Thursday, August 30, 2012

Radiant Cosmetics: Let's talk about Make-Up and Color.

i love love love make-up, and i am especially a big fan of my friends at Radiant Cosmetics. not only for their incredible products (i'm obsessed with their moisturizing lipstick, particularly the colors Moxie and Daphne) but also for their mission behind their business (read about it HERE). 

and today, i am feeling extra special because Nicole of RC (she is the owner and founder of this fabulous, inspiring business!) created a look just for me and for anyone else who is looking to add that pop of color to their daily make-up without changing too much or going to drastic. and as a lover of bold colors, i am all about the following tutorial below. enjoy! 

Bright colors are everywhere, from colored jeans being all the rage, to models walking the runway in the loudest lipsticks.

Incorporating color into my makeup routine is one of my favorite ways to wear color. There’s something about it that pumps up an entire outfit. I can throw on a black dress and totally transform it with the simple swipe of a bright lipstick. Experimenting with various colors is what makes makeup so much fun. While I’m no stranger to loud color, most women don’t know where to begin with it. Am I right? I know you’ve seen Illy rocking our bright pink ‘Daphne’ lipstick only to think, “I could never wear that?”

Bold colors can be intimidating and leaving the house in a bright pink lipstick may not be for you but I love showing women that they can spice up their makeup routine with some color. In my opinion, one of the best places to start branching out and trying color is on your eyes. You can transform even the most classic looks with bold shades. For example, love a smoky eye? Grab some purple or green shadow and create a smoky eye with that. Sometimes ‘anchoring’ a bolder color with some neutrals can keep things less Cirque de Soleil.

This season, orange is everywhere. While orange lips are definitely a stretch for some, I love wearing orange on my eyes.  I created a look just for Much Love Illy, to show you how to wear some color without changing a lot of your everyday makeup. The application is pretty simple, no crazy techniques, this is the same way I apply everyday neutrals, just replace your ivory eye shadow for some yellow-gold and orange and stick with your everyday brown eye liner. With eyes enhanced, the key is to keep the rest of your face quite bare.

How to add pop of color to your daily make-up wear:

1. Start with a fresh face. Prime skin with a foundation primer and prep lids with an Eye Primer. A primer will really help color stay true and keep it in place all day.

2. Apply a heavy wash of ‘Goldilocks’ all over lid, up to crease.

3. On the outer half of the lid apply ‘Havana.’ Don’t worry too much about blending yet.

4. Find the crease of your eye and blend ‘Utopia’ in the crease and up a little higher. For a smokier effect you can create a & shape by applying eye shadow from the crease toward the outer half of the lid, along the lash line.

5. Use a liner brush to apply a thin line of ‘Chocolate Mousse’ Gel Eyeliner on top and bottom of lids. Blend eye shadow to avoid harsh lines. Tip: You can easily clean up crease mistakes with a neutral eye shadow. Apply ‘Al Fresco’ from crease to brows to soften lines and help shadow to blend more naturally. Now that your eye shadow is done making a mess, use a foundation brush to apply foundation in areas where needed and concealer if necessary. Set with a light dusting of Mineral Finishing Powder.

6. Apply several coats of mascara, add a wash of ‘Apricot Mist’ blush on the apples of cheeks. Keep lips neutral with ‘Charlotte’ lipstick since you’re having fun with color on your eyes.

7. Enjoy rocking some color!

Tweet us (@radiantcosmetic) a picture or share on our Facebook wall
We'd love to see the looks you've created, whether you're wearing Radiant products or not.


much love.
{happy friday, friend.}

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

what i've been up to + shop sneak peeks.

for the past couple of weeks, i have been working on some brand new designs and color combos for the Fall 2012 line for the shop. and one specific concept within the Fall designs are inspired by NFL and college Football Team Colors (go dawgs!). as much of a girly-girl that i am, there is a part of me that just loooooves sports and especially loooooves football season. 

and so for the past couple of weeks i have been designing and sewing, and then today i got the chance to style and privilege these beautiful young ladies (you might recognize them as Rue and Glimmer from last week's Hunger Games party).

both girls were absolute naturals (beauties and at modeling!). and it was awesome having my sister as my photographer (she took all of these photos! she continues to impress me with her talent), while i styled and directed the shoot. we did have to battle the southern humidity (ick - thank the good Lord for hairspray!), but aside from that, it was an absolute blast!

this is only a sneak peek, so expect even more headbands blossoming with your favorite football team colors. and i will also be offering the option to create your own custom team poppy garland headband if you don't see the color combo that you want. 

all Football Team poppy garland headbands will be available in my shop for purchase at midnight, Friday, August 31st, kicking off just in time for football season 2012! 

so now...tell me, who is ready for some football?!

