect that over on jessica is writing.

Thanks for this lunch date!!! Again, soon? :]



is she not the cutest?
i'd take a real life lunch date with this girl any day! 
be sure to visit her over at Jessica is Writing
leave her lots of her love and let her know i sent you good people over! 

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}