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

lunch date.

who doesn't love a good lunch date? any sort of friend date makes me happy - a coffee date, a lunch date, or a dinner date. i actually just came back tonight from a dinner date with a girlfriend - and my stomach hurts so good. i blame it on the delicious Olive Garden bread and pasta and all the laughter that happened throughout our girl chat. 

and you, my friends are in for a treat as i introduce to you the gorgeous, adorable Jessica of Jessica is Writing.    she is not only beautiful inside but also out - and her writing so inspiring! i know you all will love her as much as i do! so without further words from me, enjoy this ever so lovely lunch date! 


True confessions: I am never this serious (usually sarcastic and goofy), and outside of work never ever this dressed up! But since today is our first date (in a non-weird blog friends kind of way), I thought I'd dress for the occasion! ;]

Hi there!

I'm Jess, and I write a blog of collected thoughts, inspirations, stories, and adventures with a tiny bit of fashion mixed in. The latest adventure is this whole wedding thing earlier this summer where my best friend stood next to me! ;]

He is handsome, no? Do you like how my hair is attacking his face?

I document our adventures as well as tons and tons of thoughts on my blog, jessica is writing. The blog began as a way to connect with friends who had opposing thoughts, and controversial posts have begun many, many great conversations. I love talking to great people like yourself!!

My favorite conversations go something like this -
tell me about your relationship?
that's great nail polish.
I feel like we're playing house being married.
travel stories.
are you chasing your dreams?
the latest psychology article I've read.
dance. you dance? oh my gawd.
tell me what you're reading? I'm probably reading it too! :]

Aside from the tons of reading and writing that happens, frequently on the blog we'll talk about faith and hope and keeping your chin up. I think we all need a little positivity in life, and you can expect that over on jessica is writing.

Thanks for this lunch date!!! Again, soon? :]



is she not the cutest?
i'd take a real life lunch date with this girl any day! 
be sure to visit her over at Jessica is Writing
leave her lots of her love and let her know i sent you good people over! 

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

Monday, August 27, 2012

people, did somebody press fast forward my summer 'cause it certainly feels like it.

star dress: Forever 21 / cardi: Belk / cobalt blue tights: c/o We Love Colors / leather cuff: c/o Salvage West
nail polish: Essie (meet me at sunset) / lipstick: c/o Radiant Cosmetics (moxie) / 
gyspy wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes

it's hard to believe that the days of  lounging on the beach and finding sand in between your toes are behind us now. even here in the south, the temperatures have cooled off and there has been a light breeze haunting us as of late (though Isaac, i'm sure, is most likely to the blame for it). this past Sunday, it was even cool enough to pull out the good ole tights and wear a cardi over this summer dress (which i normally wear around the 4th of July because of the stars that sprinkle the fabric). 

and the summer months have been full, so that is probably the cause of this season's quick pace. but hey, i'm totally not complaining about it. i love when life is full and busy and purposeful, but i also think that in living a full life, it makes you appreciate the quiet, peaceful and still moments even more so
don't you agree, friend? 

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}

p.s. are you The English Breakfast (#27) 'cause you just won the Kintage giveaway! woohoo! shoot me an email at muchloveilly at gmail dot com to claim your prize. congrats to the English Breakfast and thank YOU, Kintage for a fabulous giveaway! 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

sponsor love + giveaway with My Life in Lavender.

meet J of My Life in Lavender.

Hello everyone! My name is J and I blog over at My Life in Lavender. I’m a student, a blogger, and a jewelry maker who has a passion for coffee, photography, and adventures. This Autumn I’m officially launching the My Life in Lavender Shop, which I have been working towards for quite some time. The shop is inspired by the ocean, a true love of mine, and my addiction for funky, statement jewelry It’s been an amazing journey, and I’ve loved every minute of it.

a fashion blogger and opening up her own handmade biz? J is totally a girl after my own heart and i'm cheering her on with my pom-poms and cheers! i adore her eclectic taste of style - from colorful to sophisticated to edgy - and just think she is so gorgeous and so down to earth. woohoo!


and today she not only giving us a sneak peek of a few of her brand new My Life in Lavender shop products - but she also giving away TWO My Life in Lavender floral fabric rings (in above photo) to one lucky Much Love, illy reader! 

{how to enter:}

be a public GFC follower of Life in Lavender!
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- follow Life in Lavender via Bloglovin' (1 entry)
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- blog, facebook or tweet about this giveaway and include its link (1 entry)

feel free to copy/paste the following tweet:
crossing my fingers to win the @life_lavender giveaway over @muchloveilly's blog! 

Giveaway is open to ALL Much Love, illy readers thru September 3rd.
Winner will be announced on September 4th.

much love.
{happy monday, friend.}

Thursday, August 23, 2012

this is a big deal.

 finding a place in the state of South Carolina that makes taro bubble tea with extra tapioca.
yes, it was 2 hours away and no, it wasn't good at the bubble teas that i had back in Chicago, but in that moment, who cares?! it was the closest to it - it was taro flavor (nothing like it!) and it was bubble tea for crying out loud. bubble tea is not an every day occurrence for us.
so yea, this is a big deal. 

hope something sends you over the moon just as much (if not more) this upcoming weekend, folks!
here's to a happy weekend to us all!

much love.
{happy friday, friend.}

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

super mario.

 mario + luigi tee: rue21 / wide leg jeans: GAP / wedges: c/o Blowfish Shoes / scarf: c/o Le Mode Accessories / leather cuff bracelet: c/o Salvage West / lipstick (moxie): c/o Radiant Cosmetics 

i'm talking old school mario where he ate those giant, polka dot red mushrooms to help him grow up as the bigger mario. or it looks like those eggs that yoshi popped out of. well, this scarf totally made me think of those mushrooms. so it only made sense to pair it with this shirt. and man, if our nintendo didn't totally die and smoke out on us (literally smoke was coming out of it - and i promise blowing into the video game wasn't working anymore) i'd still be playing it to this day. guess my shirt and scarf will have to suffice. 

much love.
{happy thursday, friend.}

p.s. are you Emily Elizabeth (#75) of Tea Tree Vintage? 'cause you just won the Yellow Heart Art giveaway! shoot me an email at muchloveilly at gmail dot com with your mailing address so we can get your awesome necklace to you! congrats to Emily and thank you, Yellow Heart Art!` 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

happy hunger games.

last weekend, my sister (Ashley) and i hosted a Hunger Games DVD release party. as one of the hostesses, i thought it was more than appropriate to dress up as my favorite character from the series, Effie Trinket. and you bet i opened the door with the greeting, welcome, welcome! and made sure to keep up  the Capitol-esque accent, and of course, fit in the phrases That is mah-hogany! or may the odds ever be in your favor whenever the occasion called for it (okay, even if it didn't).

and the following cast of characters made their own appearances:

 my sister, Ashley as Katniss Everdeen.

 Ale Grace as Glimmer. 

 Arianna as Katniss Everdeen

 Chloe as Rue.

Augusta as Primrose Everdeen.

the menu included a ton of Capitol and Hunger Games-inspired dishes - from Peeta's Cheese Buns, Nightlock Berry Punch, Cato's Cupcakes, Madge's Fruit, and Marvel's Spears. and i am still in awe of the cupcakes in the last photo, which were made by one of my mom's best friends - if you look closely, each cupcake represented a character from the book/movie along with a quote card. totally mind-blowing. we also played charades, acting out scenes from the movies, and as Effie, i drew names from my big clear bowl for the door prizes. (orange print-outs and cupcake flags were printed from Living Locurto.)

needless to say, the party was a blast! i loved seeing everyone arrive in their costumes, eat up all of the Capitol food, and of course, squeal, cry and scream all over again while we watched The Hunger Games.

  l to r: crazy fan #1, Katniss, Prim Rose, Katniss, crazy fan #2, Glimmer, Rue and Effie. 

okay, now November 2013 needs to get here now 
because i am more than ready for more Hunger Games in my life. 

much love.
{happy wednesday, friend.}

Summertime Arm Party 2012 Link-Up Partaaaaaaay!

 today is the day for the fantabulous Summertime Arm Party! let me hear the crowd roooooaaaar! leonora and i are super stoked to have you hear today and cannot wait to see what you and all of your amazing friendship bracelets and hear about your brand new blog friends - 'cause this is really what it's all about! 

 and my freakin' goodness, as for my arm party package that showed up on my doorstep from the ever so talented and amazing, Leonora (partner is crime, yo!) seriously blew my mind and rocked my face off! (see what i did there? we are talking PURE awesomeness when i use BOTH of those phrases, people.) i didn't just get one or two, but FIVE beautiful friendship bracelets! my favorite is the one with the star and jade green beads and i def see myself wearing those all year long. and because Leo is so amazingly sweet, she even sent me some Yellow Heart Art swag, too - loving these mini prints - and even a bottle of one of my favorite nail polish shades, mint green. eeeek! can you see why this package made my jump for absolute joy?! 

 and NOW, it's your turn, friend!

but first things first, a couple of things:
1. link up your blog post below with your Arm Party post
2. and grab a Summertime Arm Party button below to include in your posts

NOTE: any blog post that does not comply with the following two rules above will (sadly) be deleted from the link-up party below. 

also be sure to visit as many of the Arm Party participants below and leave lots of comment love! 
i cannot wait to see what all of you fun people have come up with - woohoo!
and a million thanks again for all of you who participated. we couldn't have pulled this off without you!

much love.
{happy tuesday, friend.}